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Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences
The Journal of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn
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Pollen fertility and seed viability of putative hybrid swarms of Pinus sylvestris and Pinus mugo in Slovakia

References Bacilieri R, A Ducousso, RJ Petit and A Kremer (1996) Mating system and asymet­ric hybridization in a mixed stand of European oaks. Evolution 50:900-908 Blatny T and T Stastny (1959) Natural distribution of forest trees in Slovakia. Slo­vak Publisher of Agriculture Literature, Bratislava, 420 p [In Slovak] Bobowicz MA, BR Stephan and W Prus-Głowacki (2000) Genetic variation of F1 hybrids from controlled crosses between Pinus montana var. rostrata and

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A Review of Extant Croatian Freshwater Fish and Lampreys
Annotated list and distribution

heuristic checklist of the freshwater fishes of Europe (exclusive of former USSR), with an introduction for non-systematists and comments on nomenclature and conservation. Biologia (Bratislava), Section Zoology, 52, 1-271. Kottelat, M. (2012): Conspectus cobitidum*: an inventory of the loaches of the world (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Cobitoidei). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology Supplement, 26, 1-199. Kottelat, M., Freyhof, J. (2007): Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes. Kottelat Cornol, Switzerland. Freyhof Berlin, Germany, 646pp. Kovačević, J. (1952

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Malacofauna of Selected Protected Landscape Areas in Bohemia (Czech Republic)

of Slovakia. Veda, Bratislava, 244 pp. (in Slovak, English summary) Ložek V (1956): The key to molluscs of Czechoslovakia. Slov - enská akadémia vied, Bratislava, 425 pp. (in Czech) Ložek V (1982): Post-glacial development of the Central- European vertebrate-fauna and molluscan-fauna in their reciprocal parallelization. Zeitschrift Fur Geologische Wissenschaften, 10, 1019-1027. Ložek V (1993): Diversity changes in Mid-European molluscan fauna during the Postglacial. Ekológia - Bratislava, 12, 247-258. Ložek V (1998

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The occurrence of Erysiphe trifolii on Lathyrus pratensis in a foothill area of South Bohemia

): Host plant preference and performance of the sibling species of butterflies Leptidea sinapis and Leptidea reali: a test of the trade-off hypothesis for food specialisation. Oecologia 159: 127-137. Hejcman M, Gaisler J (2005): Year round cattle grazing as an alternative management of hay meadows in the Giant Mts. (Krkonose, Karkonosze), the Czech Republic. Ekologia-Bratislava 24: 419-429. Heluta VP (2004): First records of powdery mildew fungi ( Erysiphales ) from the Lazovskiy reserve (Russian Far East). Mikol

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Analysis of longterm trends in the performance of dairy cows on low-input mountain farms

): Landscape management by means of cattle pasturage in the submountain areas of the Czech Republic. Ekológia (Bratislava) 25, Suppl. 3: 116-124. Frelich J, Šlachta M, Starý J, Rost M (2008): The health status and milk performance of pastured and confined dairy herds in south Bohemia. J AgroBiol 25: 177-183. Frelich J, Šlachta M, Szarek J, Węglarz A, Zapletal P (2009): Seasonality in milk performance and reproduction of dairy cows in low-input farms depending on feeding system. J Anim Feed Sci 18: 197

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Malacofauna of Selected Areas in Litovelské Pomoraví (Czech Republic)

): Mollusca of Slovakia. Veda, Bratislava. (in Slovak) Lozek V (1956): The key to molluscs of Czechoslovakia. Vydavatelstvo SAV, Bratislava. (in Czech) Lopes-Lima M, Kebapci U, Van Damme D (2014): Unio crassus . The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2014, e.T22736A42465628. doi: 10.2305/IUCN.UK.2014-1.RLTS.T22736A42465628.en. Lozek V (2005): Terrestrial molluscs as biodiversity indicators. In: Vackar D (ed.): Indicators of biodiversity changes. Academia, Prague, 262–273. (in Czech) Manas M (2004): Molluscs (Mollusca) of Litovelské Pomoraví

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Function of coprophagous beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Geotrupidae, Hydrophilidae) in cattle pastures inferred from pitfall trapping data

S, Šťastný J, Trávníček D (2007): Catalogue of water beetles of the Czech Republic. Klapalekiana 43(Suppl.): 1-289. Frelich J, Pecharová E, Klimeš F, Šlachta M, Hakrová P, Zdražil V (2006): Landscape management by means of cattle pasturage in the submountain areas of the Czech Republic. Ekológia (Bratislava) 25(Suppl. 3): 116-124. Gittings T, Giller PS (1997): Life history traits and resource utilisation in an assemblage of north temperate Aphodius dung beetles ( Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae ). Ecography 20: 55

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Milk quality of the Original Valachian in a submontane region

Leccese sheep. Small Rumin Res 74: 270-273. Fuertes JA, Gonzalo C, Carriedo JA, San Primitivo F (1998): Parameters of test day milk yield and milk components for dairy ewes. J Dairy Sci 81: 1300-1307. Gajdošík M, Polách A (1988): Sheep breeding. Príroda, Bratislava (in Slovak). Genčurová V, Hanuš O, Hulová I, Jedelská R, Vyletělová M (2008): The differences of selected indicators of raw milk composition and properties between small ruminants and cows in the Czech Republic. Cattle Research 50

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