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The impact of cattle and sheep grazing on grassland in Veľká Fatra National Park

beauty of Slovakia edition. (in Slovak). Dajama, Bratislava: 1-128. Michalec M., Jendrišáková S., Vargová V., Kováčiková Z., 2010. Changes in grassland utilization in Slovakia. (in Slovak). In: Kvalita píce z trávních porostů a chov skotu v měnících se ekonomických podmínkách: sborník z celostátní vědecké konference s mezinárodní účastí, Praha: VÚRV, v.v.i.: 11-23. Mlynarczyk K., Marks E., Korona A., 2002. Changes in meadow plant associations under extensive management. In: Multi-Function Grasslands, Quality Forages

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Identification of stagnation reasons in the field of land consolidation in Slovakia compared with the Czech Republic

[Land consolidation – Methodical instructions]. Bratislava. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic pp. 85. H artvigsen M.B. 2015. Experiences with land consolidation and land banking in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989. 26th ed. Rome. FAO pp. 138. H ehl -L ange S. 2001. Structural elements of the visual landscape and their ecological functions. Landscape and Urban Planning. Vol. 54 p. 107–115. H udecová Ľ. 2014. Pozemková držba na území Slovenska [Land tenure in Slovakia]. Slovak surveyor and cartographer. Vol

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Estimation and economic valuation of the forest retention capacities

References Fall B., 1997. Przepływy charakterystyczne głównych rzek polskich w latach 1951-1990. (Characteristic flows of the main Polish rivers in the years 1951-1990). Mater. Bad. IMGW, 21: 143. Szymczak T., Kowalewski Z., 1999. An impact of small water reservoirs on reduction of storm flow hydrographs and increase of base flow. Intern. Symp. New Approaches Irrig. Drain. Flood Control Manag. Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 12-14 May 1999. Tyszka J., 2001. Zasady gospodarowania

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The use of hydrogel in afforestation of postindustrial areas

). PhDthesis. Kraków, AGH, Wydz. Górn. Geoinż. Pierzgalski E., Ptach W., 1999. New techniques in subsurface irrigation. In: New approaches in irrigation, drainage and flood control management. Proc. ICID Intern. Symp. Bratislava, Slovak Republic. CD. Rietveld W. J., 1976. Hydrophilic polymer rescues germination of Ponderosa Pine in seed spots. Tree Plant. Not. , 27, 1: 18-19. Silberbusch M., Adar E., De Malach Y., 1993a. Use of a hydrophilic polymer to improve water storage and availability to

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Landscape impact assessment in planning processes
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Geochemical status and interactions between soil and groundwater systems in the area of Akrefnio, Central Greece. Risk assessment, under the scope of mankind and natural environment

and estuarine water systems - A case study: Mahanadi River (India). Journal of Hydrology, 331: 434-445. Paraskevaidis I., 1972. The geology of the area Lakes Yliki and Paralimni: Review of former and recent evidences. (in Greek). Technical Chronicles, 3: 11-27. Rapant S., Vrana K., Bodis D., 1995. Geochemical atlas of Slovak Republic. P. 1. Bratislava, Groundwater, Geofond. Richards L., 1969. Diagnosis and improvement of saline and alkali soils. USA Salinity Laboratory Staff. Agriculture

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