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Application of flotation in the decontamination of sediments from the Cerny prikop stream

References Kmet, S. (1986). Flotation. Bratislava: Alfa. /in Slovak/. Spaldon, F. (1983). Mineral Processing. Bratislava: Alfa. /in Slovak/. Ahrens, M.J. & Depree, C.V. Inhomogeneous distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in different size and density fractions of contaminated sediment from Auckland Harbour, New Zealand: an opportunity for mitigation. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 48, Issues 3 - 4, February 2004, Pages 341 - 350

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Application of pyrolysis residue from waste materials in black coal flotation

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The effect of process conditions on the flocculation process occurring in an agitated vessel

and Flocculant Dosage - Rushton turbine. In 15th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA 2002, 25-29 August 2002. Prague, Czech Republic: Czech Society of Chemical Engineering 18. Šulc, R. & Ditl, P. (2003). Model kinetiky fl okulace ve statickém směšovači - studie. In 7th International Scientifi c Conference Mechanical Engineering, 5-6 November 2003 (pp. 1-6). Bratislava, Slovak Republic: Slovak University of Technology. 19. Suharyono, H. & Hogg, R. (1996). Flocculation in fl ow through pipes and in

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Nova Biotechnologica et Chimica
The Journal of University of SS. Cyril and Methodius
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Utilization of the Spin Symmetry in Fitting the Magnetic Data lor Large Exchange Clusters

References BOČA, R.: Theoretical Foundations of Molecular Magnetism, Elsevier, Amsterdam1999. BOČA, R.: Program Polymagnet-09. Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, 2009. KUSSEROW, M., NAHORSKA, M., MROZIŃSKI, J., BOČA, R., SPANDL, J. 2013, to be published. SEMENAKA, V. V., NESTEROVA, O. V., KOKOZAY, V. N., ZYBATYUK, R. I., SHISHKIN, O. V., BOČA, R., SHEVCHENKO, D. V., HUANG, P., STYRING, S.: Direct synthesis of an heterometallic {Mn II 3Cr III 4} wheel by decomposition of

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Responses of Aspergillus niger to selected environmental factors

of fungi and bacteria to NO 2 production. Microb. Ecol. 69: 180-191. Čurlík J, Šurina B (1998) Príručka terénneho prieskumu a mapovania pôd. Výskumný ústav pôdnej úrodnosti, Bratislava, 136 pp. Domsch KH, Gams W, Anderson TH (2007) Compendium of soil fungi. Second edition, taxonomically revised by W. Gams. IHW-Verlag Eching, 672 pp. Fomina MA, Gadd MG (2002) Influence of clay minerals on the morphology of fungal pellets. Mycol. Res. 106: 107-117. Gadd GM (2004) Microbial influence on metal mobility and application for bioremediation

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Optimization of Barley Mature Embryo Regeneration and Comparison with Immature Embryos of Local Cultivars

-64. GUBIŠOVÁ, M., MIHÁLIK, D., KONÔPKOVÁ, Ľ.: Regeneration efficiency of Slovak spring barley cultivars and winter wheat cultivars. Agriculture, 57 (2) 2011, 76-83. KLČOVÁ, L., HAVRLENTOVÁ, M., FARAGÓ, J.: Cultivar and environmental conditions affect the morphogenic ability of barley (Hordeum vulgare) scutellumderived calli. Biologia, Bratislava, 59 (4), 2004, 501-504. MURASHIGE, T., SKOOG, F.: A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassay with tobacco tissue cultures. Physiologia Plantarum, 15 (3), 1962, 473

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Quantitative Structure-Antioxidant Activity Relationship of Quercetin and its New Synthetised Derivatives

of neural networks. IRIS Publisher, Bratislava 1999. MARKOVITS, J., LINASSIER, C., FOSSE, P., COUPRIE, J., PIERRE, J. JACQUEMIN-SABLON, A., SAUCIER, J.M., LE PECQ, J.B., LARSEN, A.K.: Inhibitory effects of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor genistein on mammalian DNA topoisomerase II, Cancer Res., 49, 1989, 5111-5117. NEMEČEK, P., ĎURČEKOVÁ, T., MOCÁK, J., LEHOTAY, J., WAISSER, K.: Štúdium vzťahov medzi biologickou aktivitou a fyzikálnochemickými vlastnosťami potenciálnych antituberkulotík. Nova Biotechnol., VI-I, 2006

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Variable dynamics of cadmium uptake and allocation in four soybean cultivars

, Mlynárová L (1999) Isolation of high quality DNA and rna from leaves of the carnivorous plant Drosera rotundifolia . Plant Mol. Biol. Rep. 17: 269-277. Benitez ER, Hajika M, Yamada T, Takahashi K, Oki N, Yamada N, Nakamura T, Kanamaru K (2010) A major QTL controlling seed cadmium accumulation in soybean. Crop Sci. 50: 1728-1734. Cataldo DA, Garland TR, Wildung RE (1983) Cadmium uptake kinetics in intact soybean plants. Plant Physiol. 73: 844-848. Granec M, Šurina B (1999) Atlas pôd SR [Atlas of soils of Slovak Republic]. Bratislava: Výskumný ústav

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Plant stress activated by chlorine from disinfectants prepared on the base of sodium hypochlorite

to disinfest irrigation water. Hort. Sci. 44: 164-167. Drazic G, Mihailovic N (2005) Modification of cadmium toxicity in soybean seedlings by salicylic acid. Plant Sci. 168: 511-517. Fargašová A (2016) Ecological risk assessment framework. Acta Environ. Univ. Comenianae (Bratislava) 24: 10-16. Fargašová A (2017) A test battery approach for ecotoxicological evaluation of disinfectants prepared on the basis on sodium hypochlorite. Monatsh. Chem. 148, in press. Fargašová A, Lištiaková J (2009) Cr and Ni simultaneous phytotoxicity and

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