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Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Informatica
The Journal of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

users on social media ( Robertson et al., 2013 ; Sandoval-Almazan & Ramon Gil-Garcia, 2014 ; Tobias, 2011 ), social media adoption (Bonsón, Royo, & Ratkai, 2015; Mergel, 2013a , b; Nah & Saxton, 2013 ), and different types of individual government messages send via social media ( Bonsón et al., 2015 ; Lev-On & Steinfeld, 2015 ; Zavattaro, French, & Mohanty, 2015 ). In this way, we attempt to remedy the lack of study regarding social media use in the public sector, especially in emerging economies such as China. In China, with the rapid advancement in Wi-Fi and

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Analyzing the Great Firewall of China Over Space and Time

References [1] Censorship Wiki. [2] Linux kernel source tree. http://git.kernel. org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/ tree/net/ipv4/inet_connection_sock.c?h= 4d0fa8a0f01272d4de33704f20303dcecdb55df1#n562. [3] tcp(7) - Linux man page. [4] Extensive Analysis and Large-Scale Empirical Evaluation of Tor Bridge Discovery. In INFOCOM, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012. IEEE. [5] Alexa. Alexa top sites in China. http

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On the scores and degrees in hypertournaments

degrees, J. Comp. Math. Comb. Comp. 84 (2013) 95–108. ⇒201 [14] S. Pirzada, T. A. Naikoo, Score sets in tournaments, Vietnam J. Math. 34, 2 (2006) 157–161. ⇒201 [15] S. Pirzada, U. Samee, Mark sequences in digraphs, Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire 55 (2006) B55c. ⇒201 [16] S. Pirzada, T. A. Naikoo, N. A. Shah, Score sequences in oriented graphs, J. Appl. Math. Comp. 23, 1–2 (2007) 257–268. ⇒201 [17] S. Pirzada, G. Zhou, Score lists in (h,k)-bipartite hypertournaments, Appl. Math. J. Chinese Universities, Series B 22, 4

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Reconstruction of score sets

[16] K. B. Reid, Tournaments: Scores, kings, generalizations and special topics, Congressus Numer., 115 (1996) 171-211. ⇒211, 212, 214 [17] K. Wayland, Bipartite score sets, Canadian Math. Bull., 26 (1983) 273-279. ⇒ 213 [18] T. X. Yao, On Reid conjecture of score sets for tournaments. Chinese Science Bull., 34 (1989) 804-808. ⇒210, 212, 213, 214

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Yang-Mills lattice on CUDA

Models 14-19 Oct 1996. Bad Honnef, Germany Lect. Notes in Physics 494 (1997) 164-176. ⇒186 [4] M. Creutz, Quarks, Gluons and Lattices, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge CB2 1RP, 1983. ⇒186 [5] J. Dongarra, Visit to the National University for Defense Technology Changsha, China, University of Tennessee ⇒199 [6] A. Fülöp, T. S. Biró, Towards the equation of state of a classical SU(2) lattice gauge theory, Phys. Rev. C 64 (2001) 064902(5). ⇒185 [7] A. Iványi (ed.), Algorithms of Informatics, Volume 3

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On multigraphic and potentially multigraphic sequences
Dedicated to the memory of Antal Iványi

- plications, vol. 1, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1991, 439–449. )37 [5] D. R. Fulkerson, A. J. Ho_man, M. H. McAndrew, Some properties of graphs with multiple edges, Canad. J. Math. 17 (1965) 166–177. )36 [6] D. J. Kleitman, D. L. Wang, Algorithm for constructing graphs and digraphs with given valencies and factors, Discrete Math. 6 (1973) 79–88. )36 [7] J. S. Li, Z. X. Song, R. Luo, The Erdős-Jacobson-Lehel conjecture on potentially pk-graphic sequences is true, Sci. China Ser. A 41 (1998) 510–520. )37 [8

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Low and high grade glioma segmentation in multispectral brain MRI data

Discovery , Huangshan, China, 2018, pp. 1106–1113. ⇒ 112 [25] L. Szilágyi, L. Lefkovits, B. Benyó, Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation in multispectral MRI volumes using a fuzzy c-means cascade algorithm, Proc. 11th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery , Zhangjiajie, China, 2015, pp. 285–291. ⇒ 112 [26] N. J. Tustison, K. L. Shrinidhi, M. Wintermark, C. R. Durst, B. M. Kandel, J. C. Gee, M. C. Grossman, B. B. Avants, Optimal symmetric multimodal templates and concatenated random forests for supervised brain tumor segmentation

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Monocular indoor localization techniques for smartphones

. Forster, M. Pizzoli, D. Scaramuzza, Svo: Fast semi-direct monocular visual odometry, Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'14), Hong Kong, China, 2014, pp. 15-22. ⇒198 [14] F. Fraundorfer, D. Scaramuzza, Visual odometry, part ii: Matching, robustness, optimization, and applications, IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine 19, 2 (2012) 78-90. ⇒187 [15] A. Geiger, P. Lenz, R. Urtasun, Are we ready for autonomous driving? the kitti vision benchmark suite, Proc. of Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern

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On the k-Fibonacci words

of Plants, Springer- Verlag, Nueva York, 2004 ⇒221 [18] J. Ramírez, Incomplete k-Fibonacci and k-Lucas numbers, Chinese Journal of Mathematics (2013). ⇒213 [19] J. Ramírez. Some properties of convolved k-Fibonacci numbers. ISRN Combinatorics (2013) ID759641, 5pp. ⇒213 [20] J. Ramírez, G. Rubiano, Generating fractals curves from homomorphisms between languages [with Mathematica_ ] (Spanish), Rev. Integr. Temas Mat. 30, 2 (2012) 129-150. ⇒221 [21] J. Ramírez, G. Rubiano, R. de Castro, A generalization of

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