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Evaluation of Strategies in the Process of China’s City Informatization Using the AHP Method

References 1. Chen, J. H. Information, Industrial Development and Urban Spaces Responding. Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2010, 38-40. 2. Peng, D., D. H. Lin, H. Y. Shen g. Digital City Shanghai: Concepts, Foundations, and Current State - In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Digital Cities III, Information Technologies for Social Capital: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Berlin, 2005, 141-165. 3. Gou, Z. W. Actively and Steadily Push Forward the City Informatization. - China Computer Users, Vol

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Measuring Scientific Productivity in China Using Malmquist Productivity Index

1 Introduction In the last forty years, China has made great efforts to improve the performance of its science system and to build an excellent higher education system. In August 2015, the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences (LAS, CAS) published an official report named “Blue Book of Basic Research Competitiveness for China in 2015” ( Research group of competitiveness analysis of Chinese basic research of National Science Library, 2015 ) and announced that the number of literature published in Science Citation Index (SCI)/Social Sciences

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An Indirected Recommendation Model for Chinese Microblog

. Zhao, B., Z. Zhang, W. Qian, A. Zhou. Identification of Collective Viewpoints on Microblogs. - Data and Knowledge Engineering, Vol. 87, 2013, pp. 374-393. 8. Gao, K., H. Xu, J. Wang. A Rule-Based Approach to Emotion Cause Detection for Chinese Microblogs. - Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 42, 2015, pp. 4517-4528. 9. Allen, S. M., M. J. Chorley, G. B. Colombo, E. Jaho, M. Karaliopoulos, I. Stavrakakis, R. M. Whitaker. Exploiting User Interest Similarity and Social Links for Micro-Blog Forwarding in Mobile Opportunistic Networks

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Chinese Text Auto-Categorization on Petro-Chemical Industrial Processes

References 1. Ni, J., X. Li, J. Zhou et al. Ontology-Based Knowledge Modelling and Reasoning for Petrochemical Products. – China CIO News, Vol. 7 , 2012, No 20, pp. 138-140. 2. Abdullah, A., G. Tan, A. Khaled et al. The Effect of Preprocessing on Arabic Document Categorization. – Algorithms, Vol. 9 , 2016, No 2, p. 27. 3. Xiao, L., J. L. Huang. The Application of Knowledge Management in Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry. – Oil Forum, Vol. 5 , 2014, pp. 29-35. 4. Thorsten, J. Text Categorization with Support Vector Machines. Learning

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Critical Factors for Personal Cloud Storage Adoption in China

1 Introduction Personal cloud storage can support users conducting personal information management in a ubiquitous network environment, due to the following notable characteristics, such as mass storage, mobile storage, synchronization, and its allowing of sharing information at any time. Bush (1945) proposed “Memex” as a personal library, and we consider personal cloud storage as a contemporary “Memex” ( Bush, 1945 ). According to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in 2015 , the number of Internet users in China

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Analyzing the Great Firewall of China Over Space and Time

References [1] Censorship Wiki. [2] Linux kernel source tree. http://git.kernel. org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/ tree/net/ipv4/inet_connection_sock.c?h= 4d0fa8a0f01272d4de33704f20303dcecdb55df1#n562. [3] tcp(7) - Linux man page. [4] Extensive Analysis and Large-Scale Empirical Evaluation of Tor Bridge Discovery. In INFOCOM, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012. IEEE. [5] Alexa. Alexa top sites in China. http

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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

users on social media ( Robertson et al., 2013 ; Sandoval-Almazan & Ramon Gil-Garcia, 2014 ; Tobias, 2011 ), social media adoption (Bonsón, Royo, & Ratkai, 2015; Mergel, 2013a , b; Nah & Saxton, 2013 ), and different types of individual government messages send via social media ( Bonsón et al., 2015 ; Lev-On & Steinfeld, 2015 ; Zavattaro, French, & Mohanty, 2015 ). In this way, we attempt to remedy the lack of study regarding social media use in the public sector, especially in emerging economies such as China. In China, with the rapid advancement in Wi-Fi and

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Practice and Challenge of International Peer Review: A Case Study of Research Evaluation of CAS Centers for Excellence

1 Introduction At present, China is a front-runner in the number of scientific outputs, but the quality remains to be improved. In order to respond to international competition and to satisfy domestic development needs, the orientation of China’s science and technology evaluation has changed from encouraging international publications to pursuing excellence and encouraging science and technology for promoting development. One of the policies is the introduction of international experts in science and technology evaluation when conditions permit. For instance

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Mitigating Hotspot Issue in WSN Using Sensor Nodes with Varying Initial Energy Levels and Quantification Algorithm

Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks. National Laboratory of Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, China, Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong, China, pp. 558-561. 1-4244-0507-6/06/$20.00 ©2006 IEEE. 18. Ahmed, E. A., A. Abdulla, H. Nishiyama, N. Kato. Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University. Extending the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks : A Hybrid Routing Algorithm. – Computer Communications, Vol. 35 , May 2012, Issue 9, pp. 1056-1063. 19. Wang, J., I. J. De Dieu, A. de Leon, D. Jose, S. Lee, Y

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Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
The Journal of Poznan University of Technology
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