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Gil Machado, Jindřich Hladil, Leona Koptíková, Paulo Fonseca, Fernando Rocha and Arnošt Galle

. 3, 251-259. Hladil J. & Lang L. 1985: Devonian limestones of the Újezd V-1 borehole in the eastern margin of the Boskovice Furrow. Věst. Ústr. Úst. Geol. 60, 361-364. Hladil J., Mazur S., Galle A. & Ebert J.R. 1999: Revised age of the Mały Bożków limestone in the Kłodzko metamorphic unit, early Givetian, late Middle Devonian; implications for the geology of the Sudetes, SW Poland. Neu. Jb. Geol. Paläont., Abh. 211, 329-353. Hladil J., Geršl M., Strnad L., Frána J., Langrová A

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Tze-Fang Wang, Shu Yu and Chyuan Chou

References 1. Cristiano S, Haas AN, Oppermann RV, Albandar JM. Tooth loss in a young population from south Brazil. J Public Health Dent. 2006; 66:110-2. 2. Moreira RD, Nico LS, Barrozo LV, Pereira JCR. Tooth loss in Brazilian middle-aged adults: multilevel effects. Acta Odontol Scand. 2010; 68(5):269-77. 3. Chatrchaiwiwatana S. Factors affecting tooth loss among rural Khon Kaen adults: analysis of two data sets. Public Health. 2007; 121:106-12. 4. Cristiano S, Oppermann RV, Haugejordan O

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Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Przemysław Gedl and Elżbieta Worobiec

Williams G. L. 2004. The Lentin and Williams index of fossil dinoflagellates 2004 edition. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Contributions Series 42: 1-909. Firth J. V. 1996. Upper Middle Eocene to Oligocene dinoflagellate biostratigraphy and assemblage variations in Hole 913B, Greenland Sea. In : J. Thiede A. M. Myhre G. L. Johnson and W. F. Ruddiman (eds) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results 151: 203-242. Haq B. U., Hardenbol J. and Vail P. R. 1987. Chronology of

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Dana Vasiliu

. Medieval Life: Archaeology and the Life Course. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press. Hayes, Dawn Marie. 2003. Body and Sacred Place in Medieval Europe, 1100-1389. New York: Routledge. Heidegger, Martin. 2001. Poetry, Language, Thought. Trans. Albert Hofstadter. New York: Harper Collins Publishers. Huizinga, J. 1924. The Waning of the Middle Ages: a study of the forms of life, thought and art in France and the Netherlands in the XIVth and XVth centuries. Trans. Fritz Hopman, London: Edward Arnold & Co. Jordan

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Nattinee Leelakanok and Nitra Piyavisetpat

participants in the middle and oldest age groups had no smoking history, respectively. A Pearson chi-square test showed no relationship between age group and smoking status. A Pearson chi-square statistic showed a relationship between age group and the presence of air trapping, bronchiectasis, and bronchial wall thickening in CT images as seen in Table 2 ( P < 0.01, P = 0.03, and P = 0.03, respectively). The results showed that air trapping was strongly correlated with age. However, it is difficult to conclude such correlation with bronchiectasis and bronchial wall

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Ihsan M. Al Saqur, Harith S. Al-Warid and Hussain S. Albahadely

number of infected individuals was 38,547 of 2,761,990 examined. Enterobius vermicularis infected the highest number of individuals followed by Hymenolepis nana , and Ascaris lumbricoides , with other helminths showing lower numbers of cases ( Table 1 ) . Northern and middle Euphrates regions showed lower prevalence of infections with all helminths, compared with the middle and southern regions, which showed a higher prevalence of infections ( Table 2 ) . There were significant differences in infection rates between age groups in this survey for all surveyed

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Darivojka Ljubović-Obradović, Ivana Carević, Monika Mirković and Nenad Protić

mineralization in the Carpatho-Balkan Orogen. Resour. Geol. 48, 291-306. Bogdanović P. 1965: The age of Bor clastics and their importance for the Bor region tectonics. Zapisnici Srp. Geol. Druš. za 1965, 541-545 (in Serbian). Caron M. 1985: Cretaceous planktic foraminifera. In: Bolli H.M., Saunders J.B. & Perch-Nielson K. (Eds.): Plankton stratigraphy. Cambridge University Press , 17-86. Ciobanu C.L., Cook N.J. & Stein H. 2002: Regional setting and geochronology of the Late Cretaceous Banatitic

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Jérôme Prieto, Madelaine Böhme and Martin Gross

-276. Gross M., Fritz I., Piller W. E., Soliman A., Harzhauser M., Hubmann B., Moser B., Schloger R. & Suttner T. J. 2007a: The Neogene of the Styrian Basin — Guide to excursion. Joannea Geol. Paläont. 9, 117-193. Gross M., Harzhauser M., Mandic O., Piller W. E. & Rögl F. 2007b: A stratigraphic enigma: The age of the Neogene deposits of Graz (Styrian Basin; Austria). Joannea Geol. Paläont. 9, 195-220. Gross M., Böhme M. & Prieto J. 2009a: Gratkorn — A new late Middle Miocene vertebrate fauna from Styria (Late Sarmatian

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Anna R Agatova and Roman K Nepop

scheme correspondingly, and Q 2 – middle Pleistocene (Riss according Alpine scheme). 1 – flattened and washed moraines, partly covered by sub-aerial cryogenic loams (Q 2 ?); 2 – distal complex of well-preserved terminal and side moraines within Chuya depression, (Q 3 2 ?); 3 – proximal complex of well-preserved terminal and side moraines, (Q 3 4 ?); 4 – late Pleistocene – Holocene moraine ramparts of different glacial stages within river valleys, (Q 3 4 ); 5 – LIA moraines, (Q 4 ); 6 – glacial-lacustrine sediments of different ages; 7 – alluvial deposits; 8 – lakes

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Jan Wagner, Qigao Jiangzuo, Jadranka Mauch Lenardić and Jinyi Liu

Faunas of the Central Balkans. – Paleontological Journal, 50(2): 187–201. Vislobokova, I. A., Agadjanian, A. K. (2016b): New Data on Age of the Pleistocene Fauna from the Trlica Locality (Montenegro, Central Balkans) and Its Correlation with Other Faunas of Europe. – Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 24(2): 188–202. Wagner, J., Čermák, S. (2012): Revision of the early Middle Pleistocene bears (Ursidae, Mammalia) of Central Europe, with special respect to possible co