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Variants of Development of Sports Career of 11-Year-Old Female Swimmers

References Sozański, H. (1999). Foundations of Sport Training Theory. Warszawa: Wyd. RCMSzKFiS. [in Polish] Sachnowski, K. & Sozański H. (2000). Development of sports career, structure of the long-term training process. In W. N. Płatonow & H. Sozański (Eds.), Optimalization of sports training structure (pp. 21-97). Warszawa: Wyd. RCMSzKFiS. [in Polish] Kiss, L. (2008). Development of a world champion backstroker. American Swimming Magazine 6, 30

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Career Plans of Students of Dental-Medical Major at Medical University of Lublin in The Years 2004-2012


Introduction. Higher education institutions thoroughly analyze the labor market. Knowing the career plans of students is important information showing the potential and direction of development of the labor market.

Aim The aim of the study was to gather information on career plans and further development of graduates of the Division of Dentistry, Medical University of Lublin in the years 2004-2012.

Material and methods The survey covered a group of 743 graduates of medical-dental faculty. Students filled in an anonymous questionnaire after passing the exam in conservative dentistry with endodontics. The questions concerned the location and nature of future work, as well as the desire to specialize and determining the area in which the graduate is planning to specialize.

Results The question: “Where are you planning to start work after graduation?” – was answered by more than 35% of the students: “In a big city outside of Lublin.” Over 24% of respondents expressed a desire to return to their hometown, and 21% declared remaining in Lublin. Approximately 13.6% of respondents were considering going abroad, and about 5.65% of the students declared choosing village or a small town, as a place for future work. Among all graduated students, 45.5% would like to work in a medical joint venture, 38.5% wishing to undertake business activity in their own dental office. Only 7.4% of students declared their desire to remain at the university and carry out scientific work. The vast majority of graduates (87.35%) expressed the desire for specialization. The most frequently indicated specialization was conservative dentistry with endo-dontics – the choice was indicated by 22.62% of the respondents. Students expressed similar interest in further development in the field of oral surgery (20.33%), prosthodontics (20.33%) and orthodontics (18.58%).

Conclusions Most of the students of dental-medical major of Medical University of Lublin after graduation planned to work in Poland. The respondents were planning to work primarily in medical partnerships or to open their own dental offices. The vast majority of respondents declared a desire to get specialization.

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The Development of the Sports Careers of the Best Decathletes in the World and in Poland in the Years 1985–2015

J., Przednowek K., Walaszczyk A. (2014). Sport career in 400 m hurdle run in various groups of the best athletes in the world. In 19th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, 2-5 July 2014 (Abstract). Amsterdam: ECSS. 9. Dziadek B., Przednowek K., Cieszkowski S. (2014). A time series analysis of the best results of sprint running in Poland between 2003-2013. Scientific Review of Physical Culture 4(4), 5-10. 10. Grycmann P., Maszczyk A., Socha T., Gołaś A., Wilk M., Zając T. et al. (2015). Modelling analysis and

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Do medical students have problem with choosing the specialty? Preliminary report of the medical students population based study

. Career preparation: a longitudinal, process-oriented examination. J Vocat Behav. 2011;79:158-69. doi: 10.1016/j.jvb.2010.12.012. 7. Borges NJ, Savicka MI. Personality and medical specialty choice: a literature review and integration. J Career Assessment. 2002;10:362-80. doi: 10.1177/10672702010003006. 8. Petrides KV, McManus IC. Mapping medical careers: questionnaire assessment of career preferences in medical school applicants and final-year students. BMC Med Educ. 2004;1:4-18. 9. Ossai EN, Uwakwe KA, Anyanwagu UC, et al. Specialty preferences among

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Communication and perioperative care of elderly patients


Communication is one of the basic human needs, it builds trust and facilitates people-to-people contacts. This is widely understood exchange of information as well as feelings, it is both; discussion and argumentation.

The basis for effective treatment is proper communication between the medical staff and the patient. Nurses, medical careers working with elderly people are often in a situation where it is difficult for them to communicate with the patient. Ignorance of the physiology of human aging, difficulties and diagnostic limitations may lead to errors of medical personnel.

The objective of the article is to draw attention to the role of communication among nurses, supported by medical caregivers, who deal with an elderly patient in pre-, peri- and postoperative period, as well as to point out that nursing staff is insufficiently involved in creating standards of medical care.

