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China’s Macroeconomic Policy Options: A Sectoral Financial Balances Perspective

5. References Ma, Guonan, Yi, Wang (2010), China’s high savings rate: myth and reality , BIS Working Paper No. 312, Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland, available at: Liu, Zheng (2014) Job Uncertainty and Chinese Household Savings , FRBSF Economic Letters, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, available at: Schramm, Ronald M. (2015

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The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China

from Urban Communities. Socialist Studies , 127–128. Chen, Q., Qin, Z., & Wang, Z. (2018). How Red Property Management Companies’ Role in Community Governance. Journal of JiangHan University (Social Science Edition) , 68–72. Chen, W., & Jiang, X. (November 2018). From Autonomy to Governance: on Chinese Community Studies’ Perspective Change. Party-Government Research , 1–10. Chen, Y. (2016). An Economic Analysis into Urban Community Governance and Service. Smart Community and Negotiable Community , 1–6. Ningbo: Ningbo HOA Federation & Cathy

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To Remove Walls or Not: Analysis Into the Dilemma of Chinese “Block System Policy”

REFERENCES Arcuri, G., & Jing, C. (2019). The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China. Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management , 7 (1), 30–58. Barnet, M., & King, A. A. (2008). Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: A Longitudinal Analysis of an Industry Self-Regulatory Institution. The Academy of Management Journal , 51 (6), 1–52. Brady, J. S. (2019). Remarks by President Trump on Border Security. Retrieved from: https

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Study on the Interaction Between China and Japan’s Economy Based on FDI, Import and Export Trade

References Feng Yao, Shi Ning Zhong. (2003) Econometric analysis of the economic development of Japan and China Japan trade [J]. Management Science, 2003,6 (4): 55-62. Guoyu Ning, Ye Xiangsong. (2012) Study on the influence of Sino Japanese trade on the China’s macroeconomic fluctuations synchronization [J]. Macroeconomic Research, 2012, (12): (93-105). Hong Liu, Li Shusheng. (2013) Impact of FDI on China’s economic growth and employment - study on the VAR model [J]. International Trade Issues, 2013, (4): 105-114. Jiangyong Liu (2007

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Global-Soziale Marktwirtschaft und die Flüchtlingsfrage

Review, Vol. 55, S. 1126-1150. [6] Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (1808), Faust - eine Tragödie, Tübingen. [7] Hayek, Friedrich A. von (1972), Die Theorie komplexer Phänomene, Tübingen. [8] Holtfrerich, Carl-Ludwig, Lars P. Feld und Werner Heun et al. (2015): Staatsschulden: Ursachen, Wirkungen und Grenzen, Berlin. [9] Kissinger, Henry (2011), On China, New York. [10] List, Friedrich (1841), Das Nationale System der Politischen Ökonomie, Stuttgart u.a. [11] Luhmann, Niklas (1968

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Journal for Markets and Ethics
Zeitschrift für Marktwirtschaft und Ethik
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Family Entrepreneurship in India’s ‘Diamond City’: A Phenomenological Research

empirical study of human resource management practices in family firms in China. International Journal of Human Resource Management 21(12): 2095–2119. LeBreton-Miller I and Miller D (2006) Why do some family businesses outcompete? Governance, longterm orientation, and sustainable capability. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 30(6): 731–746. Maykut, P. & R. Morehouse (1994) Beginning Qualitative Research: A Philosophic and Practical Guide. London: The Falmer Press. Miles, M. B., & Huberman, A. M. (1984). Qualitative data analysis, a sourcebook of new

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The Interplay of Religious Symbols and Cultural Values Theory in Advertising

Consumption and Brand Choice: China’s Youth Hostels for the International Travel Market // Journal of China Tourism Research. No.1, pp. 51–68. doi: 10.1080/19388160.2013.870950. 70. Thomson, M., MacInnis, D. J., Park, C. W. (2005). The Ties that Bind: Measuring the Strength of Consumers’ Emotional Attachments to Brands // Journal of Consumer Psychology. Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 77–91. doi: 10.1207/s15327663jcp1501_10. 71. Tilich, P., Kimball, R. C. (2015). The Nature of Religious Language in Theology of Culture. – Oxford University Press, pp. 15–18. 72. Tiwari

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Understanding Factors influencing Consumers Online Purchase intention Via Mobile App: Perceived Ease of use, Perceived Usefulness, System Quality, information Quality, and Service Quality

Bibliography 1. Ahmad, Z., & Ibrahim, R. (2017). Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) Interface Design: A Review of Literature. 2. Ajzen, I., (1991). The Theory of Planned Behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes , 179–211. 3. Better Than Cash Alliance. (2017). Social Networks, e-Commerce Platforms, and the Growth of Digital Payment Ecosystems in China: What It Means for Other Countries . Retrieved June 02, 2018, from

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