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Sarah Anna Juen

. “Contemporary Japanese Literature in its Transition Towards the New Postmodern Humanism: Haruki Murakami“. In Asian and African Studies, XV/3, 2011, pp. 59-68 Gebhardt, Lisette. “Murakami Haruki: ‘Okkulte’ Mächte im Moratorium.” In Japans Neue Spiritualität, edited by Lisette Gebhardt. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2001, pp. 190-196 Hall, Stuart. “New Cultures for Old.” In A Place in the World? Places, Cultures, and Globalization, edited by Doreen Massey and Jess Pat. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995, pp. 175-214 Hirano

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Moulding Cultural Capital into Cosmopolitan Capital

Media practices as reconversion work in a globalising world

Johan Lindell and Martin Danielsson

Suffering and the Vision of a Global Public. Television and New Media , 9(4): 371-391. Chouliaraki, Lilie (2013). The Ironic Spectator – Solidarity in the Age of Post-humanism . Cambridge: Polity Press. Christensen, Miyase & Jansson, André (2015). Cosmopolitanism and the Media: Cartographies of Change. New York: Peter Lang. Couldry, Nick (2004). Theorising Media as Practice. Social Semiotics , 14(2): 115-132. Couldry, Nick (2012). Media, Society, World. Social Theory and Digital Media Practice. Cambridge: Polity Press. Danielsson

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Egil Grislis

: Williams B. Eerdmans. Bromiley, GW (1953) Zwingli and Bullinger (Library of Christian Classics). Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press. Brown, P (1967) Augustine of Hippo: A Biography. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press. Bullinger, H (1852) The Decades, volumes 1-10. Cambridge: The Parker Society. Bush, D (1939) The Renaissance and English Humanism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Calvin, J (1960) The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Philadelphia, PA

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New War Journalism

Trends and Challenges

Stig A. Nohrstedt

. Billig, Michael (1995) Banal Nationalism. London: Sage. Carlsson, Ulla (1998) Frågan om en ny internationell informationsordning : en studie i internationell mediepolitik. Göteborg: Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Univ. (JMG). Carlsson, Ulla (2005) ‘From NWICO to Global Governance of the Information Society’, in Hemer, Oscar & Tufte, Thomas (eds.) Media & Glocal Change. Göteborg: Nordicom. Chomsky, Noam (1999) The New Military Humanism. Lessons from Kosovo . Monroe ME: Common Courage Press. Eide, Martin (1992) Nyhetens

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Evangelos Bebetsos, Filippos Filippou and George Bebetsos

References Alfermann, D., Lee, M.J., & Wuerth, S. (2005). Perceived Leadership Behavior and Motivational Climate as Antecedents of Adolescent Athletes’ Skill Development. Athletic Insight, 7(2), 14-36. Amorose, A.J., & Horn, T.S. (2000). Intrinsic motivation: Relationships with collegiate athletes’ gender, scholarship status and perceptions of their coaches’ behavior. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 22, 63-84. Anshel, M.H. (1990). Behaviorism versus humanism: An approach to effective team leadership in

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Martin Kopecký

. Lifelong Learning: Between Humanism and Global Capitalism. In Jarvis, P. (ed.). The Routledge International Handbook of Lifelong Learning. London and New York: Routledge, 411-422. Simons, M., Masschelein, J. 2008. Our Will to Learn and the Assemblage of a Learning Apparatus. In Fejes, A., Nicoll, K. (eds.). Foucault and Lifelong Learning. Governing the Subject. London and New York: Routledge, 48-60. Usher, R., Bryant, I., Johnston, R. 1997. Adult Education and the Postmodern Challenge. Learning Beyond the Limits

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Vilma Žydžiūnaitė

Human Potential: An Appeal for Humanism . Cambridge, UK: Janus Publishing. 29. O’Toole, J. (2008). Notes towards a definition of values-based leadership. The Journal of Values-based Leadership , 1 (1). Article 10. Available at: (Accessed on 2018-03-01). 30. Prilleltensky, I. (2000). Value-based leadership in organizations: Balancing values, interests, and power among citizens, workers, and leaders. Ethics and Behavior, 10(2), 139-158. 31. Reese, S. R. (2017). Leadership

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Mohamed Mousa

. Li, Y., Ahlstrom, D. & Ashkanasy, N.M. (2010) A multilevel model of affect and organizational commitment. Asia pacific journal of management, Vol. 27. Maak, T. and Pless, N.M. (2006) Responsible leadership in a stakeholder society – A relational perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 66, No. 1, pp. 99–115. Maak, T. and Pless, N.M. (2009) Business leaders as citizens of the world. Advancing humanism on a global scale. Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 88 No. 3, pp. 537–550. Malik, M.E. & Naeem, B. (2011) Role of spirituality in job

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Andrea Kiss and Zrinka Nikolić

., Pócsik, E. 2014. Early instrumental measurements and daily weather observations in Timişoara (Temesvár): 1780-1803. Journal of Environmental Geography 7 (1-2), 1-13. DOI: 10.2478/jengeo-2014-0001 Csukovits, E. (ed.) 2008. Mátyás és a humanizmus (Matthias and the humanism). Osiris Kiadó, Budapest, 117-118. de Góis, Damiäo. 1749. Crónica de Don Manuel. Vol. 2. Lisboa: Off. de Miguel Manescal da Costa, p. 349. Długosz, I. 1877-1878. Historiae Polonicae librii XII. In: Opera omnia, Vol. 1., Kraków, 596-597, 603-604, 664

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Grzegorz Iwanicki and Anna Dłużewska

-137. Robb, E.M., 2009: Violence and Recreation: Vacationing in the Realm of Dark Tourism. In: Anthropology and Humanism, Vol. 34, Issue 1, pp. 51-60. DOI: http://dx- Romanowska J., 2014: Oblicza turystyki flamenco w Sewilli (The Faces of Flamenco Tourism In Seville - In Polish). In: Turystyka kulturowa, Vol. 3, pp. 71-81, available at: 2014_03_03a.pdf, DoA: 10 March 2014. Smith, A., 2009: Effects of Low Cost Airlines on Efforts to Develop Cultural Heritage Tourism. In