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Peter Bakalár, Martin Zvonar, Jaromir Sedlacek, Rut Lenkova, Peter Sagat, Lubos Vojtasko, Erika Liptakova and Miroslava Barcalova

academic year), 13.6% of males and 29.7% of females were irregularly or not attracted to structured physical activity, which is less than in S1 for males and females. The difference between the two independent groups (S1 and S2) was statistically significant ( Table 2 ). If we consider the performance of structured physical activity 1 times a week as insufficient, we can say that most of our students were not physically active at the beginning of the academic year (52.1% of males and 76.5% of females). Table 2 T-tests between S1 and S2 regarding gender and year

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Jolanta Marszalek, Bartosz Molik, Miguel Angel Gomez, Kęstutis Skučas, Judit Lencse-Mucha, Witold Rekowski, Vaida Pokvytyte, Izabela Rutkowska and Kalina Kaźmierska-Kowalewska

References Coleman J. Scouting opponents and evaluating team performance, [in]: Shondell D, Reynaud C. (eds.) The volleyball coaching bible. Human Kinetics , 321-346; 2002 Häyrinen M, Blomqvist M. Match Analysis of Elite Sitting Volleyball. Science for Success II, Promoting Excellence in Sport and Exercise, Congress Book. Jyväskylä, Finland, 62; 2007 Häyrinen M, Blomqvist M, Lehto H, Heino S. Match Analysis of Women’s Sitting Volleyball at International Level. European Congress of Adapted Physical Activity (EUCAPA), 6.-8.5.2010, Jyväskylä; 2010

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Jakub Adamczyk

in elite hurdlers. J. Human Kinet. 16, 25-38. Jaskólski, A. & Jaskólska A. (2005). Basis of physiology of physical effort. Wrocław: AWF Wrocław. [in Polish] Bosco, C. (1983). A simple method for measurement of mechanical power in jumping. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 50, 273-282. Duncan, M. J. & Hankey J. (2010). Concurrent validity of the backwards overhead medicine ball throw as a test of explosive power in adolescents. Med. Sport 14(3), 102-107. Smirnotou, A

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Joanna Hydzik-Wiśniewska, Anna Wilk, Łukasz Bednarek and Sebastian OIesiak

method of marking the indicator for material requires to conductit after four days of soaking, which simulates unfavourable conditions of water saturation. Unfortunately, the CBR test method is laborious and time consuming [ 22 ]. This article analyses the geotechnical and physical test results with particular consideration of CBR of mixtures of crushed aggregate assessed for their application in road construction as subgrade layer. An attempt was also made to find the correlation between CBR ratio and other physical properties. All aggregate tests were performed at

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J. Hoła, J. Bień, Ł. Sadowski and K. Schabowicz

, Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Vol. 2, Corrosion of Reinforcement and Protective Properties of Concrete, Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, Warszawa, 2010, (in Polish). [54] J. Grubb, H. Limaye, and A. Kakade, “Testing pH of concrete,” Concrete International 29 (4), 78-83 (2007). [55] Materials from webpage: [56] J. Jasieńko, M. Moczko, A. Moczko, and R. Dżugaj, “Testing the mechanical and physical properties of concrete in the bottom perimeter ring of the dome of the Centennial

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O. Kochukov, K. Briņķis and A. Mutule

. Briņķis, K., & Bačauskas, A. (2007). Problems of the building of a new Ignalina NPP and their solution. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci., (6), 3-11. 4. Briņķis, K., & Drozds, D. (2007). About the European Blackout of 4th November 2006, which entailed UCTE Network splitting into three areas. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci ., (2), 3-14. 5. Gamm, A.Z., & Kolosok, I.N. (2002). Test equations and their use for state estimation of electrical power system. Power and Electrical Engineering: Scientific Proc. of Riga Technical University . Riga: RTU, 99

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Krzysztof Stec, Rajeev Choudhary and Lesław Kulmatycki

. Continuum, London 2005, 250. Bijlani R. L. (ed.), Understanding medical physiology, with a special chapter on yoga physiology. Jaypee Bros, New Delhi 1995, 950. Gharote M. L., Devnath P., Jha V. K., Hathatatvakaumudi - a Treatise on Hatha-yoga by Sundaradeva. Lonavla Yoga Institute, Lonavla 2006, 800. Douillard J., Body, Mind and Sport. Crown Trade Paperbacks, New York 198. Kansal D. K., Test and Measurement in Sports and Physical Education. D. V. S., New Delhi 1996

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Bartłomiej Sokołowski and Maria Chrzanowska

., Seefeldt V., Age changes in motor skills during childhood and adolescence. Exerc Sport Sci Rev , 1984, 12 (1), 467-520. Buenen G., Malina R., Growth and physical performance relative to the timing of the adolescent spurt. Exerc Sport Sci Rev , 1988, 16 (1), 503-540. Szopa J., In the search of motor activity structure: a factor analysis of somatic and functional features as well as fitness tests in girls and boys aged 8-19 years [in Polish]. AWF, Kraków 1988. Viru A., Loko J., Volver A

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Maya S. Krastanova, Elena M. Ilieva and Danelina E. Vacheva

preliminary investigation into the effects of active interferential current therapy and placebo on pressure pain sensitivity: a random crossover placebo controlled study. Physiotherapy 2011;97(4):291-301. 5. Bankov S. [Manual muscle testing.] Medicine and Sports 1991;81-91:130-5. [Bulgarian]. 6. Donatelli R, Wooden MJ. Orthopaedic physical therapy. 4th edition, St. Louis: Churchill & Livingstone; 2010:400-80. 7. Velkova D. Health and social problems of elderly people living alone in villages [dissertation]. Pleven, 2000 [Bulgarian]. 8. Ilieva E

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Miodrag Kocić, Ivana Bojić, Marko Aleksandrović, Aleksandar Ignjatović and Dragan Radovanović

References 1. Carmeli E, Barchad S, Lenger R, Coleman R. Muscle power, locomotor performance and flexibility in aging mentally-retarded adults with and without Down’s syndrome. J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact 2002;2(5):457-62. 2. Cowley PM, Ploutz-Snyder LL, Baynard T, at al. Physical fitness predicts functional tasks in individuals with Down syndrome. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2010;42(2):388-93. 3. Chanias AK, Reid G, Hoover ML. Exercise effects on health