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RNApolis: Computational Platform for RNA Structure Analysis

References [1] Adamiak R.W., Blazewicz J., Formanowicz P., Gdaniec Z., Kasprzak M., Popenda M., Szachniuk M., An algorithm for an automatic NOE pathways analysis of 2D NMR spectra of RNA duplexes, Journal of Computational Biology, 11 , 2004, 163-180. [2] Antczak M., Blazewicz J., Lukasiak P., Milostan M., Krasnogor N., Palik G., DomAns-Pattern based method for protein domain boundaries prediction and analysis, Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences , 36 , 2011, 99-119. [3] Antczak M., Zok T., Popenda M., Lukasiak P., Adamiak R

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A Systematic Review of Psychological Studies Applied to Futsal

characteristics, and focus category. This study examines various research strategies that have been employed in psychological articles examining futsal without intention of appraisal. Material and Methods Search strategy The following electronic databases were searched: Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Knowledge, PubMed, Sport discuss, and Descorberta. Reference lists were scanned to identify further studies that were missed by the electronic search. The search term “psychology” was used in combination with “futsal” or “indoor soccer” or “indoor football” or “street

Interactive technologies of teaching Russian as a foreign language for medical students

special methods and techniques of the educational interaction, such as question-answer discussion, search of arguments for different points of view, exchange of opinions, and peer assessment. Interactive educational technologies fully meet modern requirements of training, representing a more democratic approach to training organization, aimed to raise students’ intrinsic motivation, develop their personality, their cognitive activity and creativity. Among collaborative learning strategies and interactive learning technology used in our professional practice of teaching

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Client characteristics and therapist style: a combined analysis of impact on retention and effectiveness in outpatient substance abuse treatment

motivational interviewing across behavioral domains: A systematic review. Addiction 96 (12): 1725-1742 Hojat, M. (2007): Empathy in patient care. Antecedents, development, measurement and outcomes. New York: Springer Imel, Z. E. & Wampold, B. E. & Miller, S. D. & Fleming, R. R. (2008): Distinctions without a difference: Direct comparisons of psychotherapies for alcohol use disorders. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 22 (4): 533-543 Kadden, R. M. & Longabaugh, R. & Wirtz, P. W. (2003): The matching

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The Role of Parent’s Participation in Sports on Change in Exercise Level: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

. President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Research Digest, 4 (1), 1–6; 8. 30. 971323%5Cn 31. Martin, S. B., Jackson, A. W., Richardson, P. A., & Weiller, K. H. (1999). Coaching preferences of adolescent youths and their parents. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology , 11 (2), 247–262. 32. McPhee, J. S., French, D. P., Jackson, D., Nazroo, J., Pendleton, N., & Degens, H. (2016). Physical activity in older age: perspectives

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Analysis of Nickel-Binding Proteins from Various Animal Sera

SlyD with nickel ions illuminates the mechanism of regulation of its peptidyl-prolyl isomerase activity. FEBS J. , 276, 4529—4544. 23. Mejáre, M., Bülow, L., 2001: Metal-binding proteins and peptides in bioremediation and phytoremediation of heavy metals. Trends Biotechnol. , 19, 67—73. 24. Mlynarcik, P., Bencurova, E., Madar, M., Mucha, R., Pulzova, L., Hresko, S., Bhide, M., 2012: Development of simple and rapid elution methods for proteins from various affinity beads for their direct MALDI-TOF downstream application. J. Proteomics , 75, 4529

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Research on relationship between tourism income and economic growth based on meta-analysis

growth and showed that: GDP is the reason that affects domestic tourism income, but domestic tourism income has little effect on GDP [ 7 ]. As a quantitative literature research method, meta-analysis is quite different from the traditional literature review. Meta-analysis is a literature review of higher-level logical forms. It uses the original research results as a unit, and the design is more rigorous. It emphasizes a comprehensive literature search on relevant research, and has a clear criterion for document inclusion and exclusion, systematically considering the

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Performance Indicators of Management Buyouts Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

corporate performance . ProQuest. Retrieved October 31, 2016, from ProQuest Clark, C. E., Foster, P. L., Morgan, K. M., & Webster G. H. (1997). Judgmental approach to forecasting bankruptcy. The Journal of Business Forecasting Methods and Systems , 16 (4), 14-18. Courtis, J. K. (1978). Modelling a financial ratios categoric framework. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 5 (4), 371-386. Cressy, R., Munari, F., & Malipiero

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Identification and Prediction of Interdisciplinary Research Topics: A Study Based on the Concept Lattice Theory

: Text analysis. Here the topic clusters acquisition method proposed by Porter is adopted ( Porter & Zhang, 2012 ). After preprocessing the data set based on the text content, meaningful phrases that passed a certain threshold could be selected as a candidate topics set. Subsequently, data preprocessing is implemented using the Derwent Data Analyzer (DDA). For massive amounts of scientific literature, mining and cleaning of terms are time-consuming and laborious processes. DDA is a professional text-mining software package developed by Search Technology Inc. and

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Information effect on consumer adoption for a new beef brand in the Vietnamese market: prior knowledge, appealing the brand distinction, differentiation and similarity

of Economics , Vol. 108, No. 4, pp. 941–964. Bian, X., and Moutinho, L. (2011), “The role of brand imagine, product involvement, and knowledge in explaning consumer purchase behaviour of counterfeits: Direct and indirect effects”, European Journal of Marketing , Vol. 45, No. 1, pp. 191-216. Brakus, J.J., Schmitt, B. H., Zarantonello, L., Calkins, R. D., and Zarantonello I. L. (2009), “Brand Experience: What Is It? How Is It Measured? Does It Affect Loyalty? “, Journal of Marketing , Vol. 73, No.3, pp. 52–68. Bredahl, L. (2004), “Cue utilisation

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