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The Influence of the Type of Coating on the Cutting Tool Wear During Turning Of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel

CVD coatings to cutting edges, Surf Coatings Technol, 201, 9-11 (2007) 5153-5156. [7] Mikołajczyk T., Nowicki K., Kłodowski A., PimenovD.Yu.,Neural network approach for automatic image analysis of cutting edge wear, Mech Syst Signal Process, 88 (2017) 100-110. [8] Mikołajczyk T., Nowicki K., Bustillo A., PimenovD.Yu.,Predicting tool life in turning operations using neural networks and image processing, Mech Syst Signal Process, 104 (2018) 503-513. [9] Jackson M.J., MorrellJ.S.,Machining with Nanomaterials. Springer

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Tribology of nitrided-coated steel-a review

., Baggio-Scheid, V., Baptista, C., Barbosa, M., FatigueLife Changing in Rolled Carbon Steel after PlasmaThermochemical Treatments, Procedia Engineering 2 (2010)1653-1661. [14] VDI 3198:1992-08. Coating (CVD, PVD) of Cold Forging Tools.VDI-Verlag, (1991) Dusseldorf. [15] Vidakis, N., Antoniadis, A., & Bilalis, N. The VDI 3198indentation test evaluation of a reliable qualitative control forlayered compounds, Journal of Materials ProcessingTechnology 143-144 (2003) 481-485. [16] Bartkowska, A., Przestacki, D., Chwalczuk, T., Microstructure,phase composition and corrosion

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Laser alloying of bearing steel with boron and self-lubricating addition

., Olsson M., Tribological testing of some potential PVD and CVD coatings for steel wire drawing dies, Wear 273 (2011) 55-59. [5] Polat S., Türedi E., Atapek Ş.H., Köseoğlu M., Wear behavior of heat treated DIN 100Cr6 steels, International Iron and Steel Symposium Karabük, Türkiye, 02-04 April 2012, 181-196. [6] Ouyang J.H., Li Y.F., Wang Y.M., Zhou Y., Murakami T., Sasaki S., Microstructure and tribological properties of ZrO2(Y2O3) matrix composites doped with different solid lubricants from room temperature to 800ºC, Wear 267 (2009) 1353

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