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Journal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics
The Journal of University of Saint Cyril and Metodius
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Actuarial Modeling of Life Insurance Using Decrement Models

References [1] BILÍKOVÁ, M., LUPTÁKOVÁ, I.: Pouzitie viacstavovych modelov v aktu á rskych vypoctoch pri poistení osôb. (The use of multiple-state models in actuarial calculations for life insurance) Ekonomika a informatika no. 1/2005, Bratislava EU, 2005 ISSN 1336-3514. [2] BILÍKOVÁ, M. 2003. Spojité metódy vpoistnej matematike. (Continuous methods in insurance mathematics) Bratislava: EKONÓM Publishers, 2003 [3] CIPRA, T. 1999. Pojistná matematika teoria a praxe. (Insurance mathematics in theory and practice) Praha: Ekopress, 1999. [4

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On Unstability of Certain Group of ODEs with Quasiderivatives

REFERENCES [1] CODDINGTON, E.A. AND LEVINSON, N. 1955. Theory of ODEs , McGraw-Hill, NY, USA. [2] PALUMBÍNY, O. 2016. On stability criterion of 4-th order quasilinear differential equations with quasiderivatives, Research papers of Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Vol. 24, No. 39 , 63–70.

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Petri nets properties related to the unboundness and analyzed using coverability multigraph

. [5] Murata, T.: Petri Nets: Properties, Analysis, and Applications. Proc. IEEE, Vol. 77, No 4, pp.541-580. [6] Abel, D.: Petri-netze für Ingenieure. Springer, Berlin, Germany, 1990. [7] Hrúz, B., Zhou, M. C.: Modeling and Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems. Springer, London, Great Britain, 2007. [8] Reisig, W.: Understanding Petri Nets. Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2013. [9] Juhás, G.: Modeling Formalisms of the Discrete Event Systems. RT Systems Ltd., Bratislava, Slovakia, 2011

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The relationship between internet addiction and personality traits in Slovak secondary schools students

: Evidence from panel time-diary data. Computers in Human Behavior , 26(3), 329-338. TAKESHI, S. 2006. Internet Addiction among Students: Prelevance and psychological problems in Japan. In JMAJ 49 (7-8). 279-283. VRABEC, N. 2009. On-line generácia: informácie, komunikácia a digitálna participácia mládeže v informačnej spoločnosti: výskumná správa. Bratislava: MŠ SR a IUVENTA. 59 s. WEST, R. 2013

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