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Industry 4.0 as the Driving Force of SME Internationalisation: A Case of Lithuania

Of Enterprises : A Case study of Chinese firm : Huawei Supervisor : Gabriel Awuah. Perspective , 53 , 1–53. Demeke, Y., & Chiloane-Tsoka, G. E. (2015). Internationalization drivers of small and mediumsized manufacturing enterprises in Ethiopia: The case of leather and leather products industry. Problems and Perspectives in Management , 13 (4), 32–42. Dominguez, N., & Mayrhofer, U. (2017). Internationalization stages of traditional SMEs: Increasing, decreasing and re-increasing commitment to foreign markets. International Business Review , 26 (6

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Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance in Nigeria

. & Shepherd, D. (2005). Entrepreneurial orientation and small business performance: A configurational approach. Journal of Business Venturing, 20 (1), 71–91. Yamane, T. (1967). Statistics, an introductory analysis, (2nd ed.). New York: Harper and Row. Zhang, Y. & Zhang, X. (2012). The effect of entrepreneurial orientation on business performance: A role of network capabilities in China. Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship 4 (2), 132–142.

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The Reaction of Stock Markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries to Economic Policy Uncertainty in the United States

Discourage Investment? The Economic Journal, 109(457), 372-393. Higgs, R. (1997). Regime Uncertainty: Why the Great Depression Lasted So Long and Why Prosperity Resumed After the War. The Independent Review, 1(4), 561-590. Retrieved from Johansson, A. C., & Ljungwall, C. (2009). Spillover Effects among the Greater China Stock Markets. World Development, 37(4), 839-851. Kim, S. J., Salem, L., & Wu, E

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Are there Multiple Bubbles in the Stock Markets? Further Evidence from Selected Countries

., Chia, F., Ranjbar, O., Aye, C. and Gupta, R. (2015). Testing for Multiple Bubbles in the BRICS Stock Markets, University of Pretoria Department of Economics Working Paper Series , 1-23. Chang, T. and Cai, Y. (2016). Do Bubbles exist in Chinese Share Markets?, International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance , 8, 43-54. Charemza, W. and Deadman, D. (1995). Speculative Bubbles with Stochastic Explosive Roots: The Failure of Unit Root Testing. Journal of Empirical Finance, 2, 2 153-163. Chen, Y

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The Importance of External Audit in Detecting Abnormalities and Fraud in the Financial Statements of Public Enterprises in Kosovo

. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal. Deis, J., Donald, R., & Giroux, G. (1992). Determinants of audit quality in the public sector. Accounting Review, pp. 462–479. Gliem, Joseph A dhe Rosemary R. Gliem. “Calculation of Model Likert” Midweat Research –to – Practice Conference in Adult, Continuing and Community Education. The Ohio State University Columbus, OH 2003 Gong, T. (2009). Institutional learning and adaptation: developing state audit capacity in China. Public Administration and Development, pp

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Methodological Perspective of Evaluation of Green Marketing Performance

.ijhm.2012.12.007 Chen, H. C., Yang, C. H. (2019). Applying a multiple criteria decision-making approach to establishing green marketing audit criteria. Journal of Cleaner Production, 210, 256–265. Chen, S. (2016). Selling the environment: green marketing discourse in China’s automobile advertising. Discourse, Context and Media, 12 , 11–19. D’Souza, C., Taghian, M., Sullivan-Mort, G., Gilmore, A. (2015). An evaluation of the role of green marketing and a firm

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