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Karolina M. Wójciak, Monika Trząskowska, Danuta Kołożyn-Krajewska and Zbigniew J. Dolatowski

-chemical characteristics. Meat Sci 2007, 77 , 331-338. 14. Homco-Ryan C.L., Ryan K.J., Wicklund S.E., Nicolalde C.L., Lin S., Mckeith F.K., Brewer M.S.: Effects of modified corn gluten meal on quality characteristics of a model emulsified meat product. Meat Sci 2004, 67 , 335-341. 15. Jaworska D., Neffe K., Kołożyn-Krajewska D., Dolatowski Z.J.: Survival during storage and sensory effect of potential probiotic lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus Bauer and Lactobacillus casei Bif3’/IV in dry fermented pork loins. Int J Food Sci Technol doi

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Elżbieta Wszelaczyńska, Jarosław Pobereżny and Anna J. Keutgen

., MACIEJCZAK M. 2010. Produkcja warzyw w Polsce i w wybranych krajach UE. Rocz. Nauk. Rol. Seria G, tom 97; 1-11. GRUDZIŃSKA M., ZGÓRSKA K. 2005. Effect of preliminary and thermal processing on the content of nitrate in vegetables. Rocznik Ochrony Środowiska, T. 7: 233-241. GAJEWSKI M., DąBROWSKA A. 2007. Quality characteristics of Carrot cultivars depending to long-term storage. In: Sponta-neous and Induced Variation for the Genetic Improvement of Horticultural Products. (P. Nowaczyk, ed.) Univ. Press, Univ. of Technol. And Life Sci. in Bydgoszcz; 95-103. GAJEWSKI M

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Marcin Wołowicz, Jakub Kupecki, Katarzyna Wawryniuk, Jarosław Milewski and Konrad Motyliński

., S ieres J. et al. : Experimental analysis of a domestic electric hot water storage tank. Part II: Dynamic mode of operation . Appl. Therm. Eng. 27 (2007), 1, 137–144. [8] F ernández -S eara J., U hía F.J., P ardiñas Á.Á., B astos S: Experimental analysis of an on demand external domestic hot water production system using four control strategies . Appl. Energ. 103 (2013), 85–96. [9] H egazy A.A., D iab M.: Performance of an improved design for storage-type domestic electrical water-heaters . Appl. Energ. 71 (2002), 4, 287–306. [10] H

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Anna Wawrzyńczak, Zbigniew Jóźwiak and Krzysztof Rutkowski

. Factors affecting efficacy of 1-MCP to maintain quality of apples fruit after storage. Acta Hort. 682 : 1249-1255. DeEll J.R., Murr D.P., Mueller R., Wiley L., Porteous M.D. 2005. Influence of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), diphenylamine (DPA), and CO 2 concentration during storage on ‘Empire’ apple quality. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 38 (1): 1-8. DeEll J.R., Murr D.P., Murray D., Porteous M.D., Rupasinghe H.P.V. 2002. Influence of temperature and duration of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) treatment on apple quality

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Jarosław Milewski, Łukasz Szabłowski and Wojciech Bujalski


The article shows the proposed solution of the objective function for the seasonal thermal energy storage system. In order to develop this function the technological and economic assumptions were used. In order to select the optimal system configuration mathematical models of the main elements of the system were built. Using these models, and based on the selected design point, the simulation of the entire system for randomly generated outside temperatures was made. The proposed methodology and obtained relationships can be readily used for control purposes, constituting model predicted control (MPC).

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Jakob Marolt and Tone Lerher

REFERENCES 1. Avriel, M., Penn, M., & Shpirer, N. (2000). Container ship stowage problem: complexity and connection to the coloring of circle graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 103(1), 271–279. 2. C.Q. Zhang, J.Y. Liu, Y.-w. Wan, K.G. Murty, and R.J. Linn, Storage space allocation in container terminals, Transport Res Part B: Methodological 37 (2003), 883-903 3. F.G. König, M. Lübbecke, R. Möhring, G. Schäfer and I. Spenke, “Solutions to real-world instances of PSPACE-complete stacking” in: Proceedings 15th European Symposium on Algorithms

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Cristian Eparu, Silvian Suditu and Alina Prundurel

and Performance Calculation . Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2005. [5]. Ø. Arvesen, V. Medbø, S.-E. Fleten, A. Tomasgard, S. Westgaard, Linepack storage valuation under price uncertainty , Energy, Volume 52, 1, 2013, 155-164 [6]. J. Villada, Yris Olaya, A simulation approach for analysis of short-term security of natural gas supply in Colombia , Energy Policy, Volume 53, 2013, 11-26 [7]. *** GTE comments on ERGEG “Gas Balancing” Discussion Paper (18 July 2005), 30 September 2005 [8

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Marta Pudzianowska, Marek Gajewski, Jarosław L. Przybył, Agnieszka Buraczyńska, Olga Gaczkowska, Marta Matuszczak and Marta Dziechciarska

content in onion during the vegetation period and storage. Veget. Crops Res. Bull. 50: 81-91. Horbowicz M. 2006. Effect of storage on quercetin content in frozen and dried shallot. Acta Agrobotanica 59(2): 175-182. Horbowicz M., Kotlińska T. 2001. Changes of flavonols content during vegetation period and storage of shallot ( Allium cepa var. aggregatum ). Veget. Crops Res. Bull. 55: 81-90. Ismail A., Marjan Z.M., Foong C.W. 2004. Total antioxidant activity and phenolic content in selected vegetables. Food Chem. 87: 581-586. [DOI:10

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Sylwester Sobkowiak, Hanna Zarzycka and Jadwiga Śliwka

. Sujkowski L.S. 1992. Zmienność wirulencji i agresywności u grzyba Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary w stosunku do ziemniaka. Habil. thesis, Potato Institute, Młochów, 56 pp. Świszczewska J., Osińska M., Piotrowski W. 1971. Pathogenicity of Phytophthora infestans Mont. de Bary races in dependence on the biotype, substrate and season. Biul. Inst. Ziemn. 8 (1): 21-27. Tooley P.W. 1988. Use of uncontrolled freezing for liquid nitrogen storage of Phytophthora species. Plant Dis. 72 (8): 680-682. Thurston H.D. 1957. The

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Peiqi Liu, Liming Zhang, Siyuan Xu, Zhixiang Duan, Zuzhi Chen and Wenjing Zhao

References [1] Chen, Z. Z., K . Shi, B. X. Li.. Discussion of Design Issues of Gas Storage Well. Pressure Vessel, 29 (2012), No. 2, 49-56. [2] Li, K. X. Drilling Manual (the First Party) Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, BeiJing, Petroleum Industry Press, 1990. [3] API SPEC 5B. Specification for Threading, Gauging and Thread Inspection of Casing, Tube, and Line Pipe Threads. [4] SY/T 5322. Strength Design Method of Casing String. [5] Tang, X., D. M. Luo. Stress Analysis and