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Bejan Sergiu


The natural soil used in filling the embankment of the road communications is characterized by the following factors: humidity, porosity, toughness. For certain factor values that describe the soil state is distinguished a certain soil behavior under the influence of the external forces applied through static or dynamic mechanical means.

In this study are presented the numeric simulation results of the soil-compactor interaction based on the complex and nonlinear rheological model proposed by the author in the result of the elaborated doctorate thesis, that follows the real soil characteristics (elastic, dissipative and plastic) on those of the compaction equipment (with a single vibrating roll). The model was harmonised and granted in accordance with the results obtained from the processing of the experimental data. For the simulation model was used the specialized software package Matlab (Simulink, SimMechanics). The obtained results revealed the real behavior of the equipment and its action on the compacted soil.

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Santhosh K. Venkata and Bhagya R. Navada

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A. Muc and A. Banaś

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Michał Żychliński, Piotr Siermontowski and Romuald Olszański

rodzinnego. in: Medycyna Rodzinna Latkowski B, Lukas W, Warszawa 2009 [Disease in otolaryngology in general practice]; 7. Informacje ogólne, Centralny Ośrodek Ochrony Pracy- Państwowy Ośrodek Badawczy; 8. Stasiów B. Problemy diagnostyczne postaci kostno-stawowej zespołu wibracyjnego, Medycyna Pracy, Łódź 2001;52; 2; 139-144. [Diagnostic problems as osteo-articular aspect of vibration syndrome]; 9. Grausz T. Zagrożenia czynnikami chemicznymi w miejscu pracy Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy, Główny

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Fali Huo, Deqing Yang and Yinzhi Zhao

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Łukasz Jastrzębski and Bogdan Sapiński

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Jelena M. Djoković, Dejan I. Tanikić, Ružica R. Nikolić and Saša M. Kalinović

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Branislav KníŽat and Michal Troják

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Pavol Čekan, Karol Balog, Jozef Harangozó and Miroslav Rusko

References BRAUCH, R.: Vibration Analysis and Standards [online]. AIHA Florida Spring, 2009, Conference, 2009. [cit. 28.03.2011]. Available at: . EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2008).: Non binding guide to good practice for implementing Directive 2002/44/EC (Vibrations at Work). Luxemburg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2008. 114 p. ISBN 978-92-79-07533-9. ISO

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Aleksey Mironov, Pavel Doronkin, Alexander Priklonskiy and Sergey Yunusov

References 1. Barkov, A.V., Barkova, N.A., Nizovtsev, A.Y. (2000) Vibration-based monitoring and diagnostics of rotary machines: St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg MTU. 159 p. 2. Barkova, N.A. (2010) Optimization of HF vibration-based roller bearings diagnosing methods, from 3. Measurements and tests. (1981) In: V.N. Chelomey et al. (Eds.), Vibration in Engineering: Reference book, in 6 volumes. М.: Machine-building industry, 1981. 496 p.