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The Analysis of Logistic Chains from China to the European Union Countries

References [1] Dolinayova, A. (2017). Evaluation of regional rail transport in the context of regional economic potential with a view to effective use of public resources and social costs of transport. Research grant No. 1/0019/17, Faculty of Operations and Economics of Transport and Communication, University of Zilina, Slovakia. [2] Kalman, S. & Fotitkar, O. (2014). Nungary - China rilway transportation. Retrieved March 14, 2018, from

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TQM Practice and Institution Innovation in China

References Badiru, A. B. (1990), 'A System Approach to Total Quality Management,” Industrial Engineering, 1990, March, p.33-36 Grgory H. Watson (2001), “Cycles of Learning Observations of Jack Welch”, Six Sigma Forum Magazine Vol 1, November 2001, pp13 Harry J. Levinson and Chuck DeHont (1992),“Leading to Quality”, May 1992, pp55 Ho K. M. Samuel (1999), “TQM: An Integrated Approach”, School of Business Hong Kong Baptist University Press. Liu, Songbai (2011), “Research on the function of leadership in quality management of Chinese SMEs”, in

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An Analysis of Interaction Effects of China–South Korea and China– Australia FTAs and the Expanding TPP

References Aslan, B., Mavus, M., & Oduncu, A. (2014). The possible effects of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership on Chinese economy. Munich Personal RePEc Archive Paper No. 53431. Retreived from Cao, L., Jiang, H., & Chen, X. (2013). Research on the trade creation and trade transfer effect of CAFTA. Macroeconomics, 6, 29-34. Cheong, I., & Tongzon, J. (2013). Comparing the economic impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the

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China’s Trade Policy Towards Central and Eastern Europe in the 21St Century, Example of Poland

References Arnold, K.M., Breul, R., Lou, J., Mylavarapu, S., von Roda, A.G., Sibal, D.R., Xu, T. & Yang, X. (2011). Facing the Challenges. Three Scenarios for Global Economic Governance in 2020. Global Governance 2020 Project Team. Berlin: Global Public Policy Institute. Atsmon, Y., Magni, M., Li, L. & Liao, W. (2012). Meet the 2020 Chinese Consumer. McKinsey Consumer & Shopper Insights. Borst, N. (2012). The Chinese Growth Model: Before and After the Crisis,

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The EU's Antidumping Actions Against Chinese Products

M.A. (2007), China's Export Growth and the China Safeguard: Treats to the World Trading System, Department of Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Knetter M.M. and Prusa T.J. (2005), Macroeconomic Factors and Antidumping Filings: Evidence from Four Countries, Journal of International Economics, No. 61, pp 1-17 Moore M.O., Zanardi M. (2007), Does Antidumping Use Contribute to Trade Liberalization in Developing Countries? George Washington University & Tilburg University & Center Prusa T.J. (1996), The Trade Efects of U.S. Antidumping Actions

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Negotiation Differences between China and Poland

Bibliography Buttery, A., Leung T.K. (1998) The difference between Chinese and Western negotiations. European Journal of Marketing, 32, 379–389. Chmielecki, M. (2013) Conceptual negotiation metaphors across cultures–research findings from Poland, China, The United States and Great Britain. Journal of Intercultural Management, 5.3, pp. 103–118. Chmielecki, M. (2010) Komunikacja międzykulturowa w procesie zarządzania negocjacjami, rozprawa doktorska . Społeczna Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Zarządzania w Łodzi, Łódź. Chmielecki, M

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The Attitudes of the European Union and China Towards Foreign Direct Investment: Implications for Bilateral Relations

, Herbert Smith Freehills “Arbitration Notes”, 15.05.2018, (accessed: 7.12.2018). Chaisse, J., Vaccaro-Incisa, M. (2018), The EU Investment Court: Challenges on the Path Ahead , “Columbia FDI Perspectives”, No. 219. Cheng, L.K. (2005), China’s Experience with Foreign Direct Investment: Lessons for Developing Economies , [in:] ed. H.S. Kehal, Foreign Investment in Rapidly Growing Countries. The Chinese and Indian Experiences , Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, New York

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Economic Expansion of China: Determinants, Perspectives, Limits

Economist, August 25th, 8. Economist (2018), China moves into Latin America. The Economist, February 3rd, 9. Galbraith J. K. (2018), Backwater Economics and New Pragmatism: Institutions and Evolution in the Search for a Sustainable Economics. TIGER Working Papers Series, No. 138 (January 2018), Kozminski University, Warsaw,

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Tourist Destination Strenghts and Opportunities: Is Montenegro Ready for Chinese Tourists?

LITERATURE Arlt, W. G, (2016). China Information Day Conference. Budapest, March 3, 2016. Barnett, S. (2011). China: Economic Development and Outlook. Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry, IAA, . Bofulin, M., Raspor, A., Stranjančević, A., Bulatović, I. and Lacmanović, D. (2016). Small destinations in large tourism market: the analysis of Western Balkan countries and the Chinese outbound tourism. International Scientific Journal , 8, p. 130-143. Chang, R. C., Kivela, J. and Mak, A. H. (2010). Food

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China’s Global Order: a New Paradigm in South to South Relations

References China and Latin America: Argentina and China Sign Trade Deals. The Latin Post, New York, USA, July 19, 2014. Available at: Fischer Hoffman, C., 2015. China commits $20 billion to Venezuela at First Latin America-China Forum in Beijing. Venezuela Analysis January 09. Available at: China-Latin America Finance Database. The Dialogue. Available at: Clinton, H., 2011. America’s Pacific Century, Foreign

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