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Retail Format Competition: The Case of Grocery Discount Stores and Why They Haven’t Conquered the Chinese Market (Yet)

Consumer Research, 12(2): 191-219. Burt, S., Dawson, J., Sparks, L. (2004): The International Divestment Activities of European Grocery Retailers. European Management Journal, 5: 483-492. Christopherson, S. (2007): Barriers to ‘US style’ Lean Retailing: The Case of Wal-Mart’s Failure in Germany. Journal of Economic Geography, 7(4): 451-469. Chuang, M. L., Donegan, J. J., Ganon, M. W., Wei, K. (2011): Walmart and Carrefour experiences in China: resolving the structural paradox. Cross Cultural Management: An International

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The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China

from Urban Communities. Socialist Studies , 127–128. Chen, Q., Qin, Z., & Wang, Z. (2018). How Red Property Management Companies’ Role in Community Governance. Journal of JiangHan University (Social Science Edition) , 68–72. Chen, W., & Jiang, X. (November 2018). From Autonomy to Governance: on Chinese Community Studies’ Perspective Change. Party-Government Research , 1–10. Chen, Y. (2016). An Economic Analysis into Urban Community Governance and Service. Smart Community and Negotiable Community , 1–6. Ningbo: Ningbo HOA Federation & Cathy

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To Remove Walls or Not: Analysis Into the Dilemma of Chinese “Block System Policy”

REFERENCES Arcuri, G., & Jing, C. (2019). The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China. Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management , 7 (1), 30–58. Barnet, M., & King, A. A. (2008). Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: A Longitudinal Analysis of an Industry Self-Regulatory Institution. The Academy of Management Journal , 51 (6), 1–52. Brady, J. S. (2019). Remarks by President Trump on Border Security. Retrieved from: https

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Review of pallet pooling studies

R eferences [1] Ren, J. W. (2012). Study on pallet allocation optimization over a pallet pool. Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China. [2] Harris, J. S., & Worrell, J. S. (2008). Pallet management system: a study of the implementation of UID/RFID technology for tracking shipping materials within the department of defence distribution network. NAVAL Postgraduate School, Monterey, USA. [3] Wu, Q. Y. (2013). Study on unit logistic: part one. Logistics & Material Handling, 16(6): 108-111. [4] Jiang, H., & Liu L. (2001). Pallet pooling

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo
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Moravian Geographical Reports
The Journal of Institute of Geonics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS)
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Viticultural landscapes: Localised transformations over the past 150 years through an analysis of three case studies in Slovakia

. ELLIS, E. C., NEERCHAL, N., PENG, K., XIAO, S. H., WANG, H., YAN, Z., LI, S. C., WU, J. X., JIAO, J. G., OUYANG, H., CHENG, X., YANG, L. Z. (2009): Estimating long-term changes in China’s village landscapes. Ecosystems, 12(2): 279–297. FERANEC, J., JAFFRAIN, G., SOUKUP, T., HAZEU, G. (2010): Determining changes and flows in European landscapes 1990–2000 using CORINE land cover data. Applied Geography, 30(1) 19–35. FERANEC, J., OŤAHEĽ, J. (1999): Mapovanie krajinnej pokrývky metódou CORINE v mierke 1:50 000: návrh legendy pre krajiny programu Phare

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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

: The case of Romania. Quaestions Geographicae, 31(2): 95–106. SHENGFA, L., XIUBIN, L. (2017): Global understanding of farmland abandonment: A review and prospects. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 27(10): 1169–1184. SONG, Y., HOU, D., ZHANG, J., O’CONNOR, D., LI, G., GU, Q., LI, S., LI, P. (2018): Environmental and socio-economic sustainability appraisal of contaminated land remediation strategies: A case study at a mega-site in China. Science of the Total Environment, 610: 391–401. SORENSEN, A. (2017): Community Development in an Age of Mounting

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Romanian Journal of Transport Infrastructure
The Journal of Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
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