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Effects of Energy Use on Socioeconomic Predictors in Africa: Synthesizing Evidence

autocorrelation in a panel-probit model with an application to exporting in China, Empirical Economics, 55(1), 193–211. 8. Becker, B.G.S., Grossman, M., Murphy, K.M., (1994), An Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Addiction, The American Economic Review, 84(3), 396–418. 9. Becker, G.S., (2007), Health as human capital: Synthesis and extensions, Oxford Economic Papers, 59(3), 379–410. 10. Bhattacharyya, S.C., (2012), Energy access programmes and sustainable development: A critical review

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The Consequences of Shadow Economy and Corruption on Tax Revenue Performance in Nigeria

Series, 27(2), pp. 19-32. 9. Chen, H. & Schneider, F., (2018), Size and causes of shadow economy in China over 1978-2016: based on the currency demand method, Retrieved on 06.04.2019 from: 10. Feige, E.L. & Urban, I., (2008), Measuring Underground (Unobserved, Non-Observed, Unrecorded) Economies in Transition Countries: Can We Trust GDP? Michigan: The William Davidson Institute. 11. Gaspareniene, L., Remeikiene, R. & Heikkila, M., (2016), Evaluation of the impact of

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Is the Nigerian Stock Market Efficient? Pre and Post 2007-2009 Meltdown Analysis

global recovery by priming their private sectors, Finance and Development, 46(2), pp. 54–55. 50. Lima, E.J. & Tabak B.M., (2004), Tests of the random walk hypothesis for equity markets: Evidence from China, Hong Kong and Singapore, Applied Economics Letters, 11, pp. 255-258. 51. Lo, A.W. & MacKinlay, A.C., (1990), Data-snooping biases in tests of financial asset pricing models, Review of Financial Studies, 3(3), pp. 431-467. 52. Lo, A.W. & MacKinlay, A.C., (1988), Stock market prices do not follow random walks: Evidence from a simple specification

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Culture and business ethics – a comparative perspective

5. References 1. Ardichvili, A., Jondle, D., Kowske, B., Cornachione, E., Li, J., Thakadipuram, T., (2012), Ethical Cultures in Large Business Organizations in Brazil, Russia, India and China, Journal of Business Ethics, 105, pp. 415-428 2. Aruda, M.C., (1997), Busines Ethics in Latin America , Journal of Business Ethics, 16, pp. 1597-1603 3. Berger, R., Herstein, R., (2014), The Evolution of Chinese Business Ethics , Management Research Review, Vol. 37, No. 9, pp. 778-790 4. Burduş, E., (2004), Management comparat internaţional , Ed

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The Relationship between Culture and Strategy – A Managerial Perspective Approach

8. Burduş E., (2012) Management comparat internaţional, ediţia a patra, Ed. Prouniversitaria, Bucureşti 9. Chow I.H.S., Liu S.S., (2009), The effect of aligning organizational culture and business strategy with HR systems on firm performance in Chinese entreprises, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, no. 11., vol. 20, pp. 2292-2310 10. Deresky H., (2014), International Management, Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Pearson 11. Hofstede G., Hofstede G.J., Minkov M., (2012), Culturi şi

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Direction of Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth. Evidence for Developing Countries

Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Ten New EU Members, Discussion paper, DIW Berlin German Institute for Economic Research Berlin. 14. Chang, T. (2002) Financial development and economic growth in Mainland China: a note on testing demand-following or supply-leading hypothesis, Applied Economics Letters, 2002, 9, 869-873. 15. Chung, S.K. Tai, S. (1999), Cointegration and causality between macroeconomic variables and stock market return, Global Finance Journal 10(1), 71-81. 16. Demirhan, E., Aydemir, O., Inkaya, A

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The Link Between Economic Growth, Crime and Deterrence Measures in Nigeria

. Review of Development Economics 11, no. 3, pp.450-462. 20. Narayan, P. K. (2005). The saving and investment nexus for China: evidence from cointegration tests. Applied Economics 37, pp.1979-1990. 21. National Bureau of Statistics. (2011). Annual Abstract of Statistics. The Federal Republic of Nigeria. 22. National Bureau of Statistics. (2012). Social Statistics in Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria. 23. Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN). (2010). Criminal Force Torture, Abuse, and

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Globalisation, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment in Romania

FDI Inflows in Economic Growth in Malaysia (Time Series: 1975-2010). Procedia Economics and Finance, 23, pp.1558-1566. 11. Farshid, P. Ali, S. and Gholamhosein, S. (2009). The impact of foreign direct investment and trade on economic growth-Taking China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand for example. China-USA Business Review, 8(12), pp.37-43. 12. Hailu, Z.A. (2010). Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Trade of African Countries. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 2(3), p.p122-133. 13. Heimann, B

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Human Capital Quality and Development: An Employers' and Employees' Comparative Insight

Management, 19(3), pp.193-203. 20. Schultz T.W. (1961), Investment in human capital. American Economic Review, 51 (1) pp.1-17. 21. Schultz T.W. (1993), The economic importance of human capital in modernization. Education Economics, 1(1), pp.13-19. 22. Wang M., Lu X., Zhao Y. (2012), The quality of enterprise human capital: empirical evidence based on enterprise survey in China. Public Personal Management, Vol.42, No4, pp.735-747. 23. Weatherly L.A. (2003), Human Capital - The Elusive Asset; Measuring and

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