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Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
The Journal of Poznan University of Technology
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Journal of Artificial General Intelligence
The Journal of the Artificial General Intelligence Society
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Learning and Reasoning in Unknown Domains

., Proceedings of AGI 2013, Beijing, China . Springer. Turing, A. 1950. Computing machinery and intelligence. Mind 59(236):433–460. Von Glasersfeld, E. 1995. Radical Constructivism: A Way of Knowing and Learning. Studies in Mathematics Education Series: 6. ERIC. Wang, P., and Hammer, P. 2015. Assumptions of Decision-Making Models in AGI. In Artificial General Intelligence . Springer. 197–207. Wiese, K. 2002. The Crustacean Nervous System . Springer.

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A Play on Words: Using Cognitive Computing as a Basis for AI Solvers in Word Puzzles

References Abelson, R. P. (1980). Searle’s argument is just a set of Chinese symbols. Behavioral and Brain Sciences , 3 (3), 424–425. Altervista. (n.d.). Thesaurus web service. Retrieved November 2, 2015, from Ashley, K. D., & Walker, V. R. (2013). Toward constructing evidence-based legal arguments using legal decision documents and machine learning. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (pp. 176–180). Rome, Italy: ACM, New York, NY. Retrieved from http

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Formalized Mathematics
(a computer assisted approach)
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Artificial General Intelligence: Concept, State of the Art, and Future Prospects

22:1. Goertzel, B., and Wigmore, J. 2011. Cognitive Synergy Is Tricky. Chinese Journal of Mind and Computation. Goertzel, B.; Lian, R.; Arel, I.; de Garis, H.; and Chen, S. 2010a. A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part II: Biologically inspired cognitive architectures. Neurocomputing 74(1):30-49. Goertzel, B.; Pennachin, C.; Araujo, S.; Silva, F.; Queiroz, M.; Lian, R.; Silva, W.; Ross, M.; Vepstas, L.; and Senna, A. 2010b. A general intelligence oriented architecture for embodied natural language

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On Defining Artificial Intelligence

., Theoretical Foundations of Artificial General Intelligence . Paris: Atlantis Press. 145–171. Thórisson, K. R. 2013. Reductio ad Absurdum : On Oversimplification in Computer Science and its Pernicious Effect on Artificial Intelligence Research. AGI-13 workshop on Formalizing Mechanisms for Artificial General Intelligence and Cognition, Beijing, China, July 31st. Retrieved from in May 20, 2019. Tomasello, M. 2000. Primate Cognition: Introduction to the Issue. Cognitive Science 24

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An Effective Method to Evaluate the Scientific Research Projects

References [1] Cao Z., Chai C., Application of fuzzy multilevel comprehensive evaluation method in assessment of scientific research subjects, Aeronautical Computer Technique, 37, 1, 2007, 51-53. (In Chinese) [2] Carlsson C., Fullér R., Majlender P., A fuzzy approach to R&D project selection, EUSFLAT Conference, 2005: 536-540. [3] Henriksen A.D., Traynor A. J., A practical R&D project-selection scoring tool, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 46, 2, 1999: 158-170. [4] Liberatore M. J

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Matching Relation Between Consumer’s Psychology And Digital Goods Rankings

of the e-commerce customer. Market Condition , 9, 2009, 40 [9] Pei Y., The Analysis of Consumer Psychology and Consumer Behavior in E-commerce Area. China Trade , 30, 2011, 123-124 [10] Liu X., Ranking economic value to explore. Economic Research Guide , 32, 2011, 279-280 [11] Sprotles G. B., Kendall E. L., A Methodology for Profiling Consumers’ Decision-Making Styles. The Journal of Consumer Affairs , 20, 2, 1986, 267-279 [12] Fieller E. C., Hartley H. O., Pearson E. S., Tests for rank correlation coefficients. Biometrika , 44, 3

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RSRP: A Robust Secure Routing Protocol in MANET

Mobile Computing and Networking, 1998, 85-97. [4] Dang, L., Xu, J., Li, H. & Dang, N., DASR: Distributed Anonymous Secure Routing with Good Scalability for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Proceedings of 5th IEEE Asia- Pacific Services Computing Conference,.Hangzhou, China: IEEE Computer Society, 454-461, 2010. [5] Djenouril, D., Mahmoudil, O., Bouamama, M., Jones, D. L., & Merabti, M., On Securing MANET Routing Protocol Against Control Packet. /.On_Securing_MANET_Routing_Protocol AgainstControlPacket ,2007

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