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Tomasz Ząbek, Ewelina Semik, Agnieszka Fornal, Artur Gurgul and Monika Bugno-Poniewierska


One of epigenetic features of mammalian genomes is methylation of DNA. This nucleotide modification might exert suppressive effect on gene transcription. We have described putative relevance of methylation of one of immune cells related gene (ITGAL) observed in the set of 11 equine tissues. Comparison between qualitative RT-PCR results and DNA bisulfite sequencing of investigated set of tissues pointed to potential correlations between tissue specific methylation and tissue specific transcription in ITGAL locus. These findings might be important for studies on genetic and epigenetic background of autoimmune disorders in the horse.

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T. A. Kuzmina, N. S. Zvegintsova and T. L. Zharkikh

References Bakirova, R. T. 2015. New site of the Orenburg Reserve is established. Steppe Bulletin 45, 11-15 [In Russian]. Bakirova, R. T., Zharkikh, T. L. 2015. Th e fi rst stage of the re-introduction of the Przewalski horse at the Orenburg Reserve. Th e preparation of infrastructure. Steppe Bulletin, 45, 62-64 [In Russian]. Bakirova, R. T., Zharkikh, T. L. 2016. Th e fi rst stage of the project on the re-introduction of the Przewalski horse to the Orenburg Reserves. II. Th e transportation of the fi rst group

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Julia Poyato-Bonilla, María José Sánchez-Guerrero, Rute Dos Santos and Mercedes Valera

References Alderson G.L.H. (1992). Asystem to maximize the maintenance of genetic variability in small populations. Genet. Conserv. Domest. Livest., 2: 18-29. ANCCE (2012). Specific Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book Rules and Regulations (BOEno 127, May 28, 2012 [WWW Document]. URL Andersson L., Georges M. (2004). Domestic-animal genomics: Deciphering the genetics of complex traits. Nat. Rev. Genet., 5; doi: 10.1038/nrg1294. Andrade R

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Sławomir Pietrzak and Próchniak Tomasz

References Aldridge L.I., Kelleher D.L., Reilly M., Brophy P.O. (2000). Estimation of the genetic correlation between performances at different levels of show jumping competitions in Ireland. J. Anim. Breed. Genet., 117: 65–72. Ducro B.J., Koenen E.P.C., Tartwijk J.M.F.M., Bovenhuis H. (2007). Genetic relations of movement and free-jumping traits with dressage and show-jumping performance in competition of Dutch Warmblood horses. Livest. Sci., 107: 227–234. Gómez M.D., Cervantes I., Bartolom é E., Molina A., Valera M. (2006). Genetic evaluation of show

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De Miguel Ricardo, Molín Jéssica, Asín Javier, Solana María, Vázquez Francisco José, Zalaya Joaquín, Jensen E. Henrik and Luján Lluís

REFERENCES 1. Munday JS, Löhr CV, Kiupel M: Tumors of the alimentary tract. In: Tumors in domestic animals . Iowa, United States: Wiley Blackwell; 2017, 499-601. 2. Villamizar-Martinez LA, Reiter AM, Sanchez MD, Soltero-Rivera MM: Benign cementoblastoma (true cementoma) in a cat. JFMS Open Rep 2016, 2(1):1-6. 3. Kreutzer R, Wohlsein P, Staszyk C, Nowak M, Sill V, Baumgartner W: Dental benign cementomas in three horses. Vet Pathol 2007, 44(4):533-536. 4. Schaaf KL, Kannegie ter NJ, Lovell DK: Calcified tumours of the paranasal sinuses in

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J. Nicpoń, K. Marycz and J. Grzesiak

drugs in horse urine by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. J Chromatogr A 1120: 38-53. Marycz K, Grzesiak J, Wrzeszcz K, Golonka P (2012) Adipose stem cell combined with plasma-based implant bone tissue differentiation in vitro and in a horse with a phalanx digitalis distalis fracture: a case report. Vet Med Czech 57: 610-617 Nakagami H, Morishita R, Maeda K, Kikuchi Y, Ogihara T, Kaneda Y (2006) Adipose tissue-derived stromal cells as a novel option for regenerative cell therapy. J Atheroscler Thromb 13

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Michał Pluta and Zbigniew Osiński

References 1. Diamond J., Bellwood P.: Farmers and their languages: the first expansions. Science 2003, 300, 597-603. 2. Dvojnos G.M., Balachov L.S., Samzuk N.G.: Wild horses in grasing management of pastures in Chernobyl exclusion zone (in Polesje). Vest Zool Suppl 1999, 11, 67-71. 3. FAO: The state of the world’s. Animal genetic resources for food and agriculture. Commission on genetic resources for food and agriculture food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, Rome, 2007, pp. 512. 4. Helmer W.: Koningssteen - a model of nature

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Sarah Jane Hobbs, Joanna Baxter, Louise Broom, Laura-Ann Rossell, Jonathan Sinclair and Hilary M. Clayton

relate to structural asymmetry of the pelvis? J Sci Med Sport, 2010; 13: 360-364 Byström A, Rhodin M, von Peinen K, Weishaupt M, Roepstorff L. Basic kinematics of saddle and rider in high-level dressage horses trotting on the treadmill. Equine Vet J, 2009; 41(3): 280-284 Cacciatore TW, Horak FB, Henry SM. Improvement in automatic postural coordination following Alexander technique lessons in a person with low back pain. Phys Ther, 2005; 85: 565-578 de Cocq P, Prinsen H, Springer NC, van Weeren PR, Schreuder M, Muller M

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M. Pietra, S. Cinotti, A. Ducci, M. Giunti and A. Peli

References Ainsworth DM, Appleton JA, Antczak DF, Santiago MA, Aviza G ( 2002 ) IgG antibody responses to an inhaled antigen in horses with "heaves" (recurrent airway obstruction). Vet Immunol Immunopathol 84: 169-180. Ainsworth DM, Grunig G, Matychak MB, Young J, Wagner B, Erb HN, Antczak DF ( 2003 ) Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) in horses is characterized by IFN-γ and IL-8 production in bronchoalveolar lavage cells. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 96: 83-91. Ainsworth DM, Wagner B

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Tomas Z Ząbek, Paweł Czapla, Maciej Wnuk, Anna Lewińska, Bernadetta Oklejewicz, Grzegorz Bartosz and Ewa Słota

References Canon J., Checa M.L., Carleos C., Veg a - Pla J.L., Vallejo M., Dunner S. (2000). The genetic structure of Spanish Celtic horse breeds inferred from microsatellite data. Anim. Genet., 31: 39-48. Corbin L.J., Blott S.C., Swinburne J.E., Vaudin M., Bishop S.C., Woolliams J.A. (2010). Linkage disequilibrium and historical effective population size in the Thoroughbred horse. Anim. Genet., 41, Suppl. 2: 8-15. Dempster A., Laird N., Rubin D. (1977). Maximum likelihood estimation from incomplete data