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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy

). Strategic Firm Response to Developing Economy Challenges. Global Business Review , 2 (2010), 71–86. 3. Blume, L. E., & Sargent, T. J. (2015). Harrod 1939*. The Ecnomic Journal , 125 , 350–377. 4. Chai, H., & Kim, J. Il. (2018). Demographics, Pension Systems and the Saving-Investment Balance,. IMF Working Paper WP/18/265 December 2018 . 5. Connell, J. (2017). Globalisation, soft power, and the rise of football in China. Geographical Research , 56 (1), 5–15. https

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Tourist Destination Strenghts and Opportunities: Is Montenegro Ready for Chinese Tourists?

LITERATURE Arlt, W. G, (2016). China Information Day Conference. Budapest, March 3, 2016. Barnett, S. (2011). China: Economic Development and Outlook. Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry, IAA, . Bofulin, M., Raspor, A., Stranjančević, A., Bulatović, I. and Lacmanović, D. (2016). Small destinations in large tourism market: the analysis of Western Balkan countries and the Chinese outbound tourism. International Scientific Journal , 8, p. 130-143. Chang, R. C., Kivela, J. and Mak, A. H. (2010). Food

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Post-socialist Myanmar and the East Asian Development Model

prosperous state, Myanmar became the poorest country of Southeast Asia. The idea of building a state based on elements of socialism was present in Burmese politics before the independence ( Aung San Suu Kyi 2010 ). As in many other colonies governed by European powers, especially in Africa, socialism was associated with the struggle for independence. Therefore, it stood in an ideological opposition to imperialism. However, this perception of socialism had little to do with communist totalitarianism, which dominated the Soviet Union and its satellites, China and some East

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Acta Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis
The Scientific Journal for Economics and Management
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Net Working Capital Strategy Influencing Beta Coefficient based on Companies Listed on Newconnect Alternative Exchange in Warsaw

and Profitability: Evidence from the United States. Business and Economics Journal, 10(1), 1-9. Kangari, R., Farid, F., Elgharib, H.M. (1992). Financial Performance Analysis for Construction Industry. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 118(2), 349-361. Kozáková, P., Pevná, J. (2015). Net Working Capital across Sectors in the Czech Republic. European Financial Systems, 263. Liu, Y., Guo, H.F., Qiu, Y. (2014). Net Operating Working Capital Requirement: Evidence from China, Proceedings Of The 6th International Conference On Financial

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Poland’s Economic Performance in Global and Long-term Perspective: Surprises so far and Risks in the Years Ahead

1 Introduction Much of this paper are comments on, and interpretations of, the institutional reforms during the last few decades in the formerly centrally planned economies, especially in Poland. Major Institutional changes started in China in the years 1978–1980, to be followed by similarly large changes in the countries of Central Europe and the former USSR in the years 1989–1991, Their revolutionary economic and social systems, based on central management, state ownership, and dominant role of central preferences, then started to be replaced by the

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