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Students for Careers in the Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Field, Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 7, 3, pp. 21-41. BRZEZIŃSKI J., 2003, Metodologia badań psychologicznych, Wyd. Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. CZEŻOWSKI T., 1946, O uniwersytecie i studiach uniwersyteckich, Księgarnia Naukowa T. Szczęsny i S-ka, Toruń, 67 pp. DANIELUK B., 2010, Zastosowanie regresji logistycznej w badaniach eksperymentalnych, Psychologia Społeczna, 5, 2-3 (14), pp. 199-216. FIELD A., 2009, Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, SAGE

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in Turyzm
Where the geographical expanse ends – Space education in primary school. Implementation of inquiry based science education (IBSE) in geography lessons in Polish school

? - Aims (students’ proposal): 1) assessment of the application of metals in the spaceship construction from the point of view of their thermal conductivity, magnetism and mass; 2) comparison of the researched metal properties with the properties of other substances proposed by other groups. Space Awareness The aim of the project Space Awareness is to interest children and teenagers between the ages of eight and eighteen in Space, in the possibilities of a future career in this area, and to pay attention to current problems relating to the natural environment of

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The hoax of ocean acidification

science and warned that if he continued in this manner you will not last long in your career . Having provided Wallace with a few useless leads he concluded his email by saying I hope you will refrain from contacting me again . Wallace eventually got hold of the instrumental records which Feely and Sabine had chosen to exclude and plotted a time series chart of his own, covering the period from 1910 to the present. His results were surprising. There has been NO reduction in oceanic pH levels in the last century! Could it be that global acidification is a figment of

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From Cantor To Christaller?


It is possible that Georg Cantor and Walter Christaller may have been aware of one another during their careers, however, there is no indication the two collaborated. Also, there is no documentation that Christaller’s central place theory (CPT) contains any tenets derived from Cantor’s middle third set (CMT). Regardless, CMT and CPT are linked by their constructions as nested hierarchies and the geometry of hexagons. The end points and intervals of CMT may be incorporated, respectively, as anchor points and radii for the hexagonal tessellations of central place theory.

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Movers or Stayers? Heterogeneity of Older Adults' Residential Profiles Across Continental Europe

Housing. Choices and Outcomes in the Housing Market , New Brunswick: Centre for Urban Policy Research. CLARK, W., DEURLOO, M. and DIELEMAN, F. (2003), ‘Housing Careers in the United States, 1968-1993. Modelling the Sequencing of Housing States’, Urban Studies , 40. CORTÉS, L. and LAÍNEZ (1998), ‘La condición residencial de las personas mayores’, Documentación Social , 112, pp. 193-211. COSTA-FONT, J., ELVIRA, D. and MIRÓ, O. M. (2009), ‘Ageing in Place? Exploring Elderly People's Housing

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Level of academic and didactic competencies among students as a measure to evaluate geographical education and preparation of students for the demands of the modern labour market

., Fantom P., Owen K., Mok P., Christie F., Laing D., Gee D., Russell S., Done J., 2002. What do Graduates do? Career Planning for Higher Education and Beyond-2003 (Manchester: Higher Education Careers Service [CSU] and Association of Graduate Recruiters [AGR]. SGH, AmChe, E&Y [SGH Warsaw School of Economics, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, Ernst & Young], 2012. Kompetencje i kwalifikacje poszukiwane przez pracodawców wśród absolwentów szkół wyższych wchodzących na rynek pracy . Online: (accessed 30

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Obituary – Prof. Jacek Rutkowski (1934–2016)

. He was also a member of editorial board of Geochronometria. Throughout his scientific life he was connected with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection. He graduated there in 1956 and started his scientific career, which led him to professorship in 1987. The range of his scientific interests was very broad. First, in the Department of Deposits of Rock Raw Material, he worked on petrography, sedimentation and physical properties of carbonate rocks, sandstones and gravels, as well as

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Spatial Diversity of Biotechnology Centres in Germany

-230. Casper P., 2009. The marketplace for ideas: Can Los Angeles build a successful biotechnology cluster?. A Report to the John Randolph Haynes Foundation, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences. Online: http:// Documents/ In_the_news/ Casper%20Biotech%20Report% 20Final.pdf (accessed 11 February 2014). Casper P., Murray F., 2005. Careers and clusters: Analyzing the career network dynamic of biotechnology clusters. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management 22(1): 51-74. Chojnicki Z., Czyż T., 2006. Aspekty

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Personal Networks on the Labour Market: Who Finds a Job in the Creative Sector in Poznań?

contacts and careers. Cambridge, Harvard University, Massachusetts. Granovetter M.S. 1983. The strength of the weak ties: revisited. Sociological Theory 1: 201-233. Główny Urząd Statystyczny, 2015. Miasta największe pod względem liczby ludności. Warszawa. Online: (accessed 20 Feb. 2016). HM Government, 2009. New opportunities white paper. Cabinet Office, London. HM Government, 2011. Opening doors

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Does The Nature of Interactions with Higher Education Institutions Influence the Innovative Capabilities of Creative Firms? The Case of a South Western Norwegian County

References Asheim B.T., Gertler M.S., 2005. The geography of innovation: Regional innovation systems. In : Fagerberg J., Mowery D.C., Nelson R.R. (eds), The Oxford handbook of innovation. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 291–317. Bakhshi H., Freeman A., Higgs P., 2013. A dynamic mapping of the UK’s creative industries. Nesta, London. Baker S.E., Edwards R., 2012. How many qualitative interviews is enough? Expert voices and early career reflections on sampling and cases in qualitative research . National Centre for Research Methods Review

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