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Regulatory Coherence and Standardization Mechanisms in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Balance to the WTO , 15 Tulane J. Int’ L & Comp. L. 465 (2007). In the academic literature, critiques of the multilateral trading regime have come in numerous forms. For purposes of this article, it suffices to summarize the main critiques. The critiques fall broadly into three categories: pragmatic, privatization, and liberal theory. Pragmatist critiques tend to fault multilateral treaty negotiations are too cumbersome, long, and inefficient. For example, Professors Sungjoon Cho and Claire R. Kelly have argued that extensive lobbying slows treaty negotiations

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Understanding Trail Runners’ Activity on Online Community Forums: An Inductive Analysis of Discussion Topics

/or misleading is greater ( Malik and Coulson, 2008 ). Interestingly, a study about drug use and pregnancy on online chats showed that the discussion contents (i.e., the information shared by the forum users) could be potentially dangerous for pregnant women because of the unreliability of the information ( Palosse-Cantaloube et al., 2014 ). However, the present study does not intend to assess the quality of the information shared, but instead aims to better understand which topics related to actual trail running can offer directions for further areas of investigation in the

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A New Approach to the Analysis of Pitch-Positions in Professional Soccer

Introduction The essence of soccer match-play comprises multi-directional physical activities integrated with an array of technical skills ( Bradley et al., 2009 ; Wallace and Norton, 2014 ). Complexity is increased further as these activities are highly individualised and also likely to change every 4-6 s ( Krustrup et al., 2005 ). For such reasons, efforts to improve strategy should draw on both detailed, individualised observation, and feedback for players and coaches ( Wright et al., 2013 ). Contemporary notation analysis conducted with this aim in mind

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The Reliability of Technical and Tactical Tagging Analysis Conducted by a Semi-Automatic VTS In Soccer

by a number of professional soccer teams and by the Italian national football federation. Digital.Stadium® is a semi-automatic technology, therefore the evaluation of reliability of such a system is paramount for its utilisation in elite contexts and for future research that will be able to use technical data recorded by this VTS. The aim of this study was to evaluate the reliability (intra-day test-retest) of technical and tactical events that had occurred during an official soccer match (reliability of physical data is not reported in this study). Intra

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Not All the Past Needs To Be Used: Features of Fidesz’s Politics of Memory

, dimensions. Since its aim is to “play the conflictual past in today’s political competitions” ( Mink & Bonnard 2010 , 7), this politics is weaponized for conflicts at both infra-national and international levels. Clearly, drawing a clear-cut border between these two aspects would be a rather quixotic task. However, although this is just an ideal–typical distinction, analyzing the internal and the external dimensions as two distinct layers that are affected by the politics of memory allows us to identify different patterns and narratives that collectively form the whole

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Enhancing Navigability: An Algorithm for Constructing Tag Trees

of navigation. On the other hand, other studies aimed to develop more loosely structured hierarchies for the purpose of navigating through a large number of resources (e.g. Candan, Di Caro, & Sapino, 2008 ; Helic et al., 2010 ; Heymann, & Garcia-Molina, 2006 ; Huang et al., 2013 ; Sinclair & Cardew-Hall, 2008 ). These hierarchies usually involved various tags and were more practical when users were not familiar with the resource domain. This study belongs to this stream and goes further on semantic coherence and structural balance of the hierarchy for the

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National Identity Formation in Pakistan: Analysis of the Anti-Secular Narrative

, Daily Awaz, Daily Waqt, The News and Pakistan Times . Nawa-i-waqt owns Waqt News TV and publishes newspapers by the names of The Nation (English) and Nawa-e-Waqt (Urdu). The News is the largest English daily, with a circulation of 138,000–144,000 per day, and Nawa-e-Waqt is the second largest Urdu newspaper after Daily Jang , with a daily circulation of >0.5 million copies ( Shah 2010 , 1). A total of 30 relevant statements were collected from both newspapers for the years 2000 and 2002. 3 Results and discussion The aim of this section is to

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Implications of Lived and Packaged Religions for Intercultural Dialogue to Reduce Conflict and Terror

several forms. This paper argues that successful ICD would engage all forms of religions and religiosity to achieve the aims of enhancing mutual respect and decreasing intergroup tension and peace. One distinction that has gained attention arises from the fact that religions can be seen to be ‘contained and packaged’on the one hand and ‘lived’on the other ( McGuire, 2008 ; Woodhead, 2011 ). Recent attempts to define religion have increasingly added ‘spirituality’ to capture some of the breadth of what is encountered when observing people as they make meaning, negotiate

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Representational Systems in Zoosemiotics and Anthroposemiotics Part II: On Meta-Representation and Human Language

functional asymmetry. In Diamond, S.J., Blizard, D.A. (Eds.), Evolution and lateralization of the brain . Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 299, pp. 328–354. [49] Chomsky, N., 1995. The minimalist program . Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. [50] Boeckx, C., 2006. Linguistic minimalism: Origins, concepts, methods and aims . Oxford: Oxford University Press. [51] Boeckx, C. (Ed.) 2006. Minimalist essays . Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [52] Al-Mutairi, F.R., 2014. The minimalist program: The nature and plausibility of Chomsky

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Concepts and delimitation of the world’s macro-regions

school atlases, Pragmatic regionalizations (regional reach and administration of “global actors”), Comprehensive regionalizations (popular manuals, databases, thesauruses, bibliographic classifications, etc.). Unlike the approach taking into account the whole society, differentiation of the world is given surprisingly little attention in professional literature. It is mostly a “by-product” of research focusing primarily on other problems. The discussed authors mostly refer the conclusions of their research, reflections or databases to the differentiation

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