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Non-State Actors in Cyberspace Operations

References [1] Amorosi, D., “Chinese State of Denial,” Infosecurity, Vol 8 Issue 6, Elsevier, Nov.-Dec. 2011. [2] Andress, J. and Winterfeld, S., “Cyber Warfare: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners,” Elsevier, 2011, p. 199. [3] Applegate, S. D., “Cybermilitias and Political Hackers: Use of Irregular Forces in cyberwarfare,” IEEE Security & Privacy, Volume 9, Issue 5, Sep.-Oct. 2011. [4] Arquilla, J. and Ronfeldt D. F., “Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and

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A Two Person Zero Sum Game Oriented to Integration of Objectives

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Narrative approach to the art of war and military studies - Narratology as military science research paradigm

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An Analysis of North Korea’s Satellite Launches

retrieves North Korean Unha-3 Rocket debris. Retrieved January 8, 2013, from spaceflight101: CGWIC (2011). User's manual. Retrieved November 20, 2012, from China Great Wall Industry Corporation: Christy, R. (2012a, April). Unha 3/ Kwangmyongsong 3 Launch failure. Retrieved May 10, 2012, from Zarya: Christy, R. (2012b, December

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Bayesian belief network for assessing impact of factors on army’s lean–agile replenishment system

.1080/07408170490487759 Hopp W. J. Van Oyen M. P. 2004 Agile workforce evaluation: a framework for cross-training and coordination IIE Transactions 36 10 919 940 Hou, Y., Guo, W., & Zhu, Z. (2010). Threat assessment based on variable parameter dynamic Bayesian network. In: Proceedings of the 29th Chinese Control Conference , Beijing, China. Hou Y. Guo W. Zhu Z. 2010 Threat assessment based on variable parameter dynamic Bayesian network Proceedings of the 29th Chinese Control Conference Beijing China Hudson, L. D., Ware, B. S., Laskey, K. B., & Mahoney, S. M. (2001). An application of

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Predictors of Gaming Behavior among Military Peacekeepers – Exploring the Role of Boredom and Loneliness in Relation to Gaming Problems

. Murphy J.S. Horn D. B. 2010 Are soldiers gamers? Videogame usage among soldiers and implications for the effective use of serious videogames for military training Military Psychology 22 143 157 Qin, H., Rao, P. L., & Zong, H. Q. (2007). A study of factors leading to online game addiction. Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology, 15 , pp. 155-160. Qin H. Rao P.L. Zong H. Q. 2007 A study of factors leading to online game addiction Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology 15 155 160 Rehbein, F., Kleimann, M., & Mössle, T. (2010). Prevalence and

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