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Piotr Sorokowski and Magdalena Wrembel

.A., & Barton, R.A. (2008). Red shirt colour is associated with long-term team success in English football. Journal of Sports Sciences, 26, 577-582. Beall, A.T., & Tracy, J.L. (2013). Women more likely to wear red or pink at peak fertility. Psychological Science, 24, 1837-1841. Berns, R.S., (2001). Principles of Color Technology. Wiley, New York. Boynton, R. M. (1988). Color vision. Annual Review of Psychology, 39, 69-100. Camgoz, N., Yener, C., & Guvenc, D. (2003). Effects of hue, saturation, and brightness

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John Zhang, Ming Fan, Bin Gu, Vijay Mookerjee, Bin Zhang and J. Leon Zhao

to succeed. From my point of view, the most successful application in the future would be robotics. Robotics can be defined broadly; not just machines, but automatic arms and fetches. These are also robots. Nowadays, we have teaching robots that teach children English and we have agency staff and accounting robots. Another area I have to mention is that I have just completed some blockchain research, which is obviously the frontier of IT. Not long ago, the President of China, President Xi, mentioned blockchain. Xi assigned blockchain the same rank as big data

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Tomasz Kamusella

. When an Arab professional (for instance, an engineer or a medical doctor), instead of switching to English or French, discusses a technical issue, he (almost invariably a male) infuses the local vernacular with foreign words, usually drawn from French in Algeria or from English in Qatar. Anonymous Reader 1 rightly points out that this example is simplistic and some readers could even see it as “abusive.” Obviously, there are many female professionals (or women with university-level education) in Arab countries. However, there are disproportionately more male

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Il-Yeol Song and Yongjun Zhu

Modeling. His research areas include conceptual modeling, data warehousing, big data and analytics, and smart aging. Dr. Song published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in data management areas. He is a co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Computing Science and Engineering ( JCSE ) and also an Area Editor for Data & Knowledge Engineering . He won the Best Paper Award in the IEEE CIBCB 2004. He won four teaching awards from Drexel University, including the most prestigious Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Song served as the Steering Committee Chair of the ER

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Shamsur R. Choudhury, Amelia Furbish and Tahseen A. Chowdhury

seen between people who believed exercise was socially and religiously unacceptable and those who thought it was supported by the religious teaching [ 5 ] . Furthermore, while apparent motivation to prevent diabetes was high, barriers to prevention included social expectation of “special” foods, the wife’s role as provider of tasty meals versus guardian of family health, and the desire to exercise versus fear of social disapproval. Little is known about the cultural and situational risk factors for T2D in younger South Asians. The aim of this study was to develop

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Supaporn Dissaneevate, Tipwan Sujjanunt, Anucha Thatrimontrichai, Waricha Janjindamai and Gunlawadee Maneenil

hematoma [ 5 ], and peritoneal dialysis because of acute renal injury [ 6 ]. To our knowledge, there are few published studies of factors to predict the severity of SGH in neonates. We performed a retrospective study of neonates who had SGH and born in Songklanagarind Hospital over a 33-year period. This study aimed to identify risk factors for SGH between neonates with serious (SC) and nonserious complications (NSC). Methods Setting Songklanagarind Hospital is part of a university-affiliated teaching hospital at Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla

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Hua Yin, Ling Yang and Qiao Ye

(RNSs). 5 RNSs play a unique role and are making clinical decisions autonomously in the care and medical management of respiratory patients, such as in the facilities of palliative care, home-based care, hospital at home, and nurse-led clinics. There are two existing reviews examining the effectiveness of nurse-led care in the management of bronchiectasis and asthma 6 , 7 . Both reviews reported positive impacts of CNS interventions on the management of respiratory disease. Yet, there is a lack of systematic reviews focusing on evaluating the effectiveness of

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Xiaoling Liu, Mihai Păunescu, Viorel Proteasa and Jinshan Wu

multiple affiliation, provided they were published in the 2009–2014 time window. We included in the population all the academics which were considered to belong to health disciplines, according to an official categorization of teaching personnel in health studies ( MS, 2009 ). We excluded only a small minority of the population we compiled e.g. English teachers employed in medicine departments. We identified a set of publication with an outstanding number of citations whose character is different from a standard research article: guidelines, medical procedure

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Katherine Kirk and Ellen Bal

speak Dutch and Neha took several Dutch classes but struggled to learn. Their son attended a British school because they believed an English education would offer him more opportunities than a Dutch one. They led a fairly contented life in the Netherlands but emphasised that they would like their son to be partially educated in India and that they “want to die in India”. When we first interviewed them in 2013, they said they planned to move to the United States or Canada and to return to India one day with wealth and Dutch passports. Why do Indian knowledge migrants

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Acting on Multiple Stages

How Musical Actors Construct Their Labour-Market Vulnerability and Resilience

Oliver Ibert and Suntje Schmidt

institution and at the time of the interview had been already actively involved in performing over a number of years. The field was accessed via Berlin, where there are a number of established musical theatres, numerous state- and city-funded theatres as well as private theatres that regularly host musical productions. On average the interviews lasted 90 min and were fully transcribed. The interviews were conducted in German, and for this paper, the authors have translated quotations from the interviews into English. Interviewees were asked to reflect on their position in