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Bayoko Lacine

National Saving and Investment Financing in Côte d'Ivoire”, Economic Policy Analysis Unit of CIRES (CAPEC), Working Document (DT) N ° 28. Baltagi B.H (1995), Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, John Wiley & Son, New York. Caceres, L.R. (1995), “Foreign Resources, Domestic Savings and Economic Growth: The Case of Central America”, Savings and Development, No. 4-XIX, pp393-403. Campbell, R. (1999), “Foreign Aid, Domestic Savings and Economic Growth: Some Evidence From the ECCB Area”, Savings and Development, No. 3-XXIII, pp.225-77. Chenery, H.B. and

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Beata Glinkowska and Bogusław Kaczmarek


The article presents chosen issues of inflow of FDI to Poland. The essence and definition of international enterprise is explained as well as the FDI number in Poland in 2014. An increase trend of FDI in Poland is presented the basis of statistical data. An influence of FDI on Polish GDP in years 2000-2013 was analysed. The directions of FDI inflow in Poland in years 2008-2013 are compared. The focus was on benefits and risks related to the presence of foreign enterprises in Poland, allowing for achievement of the objective of this study.

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Karolina Czechowska

References Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne w latach 2001-2010 - ogólne tendencje , 2011, Ministerstwo Gospodarki, Department Analiz i Prognoz, Warszawa. BRIDDELL E. T., 2010, A Guide to Global Real Estate Investment Options , BNY Mellon Asset Management. Doing business in a more transparent world. Comparing regulation for domestic firms in 183 economies , 2012, a copublication of the World Bank and The International Finance Corporation, Washington D.C. EICHOLTZ P., GUGLAR N., KOK N

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Munir Hasan, Mohd Nayyer Rahman and Badar Alam Iqbal

References Boatright, J. (2000). Ethics and the Conduct of Business. Third Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Buckley, P. J., & Casson, M. (1976). The Future of the Multinational Enterprise. MacMillan Press, London. Busse, L., Noboru, I., Morgan, M., David, P., Kenneth, S., & Tolga, Y. (1996). The Perception of Corruption: A Market Discipline Approach. Working Paper, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Drabek, Z., & Payne, W. (1999). The Impact of Transparency on Foreign Direct Investment. Staff

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Anna Tobolska

References Buszko, A. and Vashchenko, M., 2012: Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne na Ukrainie: rola czynników instytucjonalnych (Foreign direct investment in Ukraine: The role of institutional factors - in Polish). In: Ekonomista, 2012/4, pp. 515-528. Cieślik, A., 2005: Geografia inwestycji zagranicznych. Przyczyny i skutki lokalizacji spółek z udziałem kapitału zagranicznego w Polsce (Geography of foreign investment. Causes and effects of the location of companies with foreign capital participation in Poland - in

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Adina Dornean and Dumitru-Cristian Oanea

”, FEP Working Paper 433. 4. Bengoa, M. and Sanchez-Robles, B. (2003). “Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Freedom and Growth: New Evidence from Latin America”, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 529-545. 5. Bevan, A. A. and Estrin, S. (2004). “The determinants of foreign direct investment into European transition economies”, Journal of comparative economics, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 775-787. 6. Blăjuţ, L. P. (2015), “The Multinational Companies Investments in Central and Eastern European Union

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Badar Alam Iqbal, Mohd Nayyer Rahman and Abdul Turay

References Barrell, Ray.,& Pain, Nigel. (1996). An Econometric Analysis of US Foreign Direct Investment. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 78(2). 200-207. Retrieved from: Blanchard, Olivier.,Giavazzi, Francesco., & Sa Filipa. (2005). International Investors, the US Current Account, and the Dollar. Brooking Papers on Economic Activity, 1. 1-65. Doi: 10.1353/eca.2005.0010 Dickey, D.A, & Fuller, W. A. (1981). Likelihood ratio statistics for Autoregressive Time Series with a

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Beata Glinkowska and Viacheslav Chebotarov

References Akt prawny “Tryb wjazdu na tymczasowo okupowane terytoria Ukrainy oraz wyjazdu z nich” of 4 June 2015, , accessed: 12.01.2018. Calof, J., Beamish, P.W. (1995), Adapting to Foreign Markets: Explaining Internationalization , “International Business Review”, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 117–130. Duliniec, E. (2004), Marketing międzynarodowy , Warszawa, PWE, 2004. Glinkowska, B. (2015), Innovations in the Sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) , “Management

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Andrea Festa

References BALDWIN R., FRANCOIS J. and PORTES R. (1997). The costs and benefits of eastern enlargement: The impact on the EU and Central Europe. Economic Policy 24, 125-170. BARRELL, R. and PAIN N. (1999). Domestic institutions, agglomerations and foreign direct investment in Europe. European Economic Review 43, 925-934. BEVAN A. and ESTRIN, S. (2004). The determinants of foreign direct investment into European transition economies. Journal of comparative economics 32 775-787. BEVAN A., ESTRIN, S