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European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation
The Journal of CiTUR Centre of Tourism Research, Development and Innovation
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Tourist motivations in a heritage destination in Spain

the cultural divide: Western visitors and Interpretation at Ayutthaya World Heritage Site, Thailand. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 2 (3), 211-224 [30] Silberberg, T. (1995). Cultural tourism and business opportunities for museums and heritage sites. Tourism management, 16(5), 361-365 [31] Su, M. M. & Wall, G. (2011). Chinese research on World Heritage Tourism. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 16 (1), 75-88 [32] Timothy D (1998) Collecting places: geodetic lines in tourist space. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 7(4): 123-129 [33

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The index of tourist satisfaction with Lithuania

District. Asia Pacific Journal Of Research In Business Management, 4(3), 1. [10] Siri, R., Josiam, B., Kennon, L., & Spears, D. (2012). Indian Tourists’ Satisfaction of Bangkok, Thailand. Journal of Services Research, 12(1), 25-42. [11] Song, H., Li, G., van der Veen, R., & Chen, J. L. (2011). Assessing Mainland Chinese Tourists’ Satisfaction with Hong Kong Using Tourist Satisfaction Index. International Journal of Tourism Research, 13(1), 82-96. [12] Song, H., van der Veen, R., Li, G., &Chen, J., L. (2012). The Hong Kong

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FDI-led tourism growth hypothesis: empirical evidence from Croatian tourism

growth? Empirical evidence on Romanian tourism, Tourism Economics, 19 (1), 115-132 [27] Tang, S., Selvanathan, E. A.,, & Selvanathan, S. (2007). The relationship between foreign direct investment and tourism: empirical evidence from China, Tourism Economics, 13(1), 25-39 [28] Toda, H. Y., & Yamamoto, T. Statistical Inference in Vector Autoregressions with Possibly integrated Processes. Journal of Econometrics, 66, 225-250 [29] UNCTAD. (2007). FDI in Tourism: The Development Dimension. New York and Geneva: United Nations [30] UNWTO. (2004

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Do neighbouring countries encourage the demand of international business tourism?

. Paper Presented at International Conference on E-Business and E-Government (ICEE), 6–8 May, Shanghai, China [31] Judith, M., & Thompson, K. (2009). The UK association conference attendance decision-making process. Tourism Management, 30(3), 400–409 [32] Kaufmann, D., Kraay, A., & Mastruzzi, M. (2008). Governance matters VII: governance indicators for 1996-2007. World Bank Policy Research [33] Kaukal, M., Höpken, W., & Werthner, H. (2000). An Approach to Enable Interoperability in Electronic Tourism Markets. Paper Presented at the Proceedings of the 8

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Tour guides experiences with tourists with disabilities

References [1] Ap, J., and Wong, K.F.K. (2001).Case study on tour guiding: professionalism, issues and problems. Tourism Management, 22, 551-563 [2] Carbone, G. (2006). “Perspectives of the tourism industry on the elements affecting visitor satisfaction in protected areas”. The International of Protected Area Managers, 16 (2), 53-57 [3] Chikuta, O. (2015). Is There Room in the Inn? Towards Incorporating People with Disability in Tourism Planning. Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, 11(3) [4] China Disabled Persons

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Role of tour guides on tourist satisfaction level in guided tours and impact on re-visiting Intention: a research in Istanbul

. & Ham, S. (2001). Intercultural Communication and Meditation: A Framework for Analyzing the Intercultural Competence of Chinese Tour Guides. Journal of Vacation Marketing. 8(1):75-87. [51] Yuksel, A. (2001). Managing Customer Satisfaction and Retention: A Case of Tourist Destinations, Turkey. Journal of Vacation Marketing. 7 (2): 153-168. [52] Yuksel, A. & Yuksel, F. (2001). Measurement and Management Issues in Customer Satisfaction Research: Review, Critique and Research Agenda: Part One. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing. 10

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Destination brand equity in tourism context: evidence on Iran

and national identity; the re-imaging of former Yugoslavia. Brand Management, 9(4/5), 323-334 [22] Hsu et al., Hsu, C. H. C., Kang, S. K., & Lam, T. (2006). Reference group influences among Chinese travelers. Journal of Travel Research, 44, 474-485 [23] Jang, S. C., & Feng, R. (2007). Temporal Destination Revisit Intention: The Effects of Novelty Seeking and Satisfaction. Tourism Manage., 28(2), 580-590 [24] Garcia, M. G., & Molina A. (2011). A destination-branding model: An empirical analysis based on stakeholders. Tourism Management, 35, 646

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Consumer profile of Portuguese local food restaurants

. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 22(2), pp. 209-220 [11] Kivela et al., (1999). Consumer research in the restaurant environment: part 2: research design and analytical method. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 11(6), pp. 269-286 [12] Lewis, R., (1981). Restaurant advertising: appeals and consumers intentions. Journal of Advertising Research, 21(5), pp. 60-74 [13] Liu, Y., Jang, S., (2009). Perceptions of chinese restaurants in the US: what affects customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions

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Tourism e-services and Jewish heritage: a case study of Prague

. (2011). Exploring the impact of use context on mobile hedonic services adoption: An empirical study on mobile gaming in China. Computers in Human Behavior, 27(2), 890-898 [21] MasterCard (2015). Global Destinations Cities Index. Available at: [22] Matoga, Ł., & Pawłowska, A. (2016). Off-the-beaten-track tourism: a new trend in the tourism development in historical European cities. A case study of the city of Krakow, Poland. Current Issues in Tourism, 1

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