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H. Grotehusmann and E. Schönfelder

–120. K leinschmit , J. and J. S volba (1995): Intraspezifische Variation von Wachstum und Stammform bei Quercus robur und Quercus petraea . In: Mitteilungen aus der Forstlichen Versuchsanstalt Rheinland-Pfalz. Nr. 34 ; 75–99. K leinschmit , J. and J. S volba (1996): Intraspecific variation of growth and stem form in Quercus robur and Quercus petraea . In: K remer , A., M uhs , H. (Eds.), Interand Intraspecific Variation in European Oaks: Evolutionary Implications and Practical Consequences. European Commission, EUR16717N, Brussels, pp. 217–238. ISBN

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Aurelia Tatic, Cerasela Jardan, Otilia Georgescu, Oana Stanca, Madalina Vasilica, Sorina Badelita, Ana Manuela Crisan, Adriana Colita, Dan Colita, Genica Vulcan, Anca Roxana Lupu, Ionel Iosif and Daniel Coriu

, Bacigalupo A., Meloni G., Jacobsen N. et al:Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for patients with myelodysplastic syndromes and secondary acute myeloid leukemias: A report on behalf of the Chronic Leukaemia Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT).Br J Haematol,2000;110:620-630.

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Carolyn Pike and R. A. Montgomery

(2004): Variation in tree growth, wood density, and pulp fiber properties of 35 white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) families grown in Quebec. Wood Fiber Sci 36: 467-475. EK, A. R. (1985): A formula for the total cubic foot stem volume of small trees in the Lake States. North J Appl For 2: 3. GASPAR, M. J., J. L. LOUSADA and J. C. RODRIGUES et al. (2009): Does selecting for improved growth affect wood quality of Pinus pinaster in Portugal? For Ecol Manage 258: 115-121. HAWKINS, B. J. (2007): Family variation in

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M.K. Pagliarini, W.S. Kieras, J.P. Moreira, V.A. Sousa, J.Y. Shimizu, M.L.T. Moraes, E. Furlani and A.V. Aguiar

vigour, stem form, branching habit and survival in three radiate pine ( Pinus radiate D. Don) progeny test in Galicia, NW Spain. European Journal of Forest Research 127 (4): 315-325. Available at Cotterill PP, Zed PG (1980) Estimates of genetic parameters for growth and form traits in four Pinus radiata D. Don progeny tests in South Australia. Australia Forest Research 10 (2): 155-167. Cruz CD (2006) Programa Genes: Análise Multivariada e Simulação. Viçosa: UFV, 175 p, ISBN 13:9788572692489. Cruz CD

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Carla Cristina Gonçalves Rosado, Lúcio Mauro Da Silva Guimarães, Miranda Titon, Douglas Lau, Leonardo Rosse, Marcos Deon Vilela De Resende and Acelino Couto Alfenas

. LOVADINI, M. H. SUGIMORI and O. PARADELA FILHO (1977): Breeding Crotalaria. I. Self compatibility and resistance to wilt caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata. Bragantia 36: 291-295. ROSSETTO, C. J., I. J. A. RIBEIRO, P. B. GALLO, N. B. SOARES, J. C. SABINO, A. L. M. MARTINS, N. BORTOLETTO and E. M. PAULO (1997): Mango breeding for resistance to diseases and pests. Acta Horticulturae 455: 299-304. ROUX, J., M. VAN WYK, H. HATTING and M. J. WINGFIELD (2004): Ceratocystis species infecting stem wounds on Eucalyptus grandis in South Africa. Plant

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Ning Ma, Xin Li, Hong-bin Wang, Li Gao and Jian-hua Xiao

of iletamine-zolazepam-xylazine-tramadol combination on biochemical and haematological parameters in cats. Bull Vet Inst Pulawy 2012, 56, 369–372. 17. Livak K.J., Schmittgen T.D.: Analysis of relative gene expression data using real-time quantitative PCR and the 2(-Delta Delta C(T)) Method. Methods-A Companion To Methods in Enzymology 2001, 25, 402-408. 18. Madhusoodanan K.S., Murad F.: NO-cGMP signaling and regenerative medicine involving stem cells. Neurochem Res 2007, 32, 681–694. 19. Nakayama T., Hashimoto T., Nagai Y.: Involvement of

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I. Šulla, V. Balik, S. Horňák and V. Ledecký

REFERENCES 1. Adams, M. M., Hicks, A. L., 2005: Spasticity after spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord , 43, 577—586. 2. Akhtar, A. Z., Pippin, J. J., Sandusky, C. B., 2008: Animal models in spinal cord injury: a review. Rev. Neurosci. , 19, 47—60. 3. Badner, A., Vawda, R., Laliberte, A., Hong, J., Mikhail, M., Jose, A., et al., 2016: Early intravenous delivery of human brain stromal cells modulates systemic inflammation and leads to vasoprotection in traumatic spinal cord injury. Stem Cells Transl. Med. , 5, 991—1003. 4. Bockurt, G

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S. Kurinobu, O. Chigira, K. Matsune, M. Miura and M. Naiem

loblolly pine trees. South. J. Appl. For. 26(3): 124-133. SUHARIAN, A., K. SUMERNA and Y. SUDIONO (1975): Yield table of ten industrial wood species. Lembaga Penelitian Hutan. TAN, K. C. (1983): Growth data from Saba Softwoods Sdn Bhd plantations of some fast growing leguminous trees. Proc. Workshop on Leucaena Research in Asian Pacific Region. Singapore. 23-26 Nov 1982, IDRC. Ottawa, Canada: 155-156. WEBER, J. C., C. SOTELO MONTES, J. CORNELIUS and J. UGARTE (2011): Genetic variation in tree growth, stem form and

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K. J. S. Jayawickrama, T. Z. Ye and G. T. Howe

parameter estimates for wood stiffness, strength, internal checking, and resin bleeding for radiata pine. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 34 : 2601–2610. K umar , S., R. D. B urdon and G. T. S tovold (2008): Wood properties and stem diameter of Pinus radiata in New Zealand: genetic parameter estimates of clonal and seedling material. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 38(1) : 88–101. K umar , S., K. J. S. J ayawickrama , J. L ee and M. L ausberg (2002): Direct and indirect measures of stiffness and strength show high heritability in a wind

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O. P. Chaturvedi and N. Pandey


The genotypic and phenotypic correlation and path analysis of plant biomass, plant height, stem diameter and other biomass component traits were analyzed in thirty provenances of Bombax ceiba. In general, the magnitude of genotypic correlations was higher than phenotypic correlations. Stem diameter and plant biomass showed highly significant genotypic correlations with all the traits except the number of secondary branches and plant biomass with leaf biomass. Plant height had the highest positive direct effect on plant biomass followed by the number of primary branches/plant and the number of leaves/plant. On the basis of this study, a higher plant biomass would be achieved through direct selection based on plant height, the number of primary branches and the number of leaves/plant. Therefore, the study is important in selection of traits of economic importance based on other characters, whose direct effect is not visible.