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Economic expansion of China in Ukraine. Can the New Silk Road project support Ukrainian statehood?

Bibliography Blanchard B., Cameron-Moore S., China’s Xi says willing to help resolve Ukraine crisis , “Reuters” January 17, 2017, [access on: 5.07.2017]. Chińczycy ruszają na Ukrainę , “” December 6,. 2017, [access on: 25.01.2018]. Huashou M., Jian L., 30-lecie wprowadzania reform gospodarczych i “otwarcia na zewnątrz” Chiń-skiej Republiki Ludowej , [in:] Chiny supermocarstwem XXI wieku

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China and Global Financial Governance: Centripetalism, Elevation and Disparity

References BCBS, 2012. Progress Report on Basel III Implementation. Bank for International Settlements BIS, 2011. Committee on the Global Financial System. Available at: [Accessed 10 November 2011] Caijing, 2010. IMF Approved the Quotas Reform Program and China’s Share of Voting Rights Will Rise to the Third. Caijing Website 6th November. Available at: [Accessed 6 November 2010] Chin, G. T., 2010. The

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The First Catholic Bible in Chinese: Gabriele Allegra and His Translation

., 1965a. The Chinese Version of the Holy Bible of Studium Biblicum O.F.M. Hong Kong. In: Teaching all Nations, July, pp.345-353. Allegra, G. M., 1965b. Una esposizione biblica a Hong Kong. In: L’Osservatore Romano, 29 aprile, p. 6. Allegra, G. M., 1966. Il primato di Cristo in S. Paolo e in Duns Scoto: dialogo col p. Teilhard de Chardin. Palermo: Crociata del Vangelo. Allegra, G. M., 1969. Actuositas Studii Biblici Franciscani Sinensi: 1963-1969. In: Liber Annuus, XIX, pp.369-373. Allegra, G. M., 1974

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The Phenomenon of Chinese Culture

References Benedict XVI to professors and students „La Sapienza”; „Christianity is to be an encouragement to the truth”. Documentation, KAI, ISSN 1426–1413; 17 January 2008. Chang M., A historical sketch of Christianity in China, Taipei, 1985. Cronin V., The Wise Man from the West, The true story of the man who first brought the message of Christianity to the fabled Cathay, Dutton, New York 1955. Danecki J., Jedwabny Szlak, Warsaw1996. Granet M., Cywilizacja Chińska, Warsaw, translation and Sinological elaboration M.J. Kunstler

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The Reception of Roman Obligations in China

References Bu Y., Chinese Civil Law, C.H. Beck-Hart2 nd –Nomos 2013. Confucius, Analects of Confucius, W.W. Norton & Co 1998. Constitution of the People’s Republic of China of September 20 th , 1954. Constitution of People’s Republic of China of December 4 th , 1982, [12.12.2018]. Contract Law of Peoples Republic of China of March 15 th , 1999, . Dajczak W., Giaro T., Longchamps de

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Regional exchange, long-distance trade, and local imitations: Liuwan cemetery in the context of the cultural transformation from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age (cca 2000 BC) in the Chinese Northwest


It is widely acknowledged that in the Qijia Culture Period (cca 2200–1500 BC), the Chinese Northwest participated in a broader network of contacts spanning from the Middle Yellow River Valley to Central Asia. However, opinions differ considerably as one regards the character of those contacts and their role in the genesis of the culture. On one hand, many Chinese scholars view the emergence of the Qijia Culture as a result of large migrations from the East; on the other, some western scholars suggest that a number of western human groups participated in its formation. In the present article we use the model of non-uniform institutional the complexity to explain the emergence of the Qijia Culture. We first point out its continuity with earlier Late Neolithic local cultures, and then focus on the spread of new artefacts and, as evidence suggests, of institutions from the East which led to the transformation of various aspects of the material culture within the broader region of the Chinese Northwest, while other elements – burial rites, for instance – preserved their regional diversity. We suggest that eastern innovations spread partly through channels established earlier within an exchange network of locally produced painted pottery and also in association with local area’s social development. These suggestions are supported by the case study which considers the process of development at the well-known site of Liuwan in the middle reaches of the Huang River Valley, Qinghai Province.

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Baltic-Pontic Studies
The Journal of Adam Mickiewicz University, Collegium Historicum, Institute of Prehistory
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Studia Historiae Oeconomicae
The Journal of Adam Mickiewicz University
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Informational Support of Civilian Intelligence for Heavy Industry (Including Machine Industry) and the Energy Sector in the Polish People’s Republic in the Years 1970–1990

latach 1945–1961 [Civilian intelligence in Socialist Poland in the years 1945–1961], vol. 2, Warszawa. Cain F. (2005), Computers and the Cold War: United States Restrictions on the Export of Computers to the Soviet Union and Communist China , “Journal of Contemporary History”, vol. 40 (1). Czertoprud S. (2002), Nauczno-techniczeskaja razwiedka ot Lenina do Gorbaczowa , Moskwa. Grala D. T. (2005), Reformy gospodarcze w PRL (1982-1989). Próba ratowania socjalizmu [Economic reforms in the PPR (1982–1989). Attempts to save socialism], Warszawa

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