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Ethical choices and behavior of young people in the organization; influencing factors

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Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity: A Study of Iranian Listed Companies

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Technological Progress, Globalization, and Secular Stagnation

Implications”, (mimeo). 8. Eden, Maya and Gaggl, Paul (2016). “On the Welfare Implications of Automation”, UNC Charlotte Economics Working Papers Series, 2016-011. 9. Eggertsson, G. B. and Mehrotra, N. R. (2014). “A Model of Secular Stagnation”, NBER Working Papers, No 20574. 10. Eggertsson, G. B., Mehrotra, N. R., Singh, S. R., and Summers, L. H. (2015). “A Contagious Malady? Open Economy Dimensions of Secular Stagnation”, (mimeo). 11. Eggertsson, G. B., Mehrotra, N. R., and Summers, L. H. (2016). “Secular

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Modeling Macroeconomic Policymakers’ Interactions under Zero Lower Bound Environment: The New Keynesian Theoretical Approach

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The role of Public Service Motivation and Organizational Culture for Organizational Commitment

organizational commitment , Psychological Bulletin, 108. 31. Meyer J. P. Allen, N. J. (1991), A three component conceptualization of organizational commitment . Human Resource Management Review, 1. 32. Meyer J. P., and Allen, N. J. (1997), Commitment in the workplace: Theory, research, and application , Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 33. Meyer, J. P., Allen, N. J., and Smith, C. A. (1993), Commitment to Organizations and Occupations: Extensions and Test of a Three-Component conceptualization . Journal of Applied Psychology, 78(4). 34. Moon M. J., (2000

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Organizational Flexibility, Employee Security, and Organizational Efficiency – a Case Study of Slovenian Public and Private Sector Organizations

:// Baptiste, N., R. (2008). Tightening the link between employee wellbeing at work and performance. A new dimension for HRM. Management Decision. 46(2), 284–309, Cazes, S., & Nesporova, A. (2001). Towards Excessive Job Insecurity in Transition Economies. Employment Papers. Employment sector. Genova: International Labour Office. Davis, A., & Kalleberg, A. (2006). Family friendly organizations: Work and family programms in the 1990. Work and Occupations, 33(2), 191

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Coopetition Effect Determinants: Competitor’s Size, Geographical Scope, Market and Technological Positions

References Akdoğan, A.A, Doğan, N.Ö., & Cingöz, A. (2015). Coopetition as a Business Strategy: Determining the Effective Partner Selection Criteria Using Fuzzy AHP. International Review of Management and Business Research , 4(1), 137-151. Aldrich, H., & Auster, E.R. (1986). Even dwarfs started small: Liabilities of age and size and their strategic implications. Research in Organizational Behavior , 8, 165-198. Alvarez, S.A. & Barney, J.B. (2001). How entrepreneurial firms can benefit from alliances with large partners. Academy of Management

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Personality: Blessing or Curse? The Entrepreneur’s Path from Personal to Leadership Competencies

?. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 9(1-2), 9-30, Barrow, J. C. (1977). The variables of leadership: A review and conceptual framework. Academy of Management Review, 2(2), 231-251, Baum, J. R., Locke, E. A. & Kirkpatrick, S. A. (1998). A longitudinal study of the relation of vision and vision communication to venture growth in entrepreneurial firms. Journal of Applied Psychology, 83(1), 43-54,

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An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Curiosity and Innovativeness

entrepreneurship, innovation, and sensemaking. Journal of Business Research, 67(5), (657-662), Hurley, R. F., & Hult, G. T. M. (1998). Innovation, market orientation, and organizational learning: An integration and empirical examination. Journal of Marketing, 62(3), 42-54. Jackson, D.N. (1994). Jackson Personality Inventory- Revised Manual. Port Heron, MI: Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc. Jeraj, M. & Antončič, B. (2013). A Conceptualization of Entrepreneurial Curiosity and Construct

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Behavioural Aspects of the Financial Decision-Making

). Application of innovations in tourism destinations. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia , 4(1), 33-43. Mendes-Da-Silva, W., Da Costa, N.C.A., & Barros, L.A. (2015). Behavioral Finance: Advances in the last decade. RAE-Revista de Administracao de Empresas , 55(1), 10-13, Michalopoulos, M., Thomaidis, N., Dounaias, D., & Zopoinidis, C. (2004). Using a fuzzy sets approach to select a portfolio of Greek government bonds. Fuzzy Economic Review , 9(2), 27-48, Mullor, J. R., Sansalvador

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