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Boundaryless Career and Career Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Individual Career Management Behaviours

References Apospori, E., Nikandrou, I., and Panayotopoulou, L. (2006), “Mentoring and women’s career advancement in Greece”, Human Resource Development International, Vol.9, No, 4, pp.509-527. Abele, A.E., and Spurk, D. (2009). ”The longitudinal impact of self-effi cacy and career goals on objective and subjective career success”, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol.74, pp.53-62. Allen, T.D., Eby, L.T., Poteet, M.L., and Lima, L. (2004), “Career benefi ts associated with mentoring for protégés: A meta

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Cultural determinants of attitudes toward career

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Research on the Motivation for Choosing the Military Career


The following article examines the structure of the motivation to choose the military career as well as the satisfaction from it. It analyses the main factors influencing on the choice of this profession as well as the interrelationships between them. The article sets out the specific reasons for a career in the Army and the results of the survey would contribute to the improvement of the attractiveness of the military career and attracting motivated military staff

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Women in the management – cases of Turkish women progress in the it ranks

:// on 10 Sep 2013 Galpin, V. (2002) ‘Women in computing around the world’, ACM SIGCSE Bulletin - Women and Computing. Volume 34, Issue 2, June 2002, p. 94-100. Gulsecen S., Akman N., Hatipoğlu M. (2010) Women’s Gender Beliefs, Career Goals, Retention Decision, and Occupational Attainment in ICT Workforce in the World and Turkey. PREDIL Networking Conference and Workshop. Spišska Kapitula, Slovakia. Healy, G., Ozbilgin, M., Aliefendioglu, H. (2005) ‘Academic Employment and Gender: A Turkish Challenge to Vertical Sex

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Women in the IT Management – Analysis Dimensions

:// on 12 Oct 2013 Curry, J. and Milsom, A. (2013) Career Counseling in P-12 Schools, Springer, New York, p. 247 Davidson, M. and Burke, R. (2011) Women in Management Worldwide: Progress and Prospects - An Overview, in Davidson, M. Burke, R. ed. Women in Management Worldwide: Progress and Prospects, second edition, Gower, Franham, pp. 1-18 Desvaux, G., Devillard-Hoellinger, S. and Baumgarten P. (2007) Women Matter - Gender diversity, a corporate performance driver, McKinsey report

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Analysis of Expatriation Process in a Slovenian Company

.1108/eb047459 Black, J. S., Mendenhall, M., & Oddou, G. R. (1991). Toward a comprehensive model of international adjustment: An integration of multiple theoretical perspectives. Academy of Management Review, 16(2), 291-317. Bolino, M. C. (2007). Expatriate assignments and intra- organizational career success: Implications for individuals and organizations. Journal of International Business Studies, 38(5), 819-835, Cerdin, J. L. (2008). Careers and expatriation. International

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Expected Leadership Competences in the Labour Market in Alumni’s Career Paths. A Study in Poland and Other Cee Countries

leader, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on ICT Management for Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies, September, Wrocław. Hay Group, (2014), Best Companies for Leadership, 25.03.2014 Jarco P., (2012), Monitoring the Career Paths of the University Graduates as the Quality Instrument in Education, w: International Conference on ICT Management for Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth in Emerging

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The importance of international experience for Romanian students in establishing career priorities

). Udrea, G. and Ștefăniță, O. (2016), "Mobility and youth employment in the EU. Addressing students’ perspectives about future careers abroad", Responsible entrepreneurship - vision, development and ethics: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development, June 23-24, Bucharest, Romania, pp. 413-424, Bucharest. Van der Wende, M. (1997), “Internationalising the curriculum in Dutch higher education: An international comparative perspective”, Journals of Studies in International

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Mediating Role of Dynamic Capabilities on the Relationship between Human Resource Development and Organizational Effectiveness

.1080/09585192.2011.561234 Weng, Q., & McElroy, J. C. (2012). Organizational career growth, affective occupational commitment, and turnover intentions. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 80, 256–265, Wilden, R. G. (2013). Dynamic capabilities and performance: Strategy, structure, and environment. Long Range Planning , 46(1–2), 72–96, Wilhelm, H., Schlömer, M., & Maurer, I. (2015). How Dynamic Capabilities Affect the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operating Routines under High and Low Levels

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Do Soft Skills matter? A Study on Employability of Engineering Graduates in Bangladesh

:// . Ju, S., Zhang, D., & Pacha, J. (2012). Employability skills valued by employers as important for entry-level employees with and without disabilities. Career Development for Exceptional Individuals, 35 (1). doi:10.1177/0885728811419167 Klaus, P. (2010). Communication breakdown. California Job Journal, Vol. 28, No. 1248, 1–9. Keller, S., Parker, C. M., & Chan, C. (2011). Employability skills: Student perceptions of an IS final year capstone subject. ITALICS: Innovations in Teaching & Learning in Information & Computer Sciences, 10 (2), 4–15. doi:10

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