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Ivo Machar and Michal Servus

. (1999). Revitalizace lomů - principy a návrh metodiky. Ochrana přírody 54: 73-76. Culek, M. (1996). Biogeografické členění České republiky. Enigma, Praha. Darby, S., Sear, D. (2008). River Restoration. Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat. Joh Willey & Sons, Hoboken. De Moral, R., Walker, L. R. (2007). Environmental Disasters, Natural Recovery and Human Responses. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Eiseltová, M., Pokorný, J., Ripl, W

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Sylwester Smoleń, Włodzimierz Sady and Joanna Wierzbińska

.1080/10889860600939815] Sady W., Grys R., Rożek S. 1999. Changes of nitrate and cadmium content in carrots as related to soil and climatic factors. Folia Horticulturae 11 (2): 105-114. Sady W., Rożek S. 2002. The effect of physical and chemical soil properties on the accumulation of cadmium in carrot. Acta Horticulturae 571: 73-75. Smoleń S., Sady W. 2006. The content of Cd, Cu and Zn in carrot storage roots as related to differentiated nitrogen fertilization and foliar nutrition. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 15 (2a): 503

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Petr Dominik, Alena Saláková, Hana Buchtová and Ladislav Steinhauser

): The effect of gender and age on the fatty acid profile, cholesterol content and sensory characteristics of kudu and impala meat. Meat Sci., 2009, 83, 737-743. Hoffman L.C., Wiklund E., Game and venison - meat for the modern consumer. Meat Sci., 2006, 74, 197-208. Honikel K.O., Reference methods for the assessment of physical characteristics of meat. Meat Sci., 1998, 49, 447-457. Hornsey H.C., The colour of cooked cured pork. I.- Estimation of the nitric oxide-haem pigments. J. Sci. Food

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Dorota Szopińska, Birgit Jensen, Inge Knudsen, Krystyna Tylkowska and Hanna Dorna

., Balvoll G. 1999. Hot water treatments of carrot seeds: Effects on seed-borne fungi, germination, emergence and yield. Seed Sci. Technol. 27: 599-613. ISTA. 2003. International Rules for Seed Testing. ISTA, Basserdorf, Switzerland. Jahn M., Puls A. 1998. Investigations for development of a combined biological-physical method to control soilborne and seed-borne pathogens in carrot seeds. J. Plant Dis. Protect. 105: 359-375. Jalink H., Van der Schoor R. 1999. SeedCalculator 2.1. Licence number

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Aysan Badraghi, Radek Pokorný, Kateřina Novosadová, Justina Pietras and Michal V. Marek

-1378. Hauke, J., Kossowski, T. 2011. Comparison of values of Pearson and Spearman’s correlation coeffi cients on the same sets of data. - Quaestiones Geographicae, 30(2), 87-93. Helama, S., Läänelaid, A., Bijak, S., Jaagus, J. 2016. Contrasting tree-ring growth response of Picea abies to climate variability in western and eastern Estonia. - Geografi ska Annaler Series A-Physical Geography, 98(2), 155-167. IPCC. 2013. Summary for Policymakers. - Stocker, T.F., Qin, D., Plattner, G.-K., Tignor, M., Allen, S.K., Boschung, J., Nauels, A., Xia, Y

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Rossen Tzonev, Marius Dimitrov, Chavdar Gussev, Vladimir Vulchev and Ivailo Nikolov

). Folia Geobotanica et Phytotaxonomica 37: 309–331. Bondev, I. 1991: The vegetation of Bulgaria. Map in scale 1:600000 with explanatory text. Publ. House of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ochridsky”, Sofia, 183 pp. [in Bulgarian] Bondev, I. 2002: Geobotanic regioning. – In: Kopralev I. (ed.): Geography of Bulgaria, physical geography. Socio-economic geography. Publishing House ForCom., Sofia, pp. 336–352. [in Bulgarian] Bondev, I. & Lazarov, I. 1995: The vegetation of the Gabra reserve. – In: Tsankov, G. (ed.): Proc. Jubil. Symp. on the Centenary of

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Nasim Sahraei Nejad and Sharghi Ali

-11. Beza, B. (2010). The aesthetic value of a mountain landscape: A study of the Mt. Everest Trek. Landscape and Urban Planning, 97, 306-317. Bishop, I. D. (1997). Testing perceived landscape colour difference using the Internet. Landscape and Urban Planning, 37, 187-196. Brown, T. C., & Daniel, T. C. (1986). Predicting Scenic Beauty of Timber Stands. Forest Science, 32, 417-487. Buhyoff, G. J., Gauthier, L. J., and Wellman, J. D. (1984). Predicting scenic quality for urban forests using vegetation measurements. Forest

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Janusz Szmyt and Mariusz Zabielski

plant species reveal physical vs. biotic facilitation? Journal of Vegetation Science , 12: 127-136. Haase P. 2004. SPPA ver. 2.0.3 - software for spatial point pattern analysis. He F, Duncan R. P. 2000. Density-dependent effects on tree survival in an old-growth Douglas fir forest. Journal of Ecology , 88: 676-688. Hanewinkel M. 2004. Spatial patterns in mixed coniferous even-aged, uneven-aged and conversion stands. European Journal of Forest Research

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Jyunichi Ohshima, Shinso Yokota, Nobuo Yoshizawa and Toshihiro Ona

nitens Maiden with special reference to provenance variation III - Anatomical and physical characteristics. - Australian Forest Research,17,19-28. Miranda, I., Almeida, A.H., Pereira, H. 2001. Variation of fibre biometry in different provenances of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. - Appita Journal, 54, 272-275. Moses, L.E. 1952. A two-sample test. - Psychometrika 17, 234-247. Muneri, A., Raymaond, C.A. 2001. Nondestructive sampling of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens for wood properties II - Fibre length and coarseness

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Diego Javier Bentivegna, Gisela Lorena Moyano, Juan Facundo Fabián Daddario and Guillermo Tucat

References Abramoff M.D., Magalhaes P.J., Ram S.J. 2004. Image processing with Image. Journal of Biophotonics International 11: 36–42. Adkins S.W., Tanpipat S., Swarbrick J.T., Boersma M. 1998. Influence of environmental factors on glyphosate efficacy when applied to Avena fatua or Urochloa panicoides . Weed Research 38:129–138. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-3180.1998.00083.x Alvarez R., Steinbach H.S. 2009. A review of the effects of tillage systems on some soil physical properties, water content