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The Effect of Pyrogenic Successionon Breeding Birds of Shelter Belts in the North-Western Part of the Azov Sea Region

, 1–160 [In Russian]. Kopylova, T. V., Koshelev, A. I., Koshelev, V. A. 2011. Number dynamics of breeding Corvidae in control plots during 2000–2010 in the south of Zaporizhzhia Region (northern part of the Azov Sea region). Branta: Transactions of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, 14, 94–105 [In Russian]. Koshelev, A. I. 2005. Bird communities of planted forests of the northern part of the Azov Sea region: development, dynamics and contribution to the maintenance of regional diversity. In : The biodiversity and role of zoocoenosis in

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I-SSR Markers Revealed Inconsistent Phylogeographic Patterns among Populations of Japanese Red Pines in Korea

of Kor. For. Soc. pp. 57-58 (in Korean). SAGHAI, M. A., R. M. BIYASHEV, G. P. YANG, Q. ZHANG and R. W. ALLARD (1994): Extraordinarily polymorphic microsatellite DNA in barley: species diversity, chromosomal locations, and population dynamics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 91: 5466-5470. SALIMATH, S. S., A. C. DE-OLIVEIRA, I. D. GODWIN and J. L. BENNETZEN (1995): Assessment of genome origins and genetic diversity in the genus Eleusine with DNA markers. Genome 38(4): 757-763. SHANNON, C. E. (1948): A mathematical theory of

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Structural diversity of selected oak stands (Quercus robur L.) on the Krotoszyn Plateau in Poland

świerkowych na siedliskach bagiennych. Sylwan 10: 733–743. Eichhorn M.P. 2010. Pattern reveals process: spatial organization of Kamchatkan stone birch forest. Plant Ecology and Diversity 3: 281–288. Fibich P., Leps J., Novotny V., Klimes P., Tesitel J., Molem K., Damas K., Weiblen G. 2016. Spatial patterns of tree species distribution in New Guinea primary and secondary lowland rain forest. Journal of Vegetation Science 27(2): 328–339. DOI 10.1111/jvs.12363. Forrester D.I. 2014. The spatial and temporal dynamics of species interactions in mixed

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Diversity and Abundance Patterns of Amphibians in Rehabilitated Quarries of Bamburi Near Mombasa (Kenya)

B. A. and Bauer A., 2006 - Diversity and biogeography of herpetofauna of the Tana River Primate National Reserve, Kenya, Journal of East African Natural History , 95, 95-109. 25. Malonza P. K., Bwong B. A. and Muchai V., 2011 - Kitobo Forest of Kenya, a unique hotspot of herpetofaunal Diversity, Acta Herpetologica , 6, 149-160. 26. Marsh D. M., 2001 - Fluctuations in amphibian populations: a meta-analysis, Biological Conservation , 101, 327-335. 27. Marsh D. M. and Trenham P. C., 2001 - Metapopulation dynamics and

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An Index to Measure Rural Diversity in the Light of Rural Resilience and Rural Development Debate

References [1] Abson, D. J., Fraser, E. D. G. & Benton, T. G. (2013). Landscape diversity and the resilience of agricultural returns: a portfolio analysis of land use patterns and economic returns from lowland agriculture. Agriculture & Food Security 2(2), 1-15. Doi: 10.1186/2048-7010-2-2. [2] Ambrosio-Albalá, M., Bastiaensen, J. (2010). The New Territorial Paradigm of Rural Development: Theoretical Foundations From Systems and Institutional Theories.Discussion Paper 2010/02, IOB Antwerp University. [3] Anderies

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Determinants of under-representation of women on Boards of Directors: an exploratory study of African public and private firms

habiletes politiques, point de salut!. Revue Gestion, 130-139. Harjoto, M., Laksmana, I., & Lee, R. (2015). Board diversity and corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 132, 641-660. Hillman, J. A. (2015). Board diversity: beginning to unpeel the onion. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 23(2), 104-107. Huse, M., & Solberg, A. G. (2006). Gender-related boardroom, dynamics: how Scandinavian women make and can make contributions on corporate boards. Women

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Modelovanie dopadov prirodzenej a umelej obnovy na genetickú štruktúru: 2. nezmiešaný jeľový porast

genetic variation in European silver fir ( Abies alba ). Are they related to the species decline? Genetica , 82 : 1-10. Buiteveld J., Vendramin G. G., Leonardi S., Kamer K., Geburek T., 2007: Genetic diversity and differentiation in European beech ( Fagus sylvatica L.) stands varying in management history. Forest ecology and management , 247 : 98-106. Degen B., Gregorius H. R., Scholz F., 1996: ECO-GENE, a model for simulation studies on the spatial and temporal dynamics of genetic structures of tree populations

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Trust Triggers and Barriers in Intercultural Teams

–668. Chang, H.H. Chuang, S.S., Chao, S.H. (2011) Determinants of cultural adaptation, communication quality, and trust in virtual teams’ performance. Total Quality Management , vol. 22, no. 3, March, pp. 305–329. Child, J. (2001) Trust – The Fundamental Bond in global Collaboration. Organizational Dynamics , vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 274–288. DeOrtentiis, P., Summer, J.K., Ammeter, A.P., Douglas, C., Ferris, G.R. (2012) Cohesion and satisfaction as mediators of team trust – team effectiveness relationship. An interdependence theory perspective. Career Development

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PCR-Multiplex of Six Chloroplast Microsatellites for Population Studies and Genetic Typing in Pinus sylvestris

chloroplast simple-sequence repeats. Annals of Forest Sciences 59: 53-62. ROBLEDO, J. J., ALIA, R. and GIL, L. (2004): High levels of genetic diversity in a long-term European glacial refugium of Pinus sylvestris L. In: PAULE, L., VENDRAMIN, G. G., GOMORY, D. (eds.). Population and Evolutionary Genetics of Forest Trees. Arbora Publishers, Zvolen, Slovakia (in press). STOEHR, M. U. and NEWTON, C. (2002): Evaluation of mating dynamics and pollen contamination in a lodgepole pine seed orchard using chloroplast DNA markers. Canadian Journal of

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The Effect of Herb Layer on Nocturnal Macrolepidoptera (Lepidoptera: Macroheterocera) Communities

Intézet, Sopron, 149 pp. (in Hungarian) THOMAS, P. A. - PACKHAM, J. R. (2007): Ecology of Woodlands and Forests. Description, Dynamics and Diversity. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdoom, 528 pp. TUDOR, O. - DENNIS, R. L. H. - GREATOREX-DAEVIS, J. N. - SPARKS, T. H. (2004): Flower preferences of woodland butterflies in the UK: nectaring specialists are species of conservation concern. Biological Conservation 119 (3): 397-403. USHER, M. B. - KEILLER, S. W. J. (1998): The macrolepidoptera of farm woodlands

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