Lack of training, outlines and guidelines in the field of communication and geriatrics, in the treatment and care of elderly patients result in ignorance, intuitive, incomplete and accidental action, without intentional continuity, what may result in deterioration of care and may contribute to an increase in perioperative mortality of older people.

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Young Women’s Opinion on the Preferred Family Model

Process Interg. 2014;17(1):91-9. 24. Benard S, Correll Sh. Normative descrimination and the motherhood penalty. Gender Soc. 2010;24(5):616-46. 25. Cadsby B, Servátka M, Song F. How competitive are female professionals? A tale of identity conflict. JEBO. 2013;92:284-303. 26. Gangl M, Ziefle A. Motherhood, labor force behavior, and women’s careers: An empirical assessment of the wage penalty for motherhood in Britain, Germany, and the United States. Demography. 2009;46(2):341-69. 27. Molina JA, Montuenga VM. The motherhood wage penalty in Spain. J

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Looking for professional identity of public health workers in Poland

N, Crigger N. Professional identity. In: J. F. Giddens. Concepts of nursing practice. 2nd edition. St. Louis: Elsevier Publishing; 2017. p. 379-86. 24. Davey RL. Career on the cusp: The professional identity of teacher educators. New York: Routledge; 2013. p. 35-9. 25. Dahl BM, Clancy A. Meanings of knowledge and identity in public health nursing in a time of transition: interpretations of public health nurses’ narratives. Scand J Caring Sci. 2015;29(4):679-87. 26. Iwasaki R, Kageyama M, Nagata S. The structure of the perceived professional

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Cognitive P300 Potential in Retired Sportsmen with a Career in Contact Sports


Eleven retired sportsmen, who had a career in contact sports (three boxers, four footballers, four wrestlers) and one cyclist with a history of several falls from a bicycle and had been diagnosed with a cerebrovascular trauma, were investigated with auditory cognitive P300. The age range was aged between 26 and 63 years. Ten out of the twelve presented cognitive wave latency between 512 msec and 928 msec. This finding made us conclude that repetitive minor head injuries (mHI) that they inevitably had experienced during their carrier has led to cognitive problems in older age.

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The quality of sexual life of women with menopause


Introduction. The approach to women, menopause and its consequences have changed – the perimenopausal period has stopped being treated as the end of femininity, career and sexual activity. However, symptoms coexisting with menopause influence health and female’s life quality. A decrease of sexual activity is observed as one of the most frequent symptoms, and it is induced by physiological and psychological factors.

Aim. Assessment of sexual life quality among women with menopause and defining the main factors influencing this area.

Material and methods. Thanks to an original questionnaire composed of 28 questions, single and multiple choice, 200 women in the perimenopausal period were examined between July and September 2017.

Results. The number of 200 women in perimenopausal period were chosen accidentally. The questionnaire was filled out via the Internet. Statistically significant factors occurred to be: level of education – higher education is connected with more frequent sexual activity, professional activity – 81% of working women remain sexually active while 73% of non-working females deny being sexually active. Hormonal Replacement Therapy does not influence the frequency of sexual contact but it alleviates vagina dryness, and provides a higher level of agitation during cohabitation.

Conclusion. Higher educated and professionally active women declare better life satisfaction and see themselves as attractive. However, marital status remains meaningless as well as Hormonal Replacement Therapy. It was observed that men from rural areas and towns initiate sexual contact more often.

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What causes depression in adults?


The problem of depression in adolescents is discussed increasingly more often. A lot of researchers devote their careers to investigating this subject. The issue becomes vital, since the number of young people with depressive symptoms is constantly on the rise. The diagnosis can be difficult, as many a time the changes so typical for the puberty period appear. They include mood swings, explosiveness, propulsion disorders, puissance, insomnia, concentration problems etc. These might be the first symptoms of depression as well. It is impossible to point to one cause of depression because it is a disease conditioned by many different factors, ranging from independent factors like genetic, biological, hormonal, through the influence of the family or the environment influence and socio-cultural components.

Early depression symptoms, long time exposure to stress, challenges or adversities - things every young person has to deal with - are a breeding ground for risky behaviors among adolescents. Teens are more likely to reach for different kinds of stimulants like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs etc. It has also been proven that anti-health behaviors may cause depression in the future

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