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Pawet Bylina

the western part of the Polish Lowland. Terra Nostra 7, 67-69. JANIK T., YLINIEMI J., GRAD M., THYBO H., TIIRA T., POLONAISE P2 WORKING GROUP, 2002: Crustal structure across the TESZ along POLONAISE'97 seismic profile P2 in NW Poland. Tectonophysics 360, 129-152. JAROSZEWSKI W., 1993: Manifestations of hydrotectonics in Zn-Pb mineralization at Trzebionka mine (Silesian-Cracow zinc-lead ore district, Poland). Geological Quarterly 37, 241-254. JENSEN S.L., JANIK T., THYBO H., POLONAISE

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Salvatore Giano and Marcello Schiattarella

(Morphological analysis of slopes as a tool for the reconstruction of neotectonic events). Memorie della Società Geologica Italiana 19: 621–626 (in Italian). [8] Brancaccio L, Cinque A and Sgrosso I, 1979. Forma e genesi di alcuni versanti di faglia in rocce carbonatiche: il riscontro naturale di un modello teorico (Landforms and genesis of some fault slopes in carbonate rocks: the natural response of a theoretical model). Rendiconti Accademia Scienze Fisiche e Matematiche serie IV 46: 1–21 (in Italian). [9] Brancaccio L

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Marianna Kováčová, Nela Doláková and Michal Kováč

., van Wagoner J.C., Ross C.A. & Kendall C.G. St. C. (Eds.): Sea level changes: an integrated approach. SEPM Spec. Pub. 42, 71-108. Harzhauser M. & Piller E.W. 2007: Benchmark data of changing sea — Palaeogeography, palaeobiogeography and events in the Cenral Paratethys during the Miocene. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 253, 8-31. Harzhauser M., Daxner-Höck G. & Piller E.W. 2004: An integrated stratigraphy of the Pannonian (Late Miocene) in the Vienna Basin. Austrian J. Earth Sci. 95/96, 6

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Huili Yang, Jie Chen, Naomi Porat, Tao Li, Wenqiao Li and Weipeng Xiao

1 Introduction Dating paleo-earthquake events is very important for estimating earthquake hazards. High-resolution and high-precision dating of seismic events that help to calculations of recurrence intervals on timescales of decades to several thousand years is challenging, particularly in semi-arid to arid settings, where organic debris for 14 C dating is uncommon. Recent studies (e.g., Banerjee et al ., 2001 ; Lu et al ., 2007 ; Porat et al ., 2009 ; Fattahi et al ., 2010 ; Liu et al ., 2010 ; Wang et al ., 2012 ) have shown that optical

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Ján Soták

Geol. Hung. 44, 2-3, 281-299. Bartholdy J., Bellas S. M., Cosovic V., Fucek V. P. & Keupp H. 1999: Processes controlling Eocene mid-latitude larger Foraminifera accumulations: Modelling of the stratigraphic architecture of a fore-arc basin (Podhale Basin, Poland). Geol. Carpathica 50, 6, 435-448. Báldi T. 1980: The early history of the Paratethys. Földt. Közl. 110, 456-472. Báldi T. 1984: The terminal Eocene and Early Oligocene events in the Hungary and the separation of an anoxic

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Marta Lackowska, Barbara Nowicka, Marta Bałandin and Mirosław Grochowski

-level coordination of climate change adaptation: by national hierarchical steering or by regional network governance?’ Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability , vol. 18, no. 8, pp. 869–887. DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2012.738657. Hoppe, T, van den Berg, M & Coenen, F 2014, ’Reflections on the uptake of climate change policies by local governments: facing the challenges of mitigation and adaptation, Energy’, Sustainability and Society , vol. 4, no. 8, pp. 1–16. IPCC 2012, ‘Managing the risks of extreme events and disasters to advance

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Imre Magyar, István Cziczer, Orsolya Sztanó, Árpád Dávid and Michael Johnson

Molluscan Fauna (Central Europe; Mio-Pliocene). In: Rossiter A. & Kawanabe H. (Eds.): Ancient Lakes: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution. Academic Press, Advances in Ecological Research 31, 463-482. Geary D.H., Hoffmann E., Magyar I., Freiheit J. & Padilla D. 2012: Body size, longevity, and growth rate in Lake Pannon melanopsid gastropods and their predecessors. Paleobiology 38, 554-568. Harzhauser M. & Piller W.E. 2007: Benchmark data of a changing sea - palaeogeography, palaeobiogeography and events in the Central Paratethys during the

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Jehova L. Darngawn, Satish J. Patel, Jaquilin K. Joseph and Apuva D. Shitole

, S.K., 1993. Geology of Kutch . KD Malaviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration, Dehradun, 450 pp. Biswas, S.K., 1999. A review on the evolution of rift basins in India during Gondwana with special reference to western Indian basins and their hydrocarbon prospects. [In:] Proceedings of Indian National Science Academy part A 65, 261–283. Biswas, S.K., 2005. A review of structure and tectonics of Kutch basin, western India, with special reference to earthquakes. Special section: Intraplate Seismicity. Current Science 88, 1592–1600. Biswas, S

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Wissem Dhraief, Ferid Dhahri, Imen Chalwati and Noureddine Boukadi

References Abrajevitch A.V., Ali J.R., Aitchison J.C., Davis A.M., Liu J. & Ziabrev S.V. 2005: Neotethys and the India-Asia collision: Insights from a palaeomagnetic study of the Dazhuqu ophiolite, southern Tibet. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 233, 1, 87-102. Accaino F., Catalano R., Di Marzo L., Giustiniani M., Tinivella U., Nicolich R., Sulli A., Valenti V. & Manetti P. 2011: A crustal seismic profile across Sicily. Tectonophysics 508, 52-61. Bedir M., Tlig S., Bobier C. & Aissaoui N. 1996: Sequence stratigraphy

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Gheorghe Romanescu, Alin Mihu-Pintilie and Donatella Carboni

from the seismic data. Marine Geology, 157, p. 249–265. Dolukhanov P.M., Arslanov K.A., (2009), Ecological crises and early human migrations in the Black Sea. Quaternary International, 197, p. 35–42. Dolukhanov P.M., Kadurin S.V., Larchenkov P., (2009), Dynamics of the coastal North Black sea area in Late Pleistocene and Holocene and Early Human Dispersal. Quaternary International, 197, p. 27–34. Faraci G., (2016) Ensuring the Conservative Process: The Roman Walls of Lugo Maintenance Plan. Conservation and Management of Archaeological