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A Study of Food Enterprises’ Awareness and Behaviors for Social Responsibility

. European Business Review . 27(2), 214-230. DOI:10.1108/EBR-03-2013-0053. 7. Merrick, E. M. (1932). For whom are corporate managers trustees? Harvard Business Review , 45(7), 1147-1148. DOI: 10.2307/1331697. 8. Park, B. I., Ghauri, P. N., Sul, W., & Choi, S. B. (2015). Symposium: emerging markets, international business, and corporate social responsibility. Emerging Markets Finance & Trade , 51(2), 291-292. DOI: 10.1080/1540496X.2015.1021594. 9. Patten, D. M., Ren, Y. & Zhao, N. (2015). Standalone corporate social responsibility reporting in China: an

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Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis. Series E: Food Technology
The Journal of „Lucian Blaga“ University of Sibiu
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A Research on the Social Responsibility Efficiency of Chinese Listed Food Companies

in emerging markets? Corporate Governance, 11(4), 429–445. DOI:/10.1108/14720701111159262. 11. Patten, D. M., Ren, Y. & Zhao, N. (2015). Standalone corporate social responsibility reporting in China: an exploratory analysis of its relation to legitimation. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal. 35 (1), 17-31. DOI:10.1080/1540496X.2015.1021594. 12. Sheldon, O. (1924). The Philosophy of Management. London: Sir Isaac Pit-man and Sons Ltd.

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Study on The Industrial Cluster of Tropical Bananas Based on Gem Model

for enterprise development and for creation of industrial cluster. 25th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE), 2009-10-01-2009-10-02 (7102-7107). Esbjerg, Denmark: SINTEF Technology and Society, Applied Economics and Operations Research. 7. Li Kai, Niu J & Huang J C. (2014). Research on development of leading enterprise under the policy of agriculture industrialization in China. Agriculture and Food Economics Research , 60:27-38. 8. Lyons A C & Ma’ Aram A. (2014). An examination of multi-tier supply chain

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Cloning, Expression and Characterization of an Esterase Gene in a Metagenomic Library of Traditional Fermented Food

marine sediment microbial metagenomics library. Acta Microbiologica Sinica, 50(7): 891-896. No DOI. 16. Ye M, Li G, Liang WQ, Liu YH (2010) Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel multicopper oxidase with laccase activity originating from mangrove soil via metagenomic approach. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 87(3): 1023-1031. DOI: 10.1007/s00253-010-2507-5. 17. Ye M, Liu X, Zhao LY (2013) Production of a novel salt-tolerant L-glutaminase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens using agro-industrial residues and its application in Chinese soy

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Study on Transport Packages Used for Food Freshness Preservation based on ANSYS Thermal Analysis

., (2013). Design of Wireless Sensor Node in Cold Chain Transportation Monitoring. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, Vol.44, No.2, pp.136-141. 7. Liu, L., Hu, J., Zhang J., et al. (2010). Development of Time-Temperature Data Collection Program for Frozen Fish in the Cold Chain. Sensor Letters, Vol.8, No.1, pp.47-51. 8. Luo, Z. B., (2014). Effects of Different Vents Location on flow Characteristics of Air Conditioning. Applied Mechanics & Materials, Vol.662, pp.179-182. 9. Mamun, K. A., Stokes, J., (2014). Development of a

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Analysis of the Correlation Between the Freshness Indices of Pork and its Pork Exudate

ph in fresh pork by visible/near-infrared spectroscopy].Guang pu xue yu guang pu fen xi = Guang pu, 30, 681-684. 12. Liang, Q. I., Zhao, M., Zhao, J., & Tang, Y. (2017). Non-destructive detection method of k value in pork with terahertz spectroscopy.Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery,8,1-13. 13. M ancini, R. A., & Hunt, M. C. (2005). Current research in meat color.Meat Science, 71, 100-121. 14. Malakar, P. K., Barker, G. C., Zwietering, M. H., & Van’T, R. K. (2003). Relevance of microbial interactions to predictive

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Effects of Kefir Grains on Fermentation and Bioactivity of Goat Milk


The effects of kefir grains from different regions in China on fermentation and bioactivity were studied by using pH value, acidity degree, protein hydrolysis degree, antioxidant activity, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE, EC inhibition rate and sensory evaluation as indexes to select the most suitable kefir grains as starter for goat milk. The parameters of kefir fermented goat milk were optimized by single factor experiment constantly. The results showed that kefir grain K1, which performed better in antioxidant activity, ACE inhibitory activity than the other four kefir grains and sensory evaluation was inferior to kefir grain K5 only, was suitable for the fermentation of goat milk. And the optimum fermentation conditions were found to be as 3% inoculation size at 25 °C for 22h.

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Quality Changes of Fresh Dumpling Wrappers at Room Temperature

, (464), 91-96. 4. Gujral, H. S., & Rosell, C. M. (2004). Functionality of rice flour modified with a microbial transglutaminase. Journal of Cereal Science , 39(2), 225-230. 5. Zhang H. (2013). Study on the Relationship between Gluten Protein Propertties and Dumpling Wrapper Qualities . Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Zhengzhou: Henan Polytechnic University. 6. Huang, S., Quail, K., & Moss, R. (1998). The optimization of a laboratory processing procedure for southern-style chinese steamed bread. International Journal of Food Science & Technology

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Study on the Effect of Asparagus Extracts on Promoting Metabolism of the Body

. Q., Liang F. & Chen C. (2009). Mechanism and index evaluation method for endurance endurance exercise. Journal of Yulin Normal University , 30 (3), 101-103. 5. Jia S. P. (2007). Integrated processing of asparagus. China rural science and technology , (2), 24-25. 6. Ju Y. D. (2011). The chemical constituents and pharmacological effects of Asparagus officinalis. China horticultural abstracts , 27(2), 125-126. 7. Liu X. L. & Zhang X. H. (2001). Research progress on short time, high intensity and intermittent movement of glucose. Chinese Journal

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