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Chinese TESOL Students’ Perception of Their Speaking Anxiety in Workshops

). Language learning and perfectionism: anxious and non-anxious learners’ reactions to their own oral performance. The Modern Language Journal , 86(4), 562-570. Gregersen, T.S. (2003). To Err is Human: A reminder to teachers of language anxious students. Foreign Language Annuals , 36(1), 25-32. He, D. (2013). What makes learners anxious while speaking English: a comparative study of the perceptions held by university students and teachers in China. Educational Studies , 39(3), 338-350. Horwitz, E.K. (2016). Factor structure of the foreign language

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Reflections from teachers and students on speaking anxiety in an EFL classroom

Silapakorn University, 1-2 , 82-101. Kwangsawad, T. (2007). Bridging the gap between CBT and CBI theories in Thai small rural schools. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Educational Reform 2007 . Mahasarakham: Mahasarakham University. Liu, M. (2007). Anxiety in oral English classrooms: A case study in China. Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching, 3 (1), 119-137. Mak, B. (2011). An exploration of speaking-in-class anxiety with Chinese ESL learners. System, 39 , 202-214. Mayer, R. E. (2003). Learning and instruction

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Sociability and its impact on successful team work in an online environment

_Sociability_Social_Space_and_Social_Presence_in_Asynchronous_Collaborative_Groups (1. July 2016) LI, X., CHU, S. K. W. & KI, W. W. (2014). The effects of a wiki-based collaborative process writing pedagogy on writing ability and attitudes among upper primary school students in Mainland China. Computers & Education, 77, 151 -169. Lucius, R. H. & Kuhnert, K. W. (1997). Using Sociometry to Predict team Performance in the Work Place. The Journal of Psychology, 131, 1, 21-32. Prokofieva, M. (2013). Evaluating types of student’s interactions in a wiki-based collaborative learning project. Australasian

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A study on the type and frequency of unacceptable collocations in the English-Persian translations of Hemingway’s Masterpiece: For Whom the Bell Tolls

: Kaj Publications. Salimi, A. (1971). For whom the bell tolls . (Translated Version in Persion). Vol. 2. Tehran: Sekeh Publications. Shahbaiki, A., & Yousefi, M. (2013). A comparative study of adjective-noun collocations from English into Persian in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. International Journal of Language Learning and Applied Linguistics World , 4(3), 13-23. Shen, Y. (2009). Study on collocations in English writing by Chinese students. Sino-Us English Teaching , 6(3), 25-30. Zughoul, M. R., & Abdul-Fattah, H. (2003). Translational

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Politeness strategies in written communications: the issue of Iranian EFL learners

comparison of native and non-native English speakers' production. TESOL Working Papers, Available at: Trosborg, A. (1995). Interlanguage pragmatics: Requests, complaints, and apologies. Volume 7: Studies in Anthropological Linguistics. Berlin & New York: de Gruyter Mouton. Xinjian, M. (2008). Gender effects on advanced Chinese EFL learners’ requests strategies: A contrastive study of request strategies in Chinese and English. University of Nanjing. Available at: www

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On the comparability of strong and weak versions of task-based approaches to improving Iranian elementary-level EFL learners’ reading comprehension

in China: A seminar paper research presented to the graduate faculty. Retrieved from Nunan, D. (2004). Task-based language teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Peacock, M. (1997). The effect of authentic materials on the motivation of EFL learners. ELT Journal, 51(2), 144-156. Poorahmadi, M. (2012). Investigating the efficiency of task-based instruction in improving reading comprehension ability. Journal of Language and Translation, 3(1), 29

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Second Language Acquisition of the English Dative Alternation by Native Speakers of Arabic

acquisition of the dative alternation in English. Language, 203-257. Hamdan, J. (1997). The acquisition of the dative alternation UG markedness or L1 transfer? Dirasat. Human and social sciences, 24. Hawkins, R. (1987). Markedness and the acquisition of the English dative alternation by L2 speakers. Second Language Research, 3, 20-55. Ibn S-Saraaj, M. B. S. (1996). Al-Aušool fi Al-Nahwi, Beirut, Al-Resalah Publishers. Inagaki, S. (1997). Japanese and Chinese Learners' Acquisition of the Narrow‐ Range Rules for

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Library and school partnership on the move - a study of second language learners’ early literacy development

framework for research. Language Learning, 57, Supplement 1, June 2007, 45-77. Clay, M. (1998). Reading Recovery. A guidebook for teachers in training . Auckland: Heinemann Education. Cummins, J. (2007). Pedagogies for the poor? Realigning reading instruction for low-income students with scientifically based reading research. Educational Researcher , 36(9), 564–573. Damber, U. (2011). Literature and Empowerment. US-China Education Review , 8(4), 88-102. Damber, U. (2010). Reading for Life. Three Studies of Swedish Students’ Literacy Development

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