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137Cs Uptake and Translocation in Leafy Vegetable: a Study with Lactuca Sativa L. Grown Under Hydroponic Conditions

. GOPALAN, H.N.B.: Ecosystem health and human wellbeing: the mission of the international programme plant bioassays. Mutat. Res., 426, 1999, 99-102. GRAMBOW, B.: Mobile fission and activation products in nuclear waste disposal. J. Contam. Hydrol., 102, 2008, 180-186. GULDANOVÁ, J., HORNÍK, M., MAREŠOVÁ, J., PIPÍŠKA, M., AUGUSTÍN, J.: Bioaccumulation and distribution of 137Cs in tobacco cultivated under hydroponic conditions. Nova Biotechnol., 10(2), 2010, 95-106. GUSTAFSSON, J.P.: Visual MINTEQ. Web (April 2010): http

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Identification of hypothetical duplicate accessions of plums (Prunus domestica L.) within the slovene plant gene bank collection using molecular markers

JB, Tobutt KR. Development and characterisation of polymorphic microsatellites from Prunus avium “Napoleon” Mol. Ecol. Notes. 2003;578-580. 4. Decroocq V, Hagen LS, Fave MG, Eyquard JP, Pierronnet A. Microsatellite markers in the hexaploid Prunus domestica species and parentage lineage of three European plum cultivars using nuclear and chloroplast simple-sequence repeats. Mol. Breeding. 2004;13:135-142. 5. Dice LR. Measures of the amount of ecologic association between species. Ecology. 1945;297-302. 6. Donoso JM

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Monitoring of 137CS and 40K in the Levice District, Southern Slovakia

Cs by mushrooms. Radiat. Environ. Biophys. , 31, 39—49. 5. Hohmann, U., Huckschlag, D., 2005: Investigations on the radiocaesium of wild boar ( Sus scrofa ) meat in Rhineland-Palatine: a stomach content analysis. European Journal of Wildlife Research , 51, 263—270. 6. IHE, 1987: Report on Radiation Situation in Czechoslovak Territory after Chernobyl Nuclear Accident (In Czech). Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology — Radiation Hygiene Centre. The main nuclear programme information centre, Prague, 168 pp. 7. IOS Geneve, 1993: Guide to the

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Pyrochemical reprocessing of molten salt fast reactor fuel: focus on the reductive extraction step

References 1. OECD. (2004). Pyrochemical separations in nuclear applications. Status report of OECD. 2. Long, J. T. (1978). Engineering for nuclear fuel reprocessing. 2nd ed. (pp. 242-272). American Nuclear Society. 3. Laidler, J. J., Battles, J. E., Miller, W. E., Ackerman, J. P., & Carls, E. L. (1997). Development of pyroprocessing technology. Prog. Nucl. Energy, 31(1/2), 131. 4. Bettis, E. S., & Robertson, R. C. (1970). The design and performance features of a single-fl uid molten salt breeder

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SACSESS – the EURATOM FP7 project on actinide separation from spent nuclear fuels

plutonium, americium and interfering fi ssion products between nitric acid and a mixed organic phase of TODGA and DMDOHEMA in kerosene, and implications for the design of the “EURO-GANEX” process. Hydrometallurgy, 152, 139-148. 9. Poinssot, C., Rostaing, C., Baron, P., Warin, D., & Boullis, B. (2012). Main results of the French program on partitioning of minor actinides, a signifi cant improvement towards nuclear waste reduction. Procedia Chem., 7, 358-366. DOI: 10.1016/j. proche.2012.10.056. 10. Rostaing, C., Poinssot, C., Warin, D., Baron

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Validation test of a cam mover based micrometric pre-alignment system for future accelerator components

References [1] Artoos, K., Capatina, O., Collette, C., Guinchard, M., Hauviller, C., Lackner, F., Pfingstner, J., Schmickler, H., Sylte, M. (2009). Study of the stabilization to the nanometer level of mechanical vibrations of the CLIC main beam quadrupoles. In Proceedings of the 23rd Particle Accelerator Conference Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics. ratory lear Physics [2] Mainaud Durand, H., Touzé, T., Griffet, S., Kemppinen, J., Lackner, F. (2010). CLIC active pre-alignment system: Proposal for

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On the Use of Large Intel Xeon Phi Clusters for GEANT4-Based Simulations

References 1. 2. Agostinelli, S., et al. GEANT4 − A Simulation Toolkit. − NIM, Vol. A506, 2003, No 3, pp. 250-303. 3. Allison, J., et al. GEANT4 Developments and Applications. - IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 53, 2006, No 1, pp. 270-278. 4. Allison, J., et al. Recent Developments in GEANT4. - NIM, Vol. A835, 2016, pp. 186-225. 5. 6. https

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Optimisation of a multiplex PCR assay of nuclear microsatellite markers for population genetics and clone identification in Robinia pseudoacacia L.

- MEYER, J.-P. VÄHÄ, E. VERSPOOR, V. WENNEVIK and J. R. STEVENS (2011): Microsatellite standardization and evaluation of genotyping error in a large multi-partner research programme for conservation of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). Genetica 139: 353-367. GERBER, S. and F. RODOLPHE (1994): Estimation and test for linkage between markers: a comparison of lod score and X2 test in a linkage study of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.). TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics 88: 293-297. GUICHOUX, E., L. LAGACHE, S. WAGNER, P. CHAUMEIL, P

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Positron and nanoindentation study of helium implanted high chromium ODS steels

. Fournier, J. Henry, F. Legendre, T. Leguey, M. Lewandowska, R. Lindau, E. Marquis and A. Munoz and B. Radiguest and Z. Oksiuta, “Review on the EFDA work programme on nanostructured ODS RAF steels”, J. Nucl. Matter. , 417 (2011) 149153. [7] P. Hodorek, J. Dryzek and M. Wrobel, “Positron Annihilation Study of Defects Induced by Various Cutting Methods Stainless Steel Grade 304”, Tribol Lett. , 45 (2012) 341347. [8] J. F. Ziegler, The stopping and range of ions solids , Pergamon, New York, 1985, pp. 321. ISBN 13: 9780080216034. [9] G. Kinchin and R

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Managing Knowledge in Public - Private Partnerships for R&D Centres

”, ULBS Newsletter, Retrieved May 28, 2015, dr. Ioana Bărbulescu, from,. (2015). ELI-NP | Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics. Retrieved 21 August 2015, from Filev, A. (2008). Top-down and Bottom-up Project Management: Leveraging the Advantages of the Two Approaches. Wrike Blog. Retrieved 10 April 2015, from https

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