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Electronic and structural properties of rare earth pnictides

modulus B (GPa), number of f-states at the Fermi level Nf(states/Ry cell) and volume collapse of AmBi and CmBi. Properties AmBi CfBi NaCl-type CsCl-type NaCl-type CsCl-type Lattice parameter (A˚ ) Present 6.1 3.5763 6.02 3.71 Exp. 6.3 [8] 6.4 [8] Bulk modulus (GPa) Present 75.45 58.38 102.22 66.62 Exp. 75 [10] 105 [10] Nf(states/Ry cell) Present 730.18 730.52 1020.78 1024.91 Exp. Structural phase transition pressure (GPa) Present 14

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Preservice Teacher Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach in Inclusive Settings as an Indicator of Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness

and Special Education, 36, 298-311. DOI: 10.1177/0888406413497485 Ajuwon, P. M., Lechtenberger, D., Griffin-Shirley, N., Sokolosky, S., Zhou, L, & Mullins, F. E. (2012). General education pre-service teachers’ perceptions of including students with disabilities in their classrooms. International Journal of Special Education, 27, 100-107. Alreck, P. L., & Settle, R.B. (2004). The survey research handbook. New York: McGraw-Hill. Alur, M., & Timmons, V. (Eds.) (2009). Inclusive education across cultures: Crossing

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Organizational and infrastructural solutions in creating competitive advantage of sustainable urban transport – Gdańsk case study

the desired results. According to the latest Road Traffic Survey in Gdańsk in 2016, there was once again an increase in the share of individual motorization in daily commuting, with a slight increase in the share of bicycles and a drop in the number commuting by public transport. This situation arises from the fact that alternative ways of getting around the city are still not competitive in relation to commuting by one’s own car, especially when the time of travel and the ease of going from “door to door” are taken into account. This factor invariably affects the

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Sloppy, But Acceptable, Control of Biological Movement: Algorithm-Based Stabilization of Subspaces in Abundant Spaces

time). We start with a requirement that the algorithm should rely, as much as possible, on local actions, that is, on actions that change a neural variable xi based on the actual and previous values xi ( t < t actual) of this very variable, whereas other variables do not affect the decision. If such a purely local algorithm is incapable of providing good stability properties, our second principle is that the number of nonlocal interventions should be kept at a minimum. In this study, we start with a rule ”Act on the most nimble” (the AMN-rule), when changes in

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Pneumococcal pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal disease: immunopathogenesis and diagnosis

( 7 , 8 , 9 ). Pneumococci are 0.5–1.25 mm in diameter, non-motile, and do not form spores. Their best growth requires 5% of carbon dioxide and needs catalase to neutralize a large number of hydrogen peroxides which are produced by bacteria. On blood agar, pneumococci are shown as glisten colonies and form a zone of alpha-haemolysis that has a greenish colour. This zone differentiates pneumococci with beta-haemolytic bacteria, but it is also found in commensal streptococci such as Streptococcus viridans Optochin and bile solubility test may be performed to

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Determining safe entry sites for filler injections on the lateral canthal vertical line: anatomical study of the midface arterial perforators in soft embalmed cadavers

vertical line. The parotid artery perforator deviates because there were 4 branches running across the lateral canthal line at the lower alar level in 4 of 7 specimens. There were 2 facial artery perforators crossing the lateral canthal line between the lower eye lid and tip of the nose level. The diameter of the buccal branch shows a significant sex difference ( P = 0.018), the buccal branch diameter in men was larger than in women. However, the buccal artery perforator diameter in men was significantly larger than it was in women ( P = 0.019). Table 2 shows the

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Impact of fertility variation on genetic diversity and phenotypic traits in second generation seed production areas and clonal seed orchards of Eucalyptus camaldulensis

:// Funda T, Lstibůrek M, Lachout P, Klápště J, El-Kassaby YA (2009) Optimization of combined genetic gain and diversity for collection and deployment of seed orchard crops. Tree Genet Genomes 5: 583–593. Gaiotto FA, Bramucci M, Grattapaglia D (1997) Estimation of out-crossing rate in a breeding population of Eucalyptus urophylla with dominant RAPD and AFLP markers. Theor Appl Genet 95:842–849. Gardner RAW, Little KM, Arbuthnot A (2007) Wood and

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The Second-order h-type Indicators for Identifying Top Units

for the success of the h-index is its ability to delimit the core part (in terms of citation impact) of a publication set in a simple way. Furthermore, it is one of the few indicators which combine output and impact in a single number. When the h-index is used within a single-subject category (or related subject categories) and with publications from a same time period, it might be an interesting complement to other bibliometric indicators. Since the introduction of the h-index in 2005, the results of many studies on the index have been published. Recently, various

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First evidence of retained sexual capacity and survival in the pyrethroid resistant Sitobion avenae (F.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) SA3 super-clone following exposure to a pyrethroid at current field-rate

-SR x 7 14 14 14 4 34 0.61 2 4 0.14 Acetone Control (0 ng/cm 2 ) kdr -SR x 6 6 12 14 1 16 1.14 2 3 0.11 λ-cyhalothrin (75 ng/cm 2 ) kdr -SR x λ-cyhalothrin (150 ng/cm 2 ) 7 8 11 14 2 10 0.36 1^ 0 0.00 *observed aphids that produced either asexual nymphs or eggs, respectively. **rate of reproduction calculated as the number of progeny per individual, per 14-days. ^reproduction occurred outside of the 14-day period

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Identification and Prediction of Interdisciplinary Research Topics: A Study Based on the Concept Lattice Theory

from the field of LIS as the measurement data, via the following search strategy: WC = Information Science & Library Science, where we retrieved the articles from 2007 to 2016 on 2nd January, 2017, and 41,980 records were accessed. The overall data set was too large for a text analysis, so we selected data set of five odd-numbered years to analyze the IDR topics in the near ten years, which include 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015. Term frequency is the number of times that a particular keyword appears in a document. In order to improve the visualization effect, top

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