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Shén (神) in Modern Chinese

study of ancient Chinese characters] 26. 95-100. Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju. Lakoff, George. 1987. Women, fire, and dangerous things: What categories reveal about the mind. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Lakoff, George & Mark Johnson. 1980. Metaphors we live by. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Liu, Xiaofan. 2008. Chengdu fuci “tǐng” de yufahua [Grammaticalization of degree adverb ting]. Xiandai Yuwen [Modern Chinese (Language studies)] 30. 26-27. Liu, Zhenqiang. 1985. Dacidian [Big dictionary

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Syntactic Sources of Adjectives in Mandarin Chinese

References Aoun, Joseph & Yen-hui Audrey Li. 2003. Essays on the representational and derivational nature of grammar. The diversity of wh-constructions. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Cinque, Guglielmo. 2010. The syntax of adjectives. A comparative study. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Cinque, Guglielmo. 2014. The semantic classification of adjectives. A view from syntax. Studies in Chinese Linguistics 35(1). 1-30. Duanmu, San. 1998. Wordhood in Chinese. In Jerome Lee Packward (ed.), New approaches to Chinese word formation: Morphology

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You Sluice and hai Modification in Chinese

References Adams, Perng Wang. 2003. The structure of sluicing in Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of Pennsylvania Linguistics Colloquium 27, 1-16. Adams, Perng Wang & Satoshi Tomioka. 2012. Sluicing in Mandarin Chinese: An instance of pseudosluicing. In Jason Merchant & Andrew Simpson (eds.), Sluicing: Cross-linguistic perspectives, 219-247. New York: Oxford University Press. Davidson, Donald. 1967. The logical form of action sentences. In Nicholas Rescher (ed.), The logical of decision and action. Pittsburgh

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Once upon an invisible TIME: On Frequentative Phrases in Chinese

References Chao, Yuen-Ren. 1968. A grammar of spoken Chinese. Berkeley: University of California Press. Chomsky, Noam, and Howard Lasnik. 1977. Filters and control. Linguistic Inquiry 8. 425-504. Chomsky, Noam. 1995. The minimalist program. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Chomsky, Noam. 2001. Derivation by phase. In Michael Kenstowicz (ed.), Ken Hale: A life in language, 1-52. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Davidson, Donald. 1967. The logical form of action sentences. In Nicholas Rescher (ed

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A Case of V2 in Chinese

semantics of the left periphery , 97-138. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Chao, Yuen-Ren. 1968. A grammar of spoken Chinese . Berkely: University of California Press. Cheng, Lisa L.-S. 1991. On the typology of Wh-questions . Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Cheung, Lawrence. 2007. Negative Wh -construction: Question-hood, negation and implicature. Paper presented at the 4 th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-4), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 30 December. Chomsky, Noam. 1977

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Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: A Conceptual and Cognitive Analysis

aims . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Bybee, Joan. 2013. Domain-general processes as the basis for grammar. In Maggie Tallerman, and Kathleen Gibson (eds.), The Oxford handbook of language evolution, 528–536. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Chao, Yuen Ren. 1968. The grammar of spoken Chinese . Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Cheung, Hung Nin Samuel. 2007. Xianggang Yueyu yufa de yanjiu [A grammar of Cantonese as spoken in Hong Kong]. The Chinese University Press. Chomsky, Noam. 2015. Exploring the boundaries of Babel. In

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Remarks on the Final-over-Final Condition: A View from Chinese Head-Final Structures

Press. Cinque, Guglielmo. 1999. Adverbs and functional heads: A cross-linguistic perspective . New York: Oxford University Press. Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka. 2017. Low sentence-final particles in Mandarin Chinese and the final-over-final constraint. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 26. 37–75. Feng, Shengli. 1998. Prosodic structure and compound words in classical Chinese. In Jerome Packard (ed.), New approaches to Chinese word formation , 197–260. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Feng, Shengli. 2002. Prosodic syntax and morphology in Chinese

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The Syntax of the Abstract-type Measurement Construction in Mandarin Chinese

linker. Linguistic Inquiry 38(2). 302-320. Den Dikken, Marcel & Pornsiri Singhapreecha. 2004. Complex noun phrases and linkers. Syntax 7(1). 1-54. Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila & Giuliana Giusti. 1998. Fragments of Balkan nominal structure. In Artemis Alexiadou & Chris Wilder (eds.), Possessors, predicates and movement in the determiner phrase, 333-360. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Her, One-Soon & Chen-Tien Hsieh. 2010. On the semantic distinction between classifiers and measure words in Chinese. Language and Linguistics 11

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Raising or Lowering?—A Case Study of Alethic ACQ in Chinese and Southeast Asian Languages

. Dong, Tonghe (Tung T’ung-ho). 1960. Hanyu yinyunxue [Chinese phonology]. Taiwan: Guangwen Shuju. Embick, David & Rolf Noyer. 2001. Movement operations after syntax. Linguistic Inquiry , 32(4), 555–595. Embick, David & Rolf Noyer. 2007. Distributed morphology and the syntax/morphology interface. In Gillian Ramchand & Charles Reiss (eds.), The Oxford handbook of linguistic interfaces , 289–324. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Enfield, Nicholas J. 2001. On genetic and areal linguistics in mainland South-East Asia: Parallel polyfunctionality of

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The Components of Sideward Movement in the Verb Copying Construction in Mandarin Chinese

References Aissen, Judith. 2003. Differential object marking: Iconicity vs. economy. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 213. 435-448. Badan, Linda and Francesca Del Gobbo. 2007. On the Syntax of Topic and Focus and Chinese. Ms. Università di Padova e Unviesità Ca’ Foscari, Venezia. Bošković, Željko. 2007. Agree, phases, and intervention effects. Linguistic Analysis 33. 54-96. Bender, Emily. 2000. The syntax of Mandarin BA: Reconsidering the verbal analysis. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 9

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