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Balkan Candidate Countries Running for Fiscal Consolidation: Legal Frameworks vs. Economic Results

., Maskovic, A. (2017), Montenegro Public Debt Analyses , Balkan Monitoring Public Finances. Djurovic-Todorovic, J., Djordjevic, M. (2015), Results of Fiscal Consolidation in Republic of Serbia , Procedia Economics and Finance 19. Durmishi, A., Patonov, N. (2016), Albania’s Fiscal Governance: A Good Example in EU Perspective , “Journal of International Relations”, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics in Bratislava, Volume XIV, Issue 2. ECB (2000), The Eurosystem and the EU enlargement process , ECB Monthly Bulletin

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The Relationship Between Stock Market Development and Macroeconomic Fundamentals in the Visegrad Group

behalf of Blackwell Publishing Ltd and University of Oxford Department of Economics, Oxford, no. 52. Kulhánek L. (2012), The relationship between stock markets and gross domestic product in the Central and Eastern Europe, [in:] Jana Kotlebová (eds) The 7th International Conference on Currency, Banking and International Finance‑How Does Central and Eastern Europe Cope up with the Global Financial Crisis, University of Economics in Bratislava, Bratislava. Stoica O., Nucu A.E. and Diaconasu D.E. (2014), Interest rates and stock prices

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Trends of E-government in Czech Municipal and Regional Self-Government

Gesellschaft. ŠPAČEK, D. (2009). Czech POINTS - The Czech Showcase? In State and Administration in a Changing World. Bratislava: NISPAcee, 27 pages. ŠPAČEK, D. (2010). E-Government management and evaluation in the Czech Republic - shifts in practice? In Public Administration in Times of Crisis. Bratislava: NISPAcee, 21 pages. ŠPAČEK, D., MALÝ, I. (2010). E-Government Evaluation and its Practice in the Czech Republic: Challenges of Synergies. The NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and

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The Research And Development Performance Of Various EU Social Regimes

. (Eds) Handbook of the Economics of Innovation - Volume 2, Elsevier, North-Holland Manuelli R. E., Seshadri A. (2010), Human Capital and the Wealth of Nations. Available at: Puškárová P. (2012), Inovačná výkonnosť krajín V4, [in:] Machová M, Petianová A (eds) EDAMBA 2012: proceedings of international scientific conference for doctoral students and young researchers: 22nd November, 2012 Bratislava. Publishing House Ekonom, Bratislava Rastogi P. (2009), Management of

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Does Public Administration Higher Education in CEECs Reflect Demands Created by NPM Reforms?

. Presov: ADIN. BOUCKAERT, G., NEMEC, J., NAKROŠIS, V., HAJNAL, G., TÕNISSON, K. (2008). Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava: NISPAcee Press. BRUSIS, M., STAROŇOVÁ, K., ZUBEK, R. (2007). Strategic policy making in Central and Eastern Europe . Bratislava: NISPAcee Press. CIAIAN, P., POKRIVCAK, J., AND RAJCANIOVA, M. (2005). Stav ekonomickej vedy na Slovensku. Finance a uver , 2005, 11-12(55), pp. 546-562 DRECHSLER, W. (2005). The Re

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Industrial Parks - History, Present and its Influence to the Employment

. HALLON, Ľ (1999). Technika na Slovensku v rokoch 1918-1945. In Priekopníci vedy a techniky na Slovensku III. diel. Bratislava. HOYT, H. (1939). The Structure and Growth of Residential Neighbourhoods in American Cities Washington , Federal Housing Administration. KEPPL, J. (2002). Prenajímateľné priemyselné územia vo Veľkej Británii. Životné prostredie. 4. ISSN 0044 - 4863. KOZOVÁ, M. (2002). Budovanie priemyselných parkov v Slovenskej republike, ich právne zabezpečenie a koncepcia

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EU-Korea FTA and Its Impact on V4 Economies. A Comparative Analysis of Trade Sophistication and Intra-Industry Trade

, ‘Global Economy Journal’, No. 12 (1). Dorożyński T., Kuna-Marszałek A. (2016), Investment Attractiveness. The Case of the Visegrad Group Countries , ‘Comparative Economic Research’, No. 19 (1). Dudáš T. (2015), Korean investments in V4 countries: Past, present and trends for the future , [in:] Grešš, M., Grančay, M. (eds.), Mutual Relations between the Republic of Korea and V4 Countries in Trade and Investment , Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, Bratislava. Éltető A., Szunomár Á. (2015), Ties of the Visegrad Countries with East Asia. Trade and Investment

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Promotion Of Quality Management In Public Administration - The Approach Of Czech Central Government

. (Eds.), Improving the Quality of East and West European Public Services. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing. Pp. 57 - 71. LÖFFLER, E. (2002), Defining and Measuring Quality in Public Administration. In Caddy, J., Vintar, M. (Eds.), Building better quality administration for the public: Case studies from central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava: NISP Acee 2002. Pp. 15 - 34. LÖFFLER, E., PARRADO, S., ZMEŠKAL, T. (2007). Improving customer orientation through service charters. Ministerstvo vnitra ČR and OECD

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Standards of Transport Services – Central Strategy versus Regional Priorities – Workshop Report of the 9th Telč Seminar

services – central strategies vs. regional priorities in conditions of market economy with privatisation. In M. Kvizda – Z. Tomeš (eds.) Standards of Public Transport: Central Strategy vs. Regional Priorities. Brno: Masaryk University, p. 51-57 POHL, J. (2014) The potential of modern railway for growth of transport services quality. In M. Kvizda – Z. Tomeš (eds.) Standards of Public Transport: Central Strategy vs. Regional Priorities. Brno: Masaryk University, p. 58-67 PONICKÝ, J., KENDRA, M., ĽUPTÁK, V. (2014) Bratislava Integrated Transport System. In M

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The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Business Ethics in the Banking Sector: A Case Study from Slovakia

. 426-438. DOI: 10.1177/1094670510369379 CROXFORD, H., ABRAMSON, F., JABLONOWSKI, A. (2006). The art of better retail banking . England, Chichester: John Wiley & Sohs, Ltd. DELOITTE, 2012: Prieskum: Viac ako polovica Slovákov nie je verná jednej banke. Bratislava, Tlačová správa, 21.6.2012. Retrieved from ERNST & YOUNG, 2012: Nová éra bankovnictví. Č eští klienti cht ě jí, aby banky vyšly vice vst ř íc jejich

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