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ABM with Behavioral Bias and Applications in Simulating China Stock Market

] F. Schweitzer et al., Economic Networks: The New Challenges”, Science, 24 July, Vol. 325. No. 5939, 2009, 422 - 425. [8] G. Wang, Exploring complex economy to develop quantitative economics from Micro-behavior perspective, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Vol. 2(1), 2011, 102-120. [9] G. Wang, The evolvement and beyond of rationalism in modern economics. Social Sciences in China, No. 7, 2012, 66-82. [10] G. Wang, Deepening micro-behavioral analysis and exploring the complexity of macro-economy. Jiangsu Social

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Comparative Analysis of the Empirical Seismic Vulnerability of Typical Structures in Multiple Intensity Zones

.0 earthquake”, China Civil Engineering Journal 45(5): 26-30, 2012. 4. J.J. Sun, Y.H. Tang, Z.X. Sun, C. Zheng, H.B. Shi, L. Lin, “Damage to urban buildings in zones with intensity VIII or VII during Wen chuan earthquake and discussion on some typical damage”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration 29(6): 65-73, 2009. 5. L.S. Huo, H.N. Li, S.Y. Xiao, D.S. Wang, “Earthquake damage investigation and analysis of reinforced concrete frame structures in Wenchuan earthquake”, Journal of Dalian University of Technology 49(5): 718-723, 2009. 6

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Measurement Techniques for Electromagnetic Shielding Behavior of Braided-Shield Power Cables: An Overview and Comparative Study

.H., Zhang, J.L. (2013). Eavesdropping the display image from conducted emission on network cable of a PC. The Journal of China Universities of Posts and Telecommunications , 20 (3), 78–84. [4] Celozzi, S., Araneo, R., Lovat, G. (2008). Electromagnetic Shielding . John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 200–209. [5] Mardiguian, M. (2014). Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design , (3rd ed.). Springer, 291–301. [6] International Electrotechnical Commission. (2014). Metallic communication cable test methods - Part 4-1: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC

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Correlation between Compressive Strengths and Water Absorption of Fly Ash Cement Mortar Immersed in Water

R eferences 1. J. Li, X. Zhuang, E. Monfort and et al, “Utilization of coal fly ash from a Chinese power plant for manufacturing highly insulating foam glass: Implications of physical, mechanical properties and environmental features” Construction and Building Materials, Vol.175, 2018, pp.64-76. 2. P. Chindaprasirt, S. Homwuttiwong and V. Sirivivatnanon “Influence of fly ash fineness on strength, drying shrinkage and sulfate resistance of blended cement mortar” Cement Concrete Research, Vol. 34, 2004, pp.1087-1092. 3. B. Babu and R. Thenmozhi

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Effects of Quartz Glass Insulation on Platinum Gold Thermocouples

Industry and Science . Beijing, China: China Academic Publishers, 157-163. [15] Zhang, J., Berry, R.J. (1985). AC and DC insulation leakage in platinum resistance thermometers up to 750 °C. Metrologia , 21 (4), 207-223. [16] Shackelford, J.F., Alexander, W. (2001). CRC Material Science and Engineering Handbook, Third edition. CRC Press, ISBN 0-8493-2696-6

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Evaluation of Pressure Distribution in Buried Pipes with Liquid in the Explosion

an open-end pipe. International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics, 2016, 1: 1–7. 5. Lou Ch, Ruihai W, Liang w. An Explosion Suppression Material and Its Manufacturing Method [P], 2002, CN: 101906561A,02-02. 6. Youjie Zh, Gaojun A, Xudong w. Study on Explosion Suppression Technologies for Oil and Gas Pipeline Procedia Engineering, 2014, 84: 412-418. 7. RU C-Y, WANG D-X. The explosion-proof mechanism and application of HAN blocking explosion-proof technology. China Science and Technology Information, 2006, 18:295-296. 8. Zimmerman, H

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Fault Prognosis of Hydraulic Pump Based on Bispectrum Entropy and Deep Belief Network

downstream mechanical equipment. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 25 (1), 360-372. [15] Zhou, Y.B., Liu, Y.B., Li, H., Teng, W., Li, Z. (2013). Fault feature extraction for gear crack based on bispectral entropy. China Mechanical Engineering , 24 (2), 190-194. [16] Hou, S., Li, Y., Xu, Y., Ma, C. (2016). Applications of dual-tree complex wavelet transform and bispectrum in roller bearing fault diagnosis. Noise and Vibration Control , 36 (5), 133-136. [17] Jin, Z.Y., Lu, Y.G., Zhang, B., Yao, X.L. (2016). Applications of bispectrum analysis of

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Analysis of the Distribution Influence of the Density of Cost-forming Factors on Results of the LCCA Calculations

R eferences 1. A. Abdelaty, D.J. Hyungseok, B. Dannen, F. Todey, “Enhancing life cycle cost analysis with a novel cost classification framework for pavement rehabilitation projects”. Construction Management & Economics. 2016, Vol. 34 Issue 10, p724-736. 2. D. S. Moore, “Tests of Chi-Squared Type Goodness of Fit Techniques,” 1986. 3. D. Wu, H. Liu, C. Yuan, “A risk-based optimisation for pavement preventative maintenance with probabilistic LCCA: a Chinese case”. International Journal of Pavement Engineering, 2 January 2017, 18(1):11-25 4. E

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Measuring the Moment and the Magnitude of the Abrupt Change of the Gaussian Process Bandwidth

- Detection, Estimation, and Filtering Theory . Wiley. [8] Chernoyarov, O.V., Shahmoradian, M.M., Kalashnikov, K.S. (2016). The decision statistics of the Gaussian signal against correlated Gaussian interferences. In 2016 International Conference on Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences and Engineering , 30-31 October 2016, Shenzhen, China. DEStech Publications, 426-431. [9] Trifonov, А.P., Shinakov, Yu.S. (1986). Joint Discrimination of Signals and Estimation of their Parameters against Background. Radio i Svyaz'. (in Russian) [10

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Measurement Science Review
The Journal of Institute of Measurement Science of Slovak Academy of Sciences
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