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Causes and distribution of soil pollution in China

References Bao Z., Wu W.Y., Liu H.L., Chen H.H., Yin S.Y. 2014. Impact of Long-Term Irrigation with Sewage on Heavy Metals in Soils, Crops, and Groundwater – a Case Study in Beijing. Pol. J. Environ. Stud ., 23, 2: 309-318. CBI China. China Waste to Energy Outlook 2011. Updating Technology and Management, Powering Up the Low-Carbon Economy. [Access 15.09.2017]. CCICED (China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development) 2006. Environmental Issues and Countermeasures

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Comparison of Two RUSLE Models at the Hillslope Scale in Experimental Plots in Haiyuan, Ningxia, China

REFERENCES Dissmeyer, G. E., G. R. Foster. (1981), Estimating the cover management factor in the USLE for forest conditions, J. Soil and Water Conservation , 36 (4), 235–240. El Kateb, Hany, Haifeng Zhang, Pingcang Zhang, Reinhard Mosandl (2013), Soil erosion and surface runoff on different vegetation covers and slope gradients: A field experiment in Southern Shaanxi Province, China, Catena . 105 : 1-10. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (2014), World reference base for soil resources 2014: International soil

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Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnusalbacares) Fishing Ground Forecasting Model Based On Bayes Classifier In The South China Sea

References 1. ZHANG Peng, YANG Li, ZHANG Xufeng, et al. 2010. The present status and prospect on exploitation of tuna and squid fishery resources in South China Sea. SOUTH CHINA FISHERIES SCIENCE, 6(1):68-74. 2. MENG Xiaomeng, YE Zhenjiang, WANG Yingjun. 2007. Review on fishery and biology of yellowfin tuna (Thunnusalbacares). South China Fisheries Science, 3(4):74-80. 3. JI Shijian, ZHOU Weifeng, CHENG Tianfei, et al. 2015. On the forecast and analysis of fishing grounds in the open South China Sea. Modern

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Is China’s target of a 40-45% reduction in carbon dioxide emission plausible?

-38. Divya K.H., Devi V.R. 2014. A study on predictors of GDP: early signs. Procedia Econ. Financ., 11: 375-382. Glaeser E.L., Kahn, M.E. 2008. The greenness of cities: carbon dioxide emissions and urban development. NBER , W/P No. 14238, 1-45. Jafari Y., Othman J., Nor Abu H.S.M. 2012. Energy consumption, economic growth and environmental pollutants in Indonesia. J. Policy Model., 34: 879-889. Li F., Dong S., Li X., Liang Q., Yang W. 2011. Energy consumption-economic growth relationship and carbon dioxide emissions in China. Energy Policy, 39: 568

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Evolution of Hierarchical Structure and Spatial Pattern of Coastal Cities in China – Based on the Data of Distribution of Marine-Related Enterprises

References 1. L.Wang, W. Xiao, 2016. Analysis of China’s Marine Industry Linkage and Sea-Land Industry Linkage Development Based on Input-Output Model. Economic Geography, 1, 113-119. 2. W.Xiao, B. Zhao, L.Wang, 2016. Marine Industrial Cluster Structure and its Coupling Relationship with Urban Development:A Case of Shandong Province. Polish Maritime Research,23, 115-122. 3. S.Démurger, J.D. Sachs, W.T. Woo, et al., 2002. Geography, economic policy, and regional development in China. Asian Economic Papers, 1

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Measurement and Analysis of Coastal Waves Along The North Sea Area of China

References 3. Zuo Qihua. Development and Application of Wave Measurement Technology. Research report, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, 2008. 4. Sun Shuzheng, Li Jide, Zhao Xiaodong. Research on large scale model test in real ocean wave environment. Journal of Harbin Engineering University.2009.5 5. Tang Yuanguang, Wang Jinping. SZF Buoy Wave Height Meter System. Research report, Ocean University of China,2008. 6. Li Jide. Seakeeping Performance of Ships. Harbin Engineering University

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Feasibility Study on the Submerged Floating Tunnel in Qiongzhou Strait, China

REFERENCES 1. Tan Z., Wang M., Yang X. 2001. Construction technology of undersea tunnel and the feasibility of Qiongzhou strait tunnel. Journal of Jiaozuo Institute of Technology (Natural Science) , 20(4):286–291. 2. Mai J., Guan B. 2003. A feasibility study on Qiongzhou Strait Submerged Floating Tunnel. Journal of Railway Engineering Society , 80 (4): 93–96. 3. Li B., Yang J., Xiong J. 2009. Feasibility study on rope bridge style of submerged floating tunnel in Qiongzhou Strait. China Water Transport , 9(10): 253–255. 4. Wu S., Chen X

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Assessing the Accuracy of SRTM Dem and Aster Gdem Datasets for the Coastal Zone of Shandong Province, Eastern China

-1587, 2011. 20. State Bureau of Technical Supervision: Specifications for aerophotogrammetric office operation of 1:25000, 1:50000, 1:100000 topographic maps, Beijing: Standards Press of China, 2008. 21. Suna, G., Ransonb, K. J., Kharukc, V. I., Kovacsd, K., Validation of surface height from shuttle radar topography mission using shuttle laser altimeter, Remote Sensing Environment, Vol. 88, pp. 401-411, 2003. 22. Toutin T., Impact of terrain slope and aspect on radargrammetric DEM accuracy, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and

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Peripheral challenge by Small and Medium Sized Ports (SMPs) in Multi-Port Gateway Regions: the case study of northeast of China

), Small and Medium-Sized Ports (SMPs) in Multi-Port Gateway Regions:the Role of Yingkou in the Logistics System of the Bohai Sea, Current Issues in Shipping, Ports and Logistics, ASP: Brussels, pp.543-563 5. Freight mobility and intermodal connectivity in China, International technology scanning program, ITSP, U.S. Department of Transportation, 2008 6. Fujita, M. and Mori, T. (1996) “the role of ports in the making of major cities: self-agglomeration and hub-effect”, Journal of development economics , 49:93-120 7. Guo

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Pulsation Signals Analysis of Turbocharger Turbine Blades based on Optimal EEMD and TEO

electrocardiogram signal processing, Chinese Journal of Data Acquisition & Processing, 26(2011), pp. 361-366. 9. Chang K. M., Liu S. H.: Gaussian noise filtering from ECG by Wiener filter and ensemble empirical mode decomposition, Journal of Signal Processing, 64(2011), pp. 249-264. 10. J. R. Yeh, J. S. Shieh, N. E. Huang: Complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition: a novel noise enhanced data analysis method, Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis, 2(2010), pp. 135-156. 11. Y. J. Wang, Y. C. Jiang, S. Q. Kang, G. X. Yang, Y. N. Chen: Diagnosis method of

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