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Regulation possibilities of biomass combustion

References 1. Lu H., Scott J., Foster P., et. al. Effects of particle shape and size on devolatilization of biomass particle. Fuel , 2010, vol. 89, N 5, p. 1156-1168. 2. Barmina I., Gedrovics M., Krishko V., Zake M. Co-firing of the renewable with fossil fuel for the clean and effective heat energy production. Environmental and Climate Technologies , 2009, ser. 13, Nr.2, p. 21-29. 3. Williams A., Jones J.M., Ma L., Pourkashanian M. Pollutants from the combustion of solid biomass fuels, Progress

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Reduction of carbon dioxide emission through the sorption in situ using a fluidised bed reactor

References Avedesian, M. M. & Davidson, J. F. (1973). Combustion of carbon particles in a fluidised bed. Trans. Inst. Chem. Eng. 51, 121-131 Stubington, J. F. & Davidson, J. F. (1981). Gas-phase combustion in fluidized beds. AIChE Journal. 27, 59-65 Dennis, J., Hayhurst, A. N. & Mackley, I. G. (1982). The ignition and combustion of propane/air mixtures in a fluidised bed. In Revelling in Reference: 19th Symposium (Int.) on Combustion 8-13 August 1982 (pp. 1205-1212). Haifa

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Permeability of the Mixture of Fine Grained Soil and Fly Ash from Fluidized Bed Combustion

LITERATURE [1] ISO 17892-11 Geotechnical investigation and testing – Laboratory testing of soil – Part 11: Determination of permeability by constant and falling head . [2] KNAPIK K. Experimental and numerical analysis of fly ash from fluidized bed combustion applications for selected ground improvement . PhD thesis. The Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice 2016. [3] KNAPIK K.. Discussion on selected results obtained for fine grained soil treated with fly ash. Proceedings of the 25 th European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference

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The laboratory test rig with miniature jet engine to research aviation fuels combustion process

. [4] Gawron B., Kaźmierczak U.: Hydrocarbon biocomponents use in aviation fuels – preliminary analysis of issues , Journal of KONBIN, No. 3,4 (27,28), 2013. [5] Walsh, P. P., Fletcher P.: Gas turbine performance , second edition, 2004. [6] Lobo P., Whitefield P. D., Hagen D. E. and others: The Development of exhaust speciation profiles for commercial jet engines. Final Report , 2007. [7] Lefebvre A. H., Ballal D. R.: Gas turbine combustion. Alternative fuels and emissions , third edition, 2010. [8] Yay O. D., Yilmaz E., Turgot E

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Ferroelectric and dielectric properties of nanocrystalline BiFeO3 multiferroic ceramics synthesized by solution combustion method (SCM)


Nanocrystalline multiferroic BiFeO3 ceramics was prepared by a novel solution combustion method (SCM). The X-ray diffraction (XRD) studies on structural properties of the synthesized ceramics reveal that the BiFeO3 ceramics has rhombhohedral perovskite structure with an average crystallite size of 15 nm. The ferroelectric P-E hysteresis loop measurement at room temperature shows unsaturated behavior with a partial reversal of polarization. Investigations on temperature dependence of dielectric constant in BiFeO3 demonstrate a clear dielectric anomaly at approximately around 380 °C, which corresponds to antiferromagnetic to paramagnetic phase transition (TN) and also evidences a possible coupling among the electric and magnetic dipoles of BiFeO3. A room temperature variation of dielectric constant “ɛ” and dielectric loss “tan δ” as a function of frequency in the range of 100 Hz — 1 MHz, confirms that both dielectric constant and loss are strong functions of frequency.

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CFD Simulations as a Support of Experimental Research in a Rapid Compression Expansion Machine Facility

References [1] Wang, Y., Liu, H., Reitz, R. D., Knocking combustion in spark-ignition engines , Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, Vol. 61, pp. 78-112, 2017. [2] Ceschini, L., Morri, A., Balducci, E., Cavina, N., Rojo, N., Calogero, L., Poggio, L., Experimental observations of engine piston damage induced by knocking combustion, Materials & Design, Vol. 114, pp. 312-325, 2017. [3] Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A., Vafamehr, H., Cairns, A., Peckham, M., Study on pollutants formation under knocking combustion conditions using an optical

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Experimental Investigations of Various Modes of Charging on HCCI Engine

References [1] Srinivasu Goteti, G., Selvan, T. P., HCCI Combustion in a Diesel engine using Oxygenated fuels and various operating parameters A Review , International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 1166-1173, 2017. [2] Yumon, S.,, Nyein Aye San, Htay Win, Numerical analysis of combustion process in CNG HCCI engine , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Vol. 3, Is. 7, pp. 56-61, 2015. [3] Kaiser, E. W., et al., Homogenous charged compression ignition engine-out emissions – does flame

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Verification of Conditions for use of Combustion Products‘ Heat

References Dufka , J. 1997. Vytápení domů a bytů. Praha : Grada Publishing, 1997. Janíček, F. a i. 2007. Obnoviteľné zdroje energie 1. Bratislava : FEI STU, 2007. Jelínek, V. 2003. Zásady spalování paliv a vznik kondenzace. In Topenářství instalace, 2003, č. 1, s. 22-26. Vitázek , I. - Klúčik, J. - Pinter, T. - Mikulová , Z. 2014. Gas emissions in combustion of biofuel. In Acta Technologica Agriculturae, vol. 17, 2014, no. 3, pp. 75-79. ISSN 1335-2555.

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Investigation Of Spontaneous Combustion Tendency Of Vegetable Oils By The Means Of Differential Thermal Analysis

References ASTM D3523-92, 2012. Standard Test Method for Spontaneous Heating Values of Liquids and Solids (Differential Mackey Test). BOWES, P.C. 1984.: Self-Heating: Evaluating and Controlling the Hazards , Elsevier Science Ltd. COX, G. 1995.: Combustion Fundamentals of Fire , Academic Press. GEISSMANN, F.: Adiabatic Reaction Calorimetry in the SEDEX Calorimeter , Zofingen, Switzerland. HAAN, J.D. De 2011.: Kirk’s fire investigation 7 edition . Prentice Hall. HAKL, J. 1981.: SEDEX (Sensitive Detector of Exothermic

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Wavelet Transform in Vibroacoustic Diagnostic of Machines

decomposition: the wavelet representation , IEEE Transactions and Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 11, 1989. [17] Mertins A., Signal analysis: wavelets, filter banks, time frequency transform and applications , Wiley, NY 1989. [18] Eadie, W. T., Drijard, D. James, F.E., Roos, M. Sadoulet, B., Statistical Methods in Experimental Physics , North-Holland, Amsterdam 1971. [19] Delvecchio, S., Bonfiglio, P., Pompoli, F., Vibro-acoustic conditio monitoring of Internal Combustion Engines: A critical review of existing techniques , Mechanical

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