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Germany’s stance on the idea of the constructionof a federal European Union

:// [05.05.2014]. Das Programm der CSU zur Europawahl 2014. Entwurf zur Vorlage an den Parteivorstand in Kloster Andechs am 25. und 26. April 2014 , „”, [15.05.2014]. dpa, dlf, s-o / Iwona D. Metzner, Joachim Gauck: W poszukiwaniu europejskiej tożsamości, „Deutsche Welle”, 22.02.2013, . Europa eine neue Richtung geben. Wahlprogramm für die Europa-wahl am 25

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The Constitutional Court of Romania and European Union Law


The Constitutional Court of Romania has subjected the introduction of a norm of European Union law into the constitutionality control, as an interposed norm to the standard norm. On the one hand, the norm should be sufficiently clear, precise and unequivocal in itself, or its meaning should have been clearly, precisely and unequivocally established by the Court of Justice of the European Union, and on the other hand it should be circumscribed by a certain level of constitutional relevance, so that its normative content could support the possible breach of the Constitution - the only direct standard norm within the constitutionality control - by national law. However, the experience of the Constitutional Court of Romania over the eight years (2007-2014) since the EU accession, does not seem to be very convincing, irrespective of the way in which European Union law, including the case law of the CJUE has been used: as justifying or circumstantial argument, as a mere reference or in an inadequate context.

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Conditions and Circumstances which Lead to Application to the Court of Justice of the European Union and Adoption of a Preliminary Ruling

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Carubba, Clifford J., and Murrah Lacey. “Legal Integration and Use of the Preliminary Ruling Process in the European Union.” International Organization Vol. 59, No. 2 (Spring, 2005): 399–418. 2. Claes, Monica. “The Validity and Primacy of EU Law and the ‘Cooperative Relationship’ between National Constitutional Courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union.” Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, Vol. 1 (2016): 151–170. 3. Craig, Paul, and Gráinne de Búrca. EU law: text, cases, and materials . 5 th ed

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Entrepreneurial Innovation: the European Union perspective

References BLIND, K. (2016). 15. The impact of regulation on innovation. Handbook of Innovation Policy Impact, 450. BLIND, K., & GEORGHIOU, L. (2010). Drivers and impediments for innovation in Europe. Intereconomics, 5, 264. BOSMA, N. S. (2009). The geography of entrepreneurial activity and regional economic development: Multilevel analyses for Dutch and European regions. Utrecht University. CHANDRA LAL, R., YAMBRACH, F., & MCPROUD, L. (2015). Consumer Perceptions Towards Package Designs: A Cross

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The Impacts of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy on Agriculture in Slovakia/ Dopady společné zemědělské politiky Evropské unie na zemědělství Slovenska

., BUCHENRIEDER, G., CSAKI, C. [eds.] (2011): Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods: Policy Implications for the New Member States of the Euroepan Union. Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe, Vol. 61, IAMO, Halle. NÉMETHOVÁ, J. (2009a): Agropotravinárske štruktúry okresu Nitra. Nitra, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Fakulta prírodných vied, 163 pp. NÉMETHOVÁ, J. (2009b): Agroštruktúry vysokoprodukčného regiónu Slovenska. Ekonomika poľnohospodárstva, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 50-58. NÉMETHOVÁ, J. (2010): Types of

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Possibilities of effectiveness evaluation of development cooperation of European union

Human Development Index Report, 2011 JELÍNEK P., KROUŽEK J. V., NÁPRSTEK M. (2003): Development policy of European Union (in Czech), Institute of International Relations, Prague 2003 Treaty on establishment of European Economic Community, EU primary law, 1959 Treaty on the European Union, EU primary law, 1992 Treaty on Functioning o f the European Union, EU primary law, Smlouvy, 2009 Verordnung Nr. 7 der Kommission zur Festlegung der Arbeitsweise des Entwicklungsfonds für die überseeischen

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Party positions on the European union in the Baltic states: do they compete? Do they mirror voters’ positions?

References Austers, A., 2016. The Case Of Latvia: Popular Euroscepticism In Impasse. In: K. Bukovskis, ed. 2016. Euroscepticism In Small EU Member States. Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs. pp.85-197. Bakker, R., de Vries, C., Edwards, E., Hooghe, L., Jolly, S., Marks, G., Polk, J., Rovny, J., Steenbergen, M. and Vachudova, M. A., 2015a. Measuring Party Positions In Europe: The Chapel Hill Expert Survey Trend File, 1999-2010. Party Politics, [e-journal] 21(1), pp.143-152.

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Greenfield and Brownfield Investments and Economic Growth: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Union Countries

., & Bond, S. (2009). Cross-section dependence in nonstationary panel models: A novel estimator. Retrieved from (03.04.2017) Eren, M., & Zhuang, H. (2015). Mergers and acquisitions versus greenfield investment, absorptive capacity, and economic growth: Evidence from 12 new member states of the European Union. Eastern European Economics, 53 (2), 99-123. Harms, P., & Meon, P-G. (2014). Good and bad FDI: The growth effects of greenfield investment and mergers and

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Evaluating the Extent and Nature of ‘Envelope Wages’ in the European Union: A Geographical Analysis

References ARROWSMITH, J., GILMAN, M., EDWARDS, P. and RAM, M. (2003), ‘The Impact of the National Minimum Wage in Small Firms’, British Journal of Industrial Relations , 41 (3), pp. 435-456. BAJADA, C. and SCHNEIDER, F. (2005), Size, Causes and Consequences of the Underground Economy: An International Perspective , Aldershot: Ashgate. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007), Stepping up the Fight against Undeclared Work , Brussels. EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS

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A Federal Turn? The European Union’s Response to Constitutional Crises in the Member States

References · Alter Karen, 2003, Establishing the Supremacy of European Law: The Making of an International Rule of Law in Europe, Oxford University Press, Oxford · Avbelj Matej and Komárek Jan (eds), 2012, Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union and Beyond, Hart Publishing, Oxford. · Batory Agnes, 2016, ‘Defying the Commission: Creative Compliance and Respect for the Rule of Law in the EU’, Public Administration, XCIV(3): 685-699. · Blokker Paul, 2014, New Democracies in Crisis?, Routledge

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