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Diversity and distribution patterns of the Oligocene and Miocene decapod crustaceans (Crustacea: Malacostraca) of the Western and Central Paratethys

new species. Swiss J. Palaeontol. 132, 129–139. Hyžný M., Van Bakel B.W.M., Fraaije R.H.B., Jagt J.W.M., Krobicki M. & Magyar I. 2014a: A tribute to Pál Müller; his life, career and scientific output. In: Fraaije R.H.B., Hyžný M., Jagt J.W.M., Krobicki M. & Van Bakel B.W.M. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 5 th Symposium on Mesozoic and Cenozoic Decapod Crustaceans, Krakow, Poland, 2013: A tribute to Pál Mihály Müller. Scripta Geol. 147, 9–20. Hyžný M., Gašparič R., Robins C.M. & Schlögl J. 2014b: Miocene squat lobsters (Decapoda, Anomura, Galatheoidea

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