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Employees’ Career Transition and Growth: A Study of Women-Owned Micro Businesses in Balogun Market, Lagos, Nigeria

Career Histories. Entrepreneurship. Theory and Practice, 40(2), 289-305. Dingemans, E., & Henkens, K. (2014). Involuntary Retirement, Bridge Employment, and Satisfaction with Life: A Longitudinal Investigation. Journal of Organizational Behaviour, 35(4), 575-591. Duberley, J., Carmichael, F., & Szmigin, I. (2014). Exploring Women’s Retirement: Continuity, Context, and Career Transition. Gender, Work and Organization, 21(1), 71-90.

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Double Jeopardy: How Refugees Fare in One European Labor Market

at the start of their working careers in the destination country. With the passage of time, however, refugees are expected to converge to the employment and wage levels of other migrants. The most important reason cited for this recovery process is that the likelihood of returning home is smaller for refugees, as they face a higher risk of harm or persecution and often keep fewer social ties with their country of origin ( Phillimore 2011 ). In view of their prospects for settling permanently, refugees thus have a stronger incentive to invest in the destination

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The Impact of Parental Leave Policy on Child-Rearing and Employment Behavior: The Case of Germany

OECD Family Database 2012. Online at: The trade-off faced by women with small children Children younger than 6 years. and working careers — stay at home to take care of a child or return back to work — is widely discussed in both the academic literature and social policy debates. Mothers may base their decision on different factors: e.g., preferences, social norms, income, and time constraints. In general, family policies seek to relieve economic constraints and maintain the work–family balance. The concerns

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The World’s Oldest Profession? Employment-Age Profiles from the Transactional Sex Market

Decriminalizing indoor prostitution: Implications for sexual violence and public health. NBER, Working Paper 20281 De Walque, D. 2009. Does education affect HIV status? Evidence from five African Countries. The World Bank Economic Review, 23(2): 209-233. 10.1093/wber/lhp005 De Walque D. 2009 Does education affect HIV status? Evidence from five African Countries. The World Bank Economic Review, 23 2 209 – 233 Debrulle, J. 2016. The role of entrepreneurship in the context of career trajectories: Moving back into wage employment or into unemployment? Labour, 30

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Substitution between Immigrant and Native Farmworkers in the United States: Does Legal Status Matter?

Stable Workforce for Strawberry Growers” (Florida Strawberry Research and Education Foundation, August 2015 – July 2016) “Creating sustainable workforce for small fruits and vegetables industry in Florida: The impact of federal immigration programs and solutions to labor shortages”, University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Early Career Scientist Seed Funding, 2015. Acknowledgment We would like to thank Xianwei Meng for his helpful discussion and comments. References Altonji, J. G.; D. Card; (1991): The Effects of

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Asymmetric Information and the Discount on Foreign-Acquired Degrees in Canada

approved the final manuscript. References Altonji, J. G.; E. Blom; C. Meghir (2012): Heterogeneity in Human Capital Investments: High School Curriculum, College Major, and Careers. Annual Review of Economics, Annual Reviews 4(1), 185-223. 10.1146/annurev-economics-080511-110908 Altonji J. G. Blom E. Meghir C. 2012 Heterogeneity in Human Capital Investments: High School Curriculum, College Major, and Careers Annual Review of Economics, Annual Reviews 4 1 185 223 Ashenfelter, O.; C. Harmon; H. Oosterbeek (1999): A Review of Estimates of

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The Economic Effects of Providing Legal Status to DREAMers

and Legal Status: Evidence from Repeated Amnesty Programs Journal of Economic Geography 18 4 887 914 Gleeson, Shannon; Roberto G. Gonzales (2012): When do Papers Matter? An Institutional Analysis of Undocumented Life in the United States. International Migration 50(4), 1-19. 10.1111/j.1468-2435.2011.00726.x Gleeson Shannon Roberto G. Gonzales 2012 When do Papers Matter? An Institutional Analysis of Undocumented Life in the United States International Migration 50 4 1 19 Goldin, Claudia; Lawrence F. Katz (2008): Transitions: Career and

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Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Work

choosing the right job and career, or as a manager when running daily operations or planning the next factory, we all face constantly and simultaneously complex, interrelated problems for which our natural intelligence seems to have made us particularly well equipped. Indeed, until recently, no machines were remotely deemed to be capable of matching our intellectual capacity, even though the idea of an intelligent machine emerged as soon as the invention of the computer in the 1930s. In 1936, long before the invention of modern, silicon-based computers, Alonzo Church and

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Sympathy for the Devil? Exploring Flexicurity Win–Win Promises

might be used as a stepping stone toward more secure working conditions. The analysis of drivers reflecting transitions toward permanent contracts and higher salaries can shed light on this issue. Higher levels of self-employment are also assumed to reflect negatively upon the overall level of job security in the economy. Finally, higher rates of involuntary uptake of part-time and temporary jobs will also be related to higher job insecurity. Employment security refers to the probability of staying in employment during the entire career, but not necessarily in

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Survey vs Scraped Data: Comparing Time Series Properties of Web and Survey Vacancy Data

; data are also used by headhunters, temp agencies, occupational career websites, among others for predicting the chances to find a job, given a preferred occupation. Despite the promising results, and the fact that new data sources could either supplement nonresponse or fully abandon costly vacancy surveys, we emphasize the importance of traditionally generated benchmarking data, rather than proclaiming Big Data as a substitute for official statistics (OS). The remainder of the paper is structured as follows. Section 2 explains the data generation processes for

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