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Biometrical Letters
The Journal of Polish Biometric Society
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The effect of soil and weather conditions on yields of winter wheat in multi-environmental trials

: 388–396. GUS (2018): Agriculture in 2017, Warsaw: 1-204. Available at:,4,14.html (accessed 15.02.2019) Hanson A.D., Nelsen C.E. (1980): Water: adaptation of crops to drought-prone environments. In P.S. Carlson ed. The Biology of Crop Productivity. Academic Press, New York: 77–152. Yu H., Zhang Q., Sun P., Song C. (2018): Impact of Droughts on Winter Wheat Yield in Different Growth Stages during 2001–2016 in Eastern China. International Journal of Disaster Risk

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Evaluation of spring barley breeding lines in a two-year multi-location experiment using some statistical methods

agriculture (in Polish: Statystyka matematyczna w zastosowaniu do doswiadczalnictwa rolniczego). PWN, Warszawa. Emede T.O., Alika J.E. (2012): Variation in agronomic characters among high and low nitrogen S2 maize (Zea mays L) lines grown in high and low nitrogen environments. Maydica 57: 139-146. Fan X.M., Kang M., Chen H., Zhang Y., Tan J., Xu C. (2007): Yield stability of maize hybrids evaluated in multi-environment trials in Yunnan China. Agronomy Journal 99: 220-228. Kempton R.A. (1984): The use of biplots in interpreting variety by environment

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Use of classification and regression trees (CART) for analyzing determinants of winter wheat yield variation among fields in Poland

western Kenya—an application of classification and regression tree analysis. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 123: 137-150. Topal M., Aksakal V., Bayram B., Yağanoğlu A.M. (2010): An analysis of the factors affecting birth weight and actual milk yield in Swedish red cattle using regression tree analysis. J. Anim. Plant Sci. 20: 63-69. Zhang J., Liu Q., Xu M., Zhao B. (2012): Effects of soil properties and agronomic practices on wheat yield variability in Fengqiu County of North China Plain. African Journal of Agricultural Research 7(11): 1650-1658. Zheng H

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Principal component analysis for functional data on grain yield of winter wheat cultivars

-655. Yang R.C., Crossa J., Cornelius P.L., Burgueno J. (2009): Biplot analysis of genotype x environment interaction: Proceed with caution. Crop Sci. 49: 1564-1576. Zhang Y., He Z., Zhang A., van Ginkel M., Ye G. (2006): Pattern analysis on grain yield of Chinese and CIMMYT spring wheat cultivars grown in China and CIMMYT. Euphytica 147: 409-420.

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The influence of weather conditions on annual height increments of Scots pine

radial growth to climate in Hulunbuir Sand Land, Inner Mongolia, China. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 10(2): 884-890. Wilczyński S. (1999): Dendroklimatologia sosny zwyczajnej (Pinus sylvestris L.) z wybranych stanowisk w Polsce. [Dendroclimatology of Pinus silvestris L. from some sites in Poland. PhD Thesis]. Rozprawa doktorska wykonana w Zakładzie Klimatologii Leśnej AR w Krakowie. Wilczyński S. (2004): Lata „wskaźnikowe” i „wyjątkowe” w ocenie związków „przyrost radialny-klimat” [The pointer and exceptional years in

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Copper and manganese acquisition in maize (Zea mays L) under different P and K fertilization

-130. Xia HY., Zhao JH., Sun JH., Xue YF., Eagling T., Bao XG., Zhang FS., Li L. (2013): Maize grain concentrations and above-ground shoot acquisition of micronutrients as affected by intercropping with turnip, faba bean, chickpea, and soybean. Sci China Life Sci. 56: 823-834, DOI: 10.10007/s11427-013-4524-y. Zhang R., Guo Y.X., Nan C.Q. (2004): Study of trace elements of wheat grain in different fertili treatments. Acta Bot. Boreal. Occident. Sin. 24: 125-129.

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An application of canonical variate analysis in profile comparison of dry matter content of white clover between ozone-sensitive and ozone-resistant clones exposed in ambient air conditions

Mediterranean environment. Environmental Pollution 109: 525-531. Rai R., Agrawal M., Agrawal S.B. (2007): Assessment of yield losses in tropical wheat using open top chambers. Atmospheric Environment 41: 9543-9554. Seber G.A.F. (1980): The Linear Hypothesis: A General Theory. Charles Griffin. London. Seber G.A.F. (1984): Multivariate Observations. Wiley. New York. Shi G., Yang L., Wang Y., Kobayashi K., Zhu J., Tang H., Pan S., Chen T., Liu G., Wang Y. (2009): Impact of elevated ozone concentration on yield of four Chinese rice cultivars under fully

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