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An overview on the correlation between the economic status of a country and the population’s health indicators

temporal variations and correlation analysis of per capita GDP and longevity indicators in China. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics , 61(1), 93-102. Woolridge, J.M. (2012). Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, Fifth Edition . Retrived from Xinming S., Gong C. & Xiaoying Z., (2010), Chinese Life Expectancy and Policy Implications , Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 5, 2010, Pages 7550-7555

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The impact of lending on bancassurance activity

? –Evidence from mergers and acquisitions between European banks and insurance companies, School of Banking &Finance, The University of New South Wales, NSW 2052, Sydney, Australia, Research in International Business and Finance 25, pp. 104-112. Chiang Ku Fan1, Yu Hsuang Lee (2010). Key Factors Influencing Bancassurance Success -Mainland China Evidence, China, Journal Service Science & Management,3, 520-528, 2010 Clipici, E.,Bolovan,C.(2012). Bancassurance – main insurance distribution and sale channel in Europe. Scientific Bulletin - Economic Sciences

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Costs a pretty penny: how household income impacts upon motorization in Europe and raises manufacturer branding challenges

-110. Bărbulescu, R. (2012). Romania’s demographic decline-what’s next. Romanian Economic and Business Review , 7(2), 77-86. Bell, A. C., Ge, K., & Popkin, B. M. (2002). The road to obesity or the path to prevention: motorized transportation and obesity in China. Obesity , 10(4), 277-283. Bugheanu, A. M., & Colesca, S. E. (2016). Empirical Research on Urban Public Transportation in the Context of Population Growth and the Demographic Development. Management and Economics Review , 1(2), 183-193. Cace, S. (2008). Social Inclusion at the Level of the European

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Value creation and the development of knowledge-intensive service activities in Romania’s travel agencies

European Industrial Training , 24(1), 43-49. Ma, J., Buhalis, D., Song H. Y. (2003). ICTs and Internet adoption in China’s tourism industry, International Journal of Information Management , 23, 451-67. Main, H.C. (2002). The Expansion of Technology in Small and Medium Hospitality Enterprises with a Focus on New Technology, Information Technology & Tourism , 4(3/4), 167-174. Martinez-Fernandez, M.C.; C. Soosay; V.V. Krishna; P. Toner; T. turpin; M. Bjorkli and K.N. (2005), Knowledge Intensive Service Activities in Innovation of the Tourism Industry in

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Patients’ attitudes toward the use of IoT medical devices: empirical evidence from Romania

things to support mobility and security in medical environments. In Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), 2010 7th IEEE (pp. 1-5). IEEE. Wang, H., Yan, Y., Hu, Z., & Zhang, Y. (2011). Consumer Acceptance of IOT Technologies in China: An Exploratory Study. In ICTE 2011 (pp. 2430-2435). Wang, Y. W., Yu, H. L., & Li, Y. (2011, April). Notice of retraction internet of things technology applied in medical information. In Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet), 2011 International Conference on (pp. 430-433). IEEE.

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The costs of cyberterrorism for the national economy: United States of America vs Egypt

:// . China Global Television Network (2018, May). Egypt Security: Government urged to increase security budget by $800 mln. Retrieved from . Cybersecurity Awareness (no date). Common Cyber Threats: Indicators and Countermeasures. Retrieved from . Erez, M. (2018, June 22) Cyber attacks are shutting down countries, cities and companies. Here’s how to stop them

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Entrepreneurship Business Research Skills

References Bacigalupo, M., Kampylis, P., Punie, Y., & Van den Brande, G. (2016). ENTRECOMP: The entrepreneurship competence framework. Luxembourg: Publication Office of the European Union . Bird, N. (2016). Information Literacy for the Workplace: a review of the literature and research proposal. National Conference on Information Literacy. Zhenjiang, China. Bratianu, C. & Vatamanescu, E.M. (208). Students’ perception on developing conceptual generic skills for business: A knowledge-based approach. VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge

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The Carbon Dioxide Clathrate Disposal in a Pit near Japan

East Sea (Sea of Japan), pg. 56–66, Ocean Hydrodynamics of the Japan and East China Seas, Elsevier Oceanograph. Series , edited by T. Ichiye, Elsevier, New York. Kim, K., Kim K. R., Kim Y. G., Cho Y. K., Chung J. Y., Choi B. H., Byun S. K., Hong G. H., Takematsu M., Yoon J. H., Volkov Y. and Danchenkov M. (1996) New findings from CREAMS observations: Water masses and eddies in the East Sea, J. Korean Soc. Oceanography , 31, pg. 155–163. Kim, K., Kim K. R., Min D. H., Volkov Y., Yoon J. H. and Takematsu M. (2001): Warming and structural changes in the

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Adoption of Circular Economy concepts and practices by Portuguese Citizens and Companies

, and Institutions of Innovation. Royal Institute of Technology, CESIS - Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies. Yong, L. and Bai, Y. (2016). An exploration of firms’ awareness and behavior of developing circular economy: An empirical research in China. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 87, 145-152. Lieder, M. and Rashid, A., (2016). Towards circular economy implementation: A comprehensive review in context of manufacturing industry. Journal Cleaner Production. 115, 36-51. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015

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