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Agrophysics - physics in agriculture and environment

References Ad Litteram DREAM, 2009. A European project coordinated by the BIA research unit. Newsletter of the INRA Centre ofAn- gers-Nantes, July 2009. Aghbashlo M., Kianmehr M.H., Khani S., Ghasemi M., 2009. Mathematical modelling of thin-layer drying of carrot. Int. Agrophysics 23: 1-5. Akinoso R., Raji A.O., 20ll. Physical properties of fruit, nut and kernel of oil palm Int. Agrophysics 25(l): 85-88. Aladjadjiyan A., 2010. Influence of stationary magnetic field on lentil seeds. Int

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Peat Soil in the Restoration Niknąca Łąka Peatland in the Stołowe Mountains National Park

References BOGACZ A. 2000. Physical properties of organic soil in Stołowe Mountains National Park (Poland), Suo   51 , 3: 105-113. BOGACZ A. 2005. Właściwości i stopień przeobrażenia gleb organicznych Sudetów. Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej we Wrocławiu, Rozprawy   512 : 1-150. BOGACZ A., ROSZKOWICZ M. 2010. Wpływ gospodarki leśnej na właściwości gleb organicznych brzegowej części Krągłego Mokradła (Park Narodowy Gór Stołowych). Rocz. Glebozn.   45 , 2: 17

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Effective Friction Angle Of Deltaic Soils In The Vistula Marshlands

1 Introduction 1.1 Aim of research This research is focused on effective angle of internal friction and compares the results for the Vistula Marshlands muds and peats with similar soft soils. Effective shear strength parameters of the deltaic soils near Gdańsk are measured in drained and undrained triaxial compression tests and estimated with the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) method using the Cone Penetration Tests (CPTU) sounding. The observed dilative-contractive soil behaviour is discussed taking into account the CPTU classification chart

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Effect of randomly distributed polypropylene fiber reinforcement on the shear behavior of sandy soil

, 23 ] Experimental results from various tests (direct shear, unconfined compression and triaxial compression) have confirmed that the efficiency of fiber treatment is highly dependent on the fiber concentration, on testing conditions (e.g., stress and strain levels, stress path and loading direction) and on a large number of variables related equally to the physical and dimensional characteristics of both fiber and sand matrix (e.g.,fiber and particle sizes and particle size distribution, particle shape and fiber surface, fiber/grain frictional properties

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The Effect of Brown Coal on the Microbial Activity in Soils Contaminated by Heavy Metals

Monografie 44 . KWIATKOWSKA J., DĘBSKA B., MACIEJEWSKA A., GONET S. 2005. Brown coal as the factor modifying the properties of soil organic matter. Rocz. Glebozn.   56 , 3/4: 31-41. KWIATKOWSKA J., SOKOŁOWSKA Z., MACIEJEWSKA A. 2006. Selected physical and chemical properties for evaluating brown coals used for soil reclamation. Int. Agrophysics   20 (2), 121-128. MACIEJEWSKA A., KWIATKOWSKA J. 2002. Niektóre właściwości chemiczne gleby oraz jej zdolności buforowe po zastosowaniu nawozu

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Soil grain size analysis by the dynamometer method – a comparison to the pipette and hydrometer method

.S., 1982. Sedimentation in a Dilute Polydisperse System of Interacting Spheres. Part 2. Numerical Results. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 124: 495–582. Blake G.R., Hartge K.H., 1986. Bulk density. [In:] Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 1–Physical and Mineralogical Methods, 2nd Edition, Agronomy Monograph 9 (Klute A., Editor). Soil Science Society of America, Madison: 363–382. Bouyoucos G.J., 1927. The hydrometer as a new method for the mechanical composition of soils. Soil Science 23: 343–354. Brogowski Z., Kwasowski W., 2015. An attempt of using soil grain

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Mineralogy and chemical composition of technogenic soils (Technosols) developed from fly ash and bottom ash from selected thermal power stations in Poland

REFERENCES ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) C618-15, 2015. Standard Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use in Concrete. Book of Standards Volume: 04.02. ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA. Bolewski A., 1982. Mineralogia szczegółowa. 3 rd editon. Wydawnictwa Geologiczne, Warszawa: pp. 542 (in Polish). IUSS Working Group WRB, 2015. World Reference Base for Soil Resources 2014, update 2015. International soil classification system for naming soils and creating legends for soil maps

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Plant communities, properties, and age of organic soils in the post-extraction sites of the Trzcińskie Mokradła Peatland (Sudetes Mts., SW Poland)

S., Kłosowski G., 2006. Water and Wetlands Plants. Institute of Botany, PAN, Warszawa, Multico Press: 1–51 (in Polish). Lubliner-Mianowska K., 1956. Direction the study of peat, PTW, Katowice: 1–83 (in Polish). Lucas R.E., 1982. Organic soils (Histosols), formation, distribution, physical and chemical properties and management for crop production. Michigan State University. Research Report, No. 435 (Farm Science). Lynn W.C., Mckinzie W.E., Grossman R.B., 1974. Field laboratory tests for characterization of Histosols. [In.] Histosols: their

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Shear strength of compacted Chlef sand: effect of water content, fines content and others parameters

a particular manner ([ 39 ], [ 40 ]). However, many researchers have mentioned that the physical nature of silty sand is entirely different from clean sand ([ 2 ], [ 26 ], [ 33 ], [ 34 ], [ 38 ], [ 41 ], [ 42 ], [ 43 ]). They have recognized that the undrained shear strength ( Sus ) response depends effectively on the void ratio as a state parameter. It is also anticipated that the global void ratio (e) cannot represent the amount of particle contacts in the sand-silt soil sample mixture. As the void ratio and the proportion of coarse-grained and fine-grained soil

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Aesthetics-based classification of geological structures in outcrops for geotourism purposes: a tentative proposal

References Boley, B.B., Nickerson, N.P. & Bosak, K., 2011. Measuring Geotourism: Developing and Testing the Geotraveler Tendency Scale (GTS). Journal of Travel Research 50, 567–578. Bradbury, J., 2014. A keyed classification of natural geodiversity for land management and nature conservation purposes. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association 125, 329–349. Brilha, J., 2016. Inventory and quantitative assessment of geosites and geodiversity sites: a review. Geoheritage 8, 119–134. Bruno, D.E., Crowley, B.E., Gutak, Ja.M., Moroni, A

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